Monday, May 9, 2011


The following letter came to me this morning from Tim Turner. Why do these keep coming to me you might ask? Simple, nobody gets off the data base when they ask to be removed, not even when they send in documents rescinding their signatures and formally resigning. The trash keeps coming and then gets forwarded to me. The only other explanation is that the keeper of the email lists and data base is a mental midget. The whining from National that there are moles and security leaks is hilarious when they are sending out what they claim to be sensitive information all over the country even to people who were never part of Turner’s Fantasy Republic, people who left when the original elders did.  Gee, I should think if you want your container to hold water, you really shouldn’t use a colander to put it in or hand the pitcher to a moron.

As usual the letter is fraught with falsehood, deliberate spin, and religious absurdity and is written in Turner’s well known juvenile style; they’re picking on me, somebody make them stop! My comments as always will be in red.

Sunday, May 08, 2011
To My Fellow Americans,
This is one of the most important letters I have ever written to you. I have spent
several days in fasting and prayer, asking the Lord to give me a solution to help bring unity to our Republic and resolve the constant on-going problems we keep having. These problems have been in large part the reason I have been delayed in making my trip to Europe and attending meetings with heads of state.

Let’s be clear on the problems keeping you from going to Europe. No funding, no passport and no heads of state would give you the time of day any more than the holders of funding will. That has been firmly established. Of course it doesn’t help that you claimed two or three weeks ago that the money to travel and the DOCUMENTS were stolen by innocent people who never had access to either in the first place, which begs the question; what do you think you are going to Europe for?

They are also preventing us from getting funding that all of us need.

It was your own big mouth, irresponsibility, lack of credibility and basic honor and ability that has prevented funding Mr. Turner. Not to mention the number of people you have put in serious harm’s way as a result. The important thing here is that you just finally admitted to being a certified liar! How many hundreds of people, all over this nation have heard you make the claim on numerous national calls, private meetings and at public events that “you already have the gold?” That you already have the funding, you just can’t find a way to get it here? Stop talking Mr. Turner, your ignorance and dishonesty are starting to show like a cheap overcoat.

God has also delayed us to protect us, because we have not been quite ready to move forward until our maturity and unity have sufficiently developed for us to appropriately present ourselves to the other nations. When I meet with foreign leaders it is imperative that we are as complete as is possible and structured to move forward in unity. You elected me as President to help you organize this Republic and keep it going in the right direction so we can achieve our goal of freedom and liberty in America. I have taken this obligation very seriously and have abandoned every pursuit except for building this Republic, being faithful to God and to you. This endeavor has been the greatest challenge of my life and it has been a pleasure to serve as your President, your servant. As the humble servant of “We the People”, I am asking for your help.

First of all, you do not speak for God and I leave it to HIM to deal with you on that score. I’m sure HE will in his own time and in his own way. Secondly you are President of nothing except in your own mind. To the American people and to the rest of the world you do not exist nor does your Republic. You cannot be President of a Republic that does not and cannot exist without the majority of the American people. No American not on drugs, mentally impaired or just plain stupid would even consider accepting this dog and pony show as a lawful entity. No paper signed by anyone will convince the American people you are legitimate. This has become not only a very bad but potentially disastrous joke. Only a fool could think that you can be de jure by dealing and making agreements with de facto controlling entities like the U.N. Stop insulting our intelligence.

Many of you are aware that I have been falsely accused of nefarious acts and motives.

You have been accused of nothing. However many nefarious acts and motives have been uncovered and shared. You have yet to offer any defense beyond denial and the constant invocation of God to evade the facts made public. Bring it, we’re all waiting.

I have been threatened, had attempts on my life, and have been away from my family for months at a time to work for you. Like other officers, I have worked for We the People without pay. I have also been traveling at my own expense. I have asked for nothing in return except for you to take on the responsibility of self-governance in the States so you could help us at the National level build and make a unified presentation of ourselves among the nations. I have made many attempts to resolve the problems of these accusations by answering with patience the countless letters accusing me. These attempts have not worked well, so we must change our methods if we want to get proper results.

Attempts on your life? Don’t make us laugh. If the de facto indeed wanted you dead you would be pushing up Daisies already. Far better than you have gone to glory at the hands of the elite and they never stop until they get it right. They don’t send amateurs either. The only attempts you have made are to add more lies to those already told and to play God by passing utterly ridiculous judgment on people by email when they question you or hold you to accountability. Many of those outrageous and infantile email responses have been shared in public as well. I could certainly share many, many more if need be. Then you puff out your chest like a schoolyard bully and demonize those people in public. Are you and Obama related? You certainly seem to be from the same shallow gene pool. Either that or you are indeed using the exact same play book. Anybody who disagrees with him is a racist; anybody who disagrees with you is a de facto plant.

I have spent many hours asking the Lord for his guidance and solution, and he has been faithful in giving it. He made me realize that our problem is like a forest fire. We have been putting out spot fires trying to control the blaze instead of putting out the entire fire. The forest fire is a symbol of the effect of an organized plan that has been orchestrated by the de-facto corporation to hinder, delay or defeat our lawful government from taking its lawful place among the nations of the earth. Their tactic is age-old but very effective. They infiltrate, spread lies and discontent against the leaders and members to cause division, and try to derail our process. They make many accusations, but never offer any lawful proof or evidence. They make allegations, claiming they have proof, but evidence is never produced for examination. They have been doing this for a long time and are very good at it.

I won’t speak for anyone other than myself on this one but I am sick and tired of this pure unadulterated CRAP! Every single time you have been caught lying, put to the hard questions or couldn’t deliver (and you have NEVER delivered on a single claim yet), you come up with the same garbage! Every person who has had brains enough to question as our founders demanded we do has been called a de facto plant and NOT ONCE have you EVER backed up your accusations with ANY PROOF OF ANY KIND against these people. You have made that false accusation against, ministers, historians, constitutionalists and ordinary honorable American’s to cover your own butt. You have attempted to compartmentalize people so they wouldn’t know who was being attacked and each time you were caught you denied knowledge. How’s that working out for you?

They often use and manipulate innocent people who don’t know they are being used. The organizers and administrators of the unfounded attacks are aware of the deception but most of their followers think they are doing right and proper things. In error, they are causing great harm to the Republic while thinking they are actually building and strengthening it. The actions that they are taking could cause great harm to all of us if not corrected. Their actions could provoke those of the de facto government who wrongly think they are in authority to act against us in detrimental ways.

Convoluted nonsense but I’ll take a stab at it anyway just for giggles. Ok, I know most of the people you have demonized and attacked. None work for the de facto, follow anybody, or care one iota what the de facto thinks of them, myself included. So who exactly are these organizers and administrators none of us have ever heard of or communicated with? The only thing you got right in that statement is that ALL those you have wrongfully accused of this outlandish association are innocent. Make no mistake the de facto government IS IN AUTHORITY and they CAN ACT against you and sooner or later THEY WILL! At least they will act against the people you have hoodwinked into this fiasco.

No group in our Republic has been arrested or molested for unlawful Republic actions, because we are doing things peacefully, lawfully and properly according to God’s plan.

Once again YOU ARE NOT QUALFIED NOR AUTHORIZED to speak of God’s plan or even to know what it is. Only a certified nitwit could truly think that. I think you better lay off the fasting, it’s making you incredibly light headed.

We must continue on this path if we wish to succeed. Things have moved more slowly than we first thought they would, but they are moving properly in our favor across the world. Those who are trying to move in another direction (away from the lawful union) and draw us off course don’t realize they could undo plans that have been in place behind the scenes for years.

Oh really? Well, let’s just analyze that. RAP was the plan that was in place for all those years. You dismantled and managed to high jack it for yourself. Then you proceeded to lie, manipulate and hoodwink all the people involved for a year and half without ever having to prove a single word which escaped your mouth. So, who’s plan? And do not say God’s plan, we’ve already covered that.

These plans are there for our benefit and have been carefully and quietly laid. They do not understand the delicate nature of world politics necessary to completing our task. With a single ignorant and wrong action they could undo almost twenty five years of planning for this Republic, and all of our labor and other investment for this Republic.

Delicate nature of world politics? Delicate/Politics = OXYMORON, look it up.

We are a completely lawful and peaceful movement, and we promote no violence. It is my desire to settle this controversy once and for all, and I need your help to do it. The solution that the Lord showed me is very simple and very effective, in accord with our law. We need “We the People”, by their congress, to investigate and appeal to the Supreme Court to hold a lawful hearing on these issues. We have evidences of people making various unfounded accusations against the leaders that you have elected or appointed. Some even speak or write as if bearing witness to true facts.

This section is final positive proof that you have no clue whatsoever what a Constitutional Republic is or what the words in the Bill of Rights mean. People can say ANYTHING THEY WANT in this country. You cannot do one thing to them unless you can prove what they say is first untrue and second that malice was intended by spreading a lie. So guess what? The proof is in your pudding not theirs. Again, bring it Mr. Turner, we are all waiting.

 It is time for the accusers/witnesses to lawfully be summoned to answer in a lawful hearing and prove their allegations/claims. If they have evidence to prove any of the allegations they have made against me or other officials, let them bring it forth so that our Congress and the Court can lawfully determine the truth. I will humbly submit myself to the process.

You are once again a liar by your own words. There should be a lawful summons alright, to haul your butt before the people. But wait, when your Attorney General suggested that you removed and demonized him. I hope he understands what good company he now stands with. You made a promise to 13 people on a call to show up in Kansas to prove your claims but as always you kept the lace on your panties and weaseled out. What you didn’t do is present yourself as a man of honor and keep your word. That comes as no surprise though because leopards never change their spots.

If the accusers do not prove their allegations/claims, they should be given opportunity to repent and make a written public retraction and apology or otherwise they should be lawfully removed from office (Executive/Legislative/Judicial), or (If Congressional member) excluded from involvement with the national assembly with recommendation that the people of their state lawfully remove them from Congressional office, or (regarding state officers) any other lawful corrective measure deemed appropriate by the people of that State. The findings including names of the guilty parties should be made public and broadcast. Congress needs to have a procedure, lawfully put in place, to deal with similar problems in the future.

Wow, not only do you and Obama have the same play book, you must have attended the same University of Arrogance and Stupidity! Not even the de facto impostor in the White House has the power to tell the states who should be holding public office in their states or anything else. The Constitution makes no provision for Congress to do it either. And who do you think you are telling others to repent?

Some of the allegations/claims that need to be resolved involve the following notions:
·         James Timothy Turner (and/or others) is involved with a satanic, occult, or
luciferian plan to destroy the Republic. There is no limit to level of deceit you             will stoop to is there? You made that up yourself, in fact you have used it against others too many times to count. Oh wait, it was just last Christmas season that you called me and others part of a “Well funded, Satantic, Luciferian Bush41 de facto Cabal”. Pretty dumb since that call was recorded and now you try to claim you are the victim of the abuse you initiated. Neat trick.

·         James Timothy Turner (and/or others) used this Republic to make huge sums of money and kept it for our own use. I can’t speak to that because I suspect you made it up. At least I have never heard that one. I will say you fleeced plenty of money out of innocent people who will never see it again and some of them have paid a very sad price for it. Also plenty of proof on that score. You can say you’re not responsible all you want but when you lie to people in order to collect their money for any purpose that makes you a snake.

·         James Timothy Turner (and/or others/we) monetized hundreds of signatures and abused the funds created by said signatures. Again I don’t believe anybody has said that. I don’t think anybody thinks you did it, YET.

·         James Timothy Turner works for FEMA or any other de-facto government entity. News flash! If you didn’t want people to know that perhaps you should have kept your big fat mouth shut and resisted the temptation to strut your stuff and brag about it by showing your FEMA ID, which of course you could not have if you had indeed left or been shown the door. ABC agencies do not allow ex-employees to keep those. How long do you think Bush is going to let you off the hook after you have botched this assignment so badly? Do you have a pre-arranged safe house lined up?

·         James Timothy Turner (or other officials) is involved in a plot to entrap the people of the Republic and have them placed in FEMA camps. What ARE you going to do with them? You certainly are not going to replace a government, gain international respect or recognition, and you definitely are not going anywhere so just exactly what are you up to then?

·         James Timothy Turner (or other officials) has been implanted with a mind control chip device in the brain, and is being controlled remotely by de-facto handlers. Ok, I’ll give you that one. There is no chip in your head, you know exactly what you are doing and have known since the beginning. Besides, you would have to have had a mind they would fear for them to go to that extreme.

·         James Timothy Turner is not the man who was chosen by the Almighty God to lead this Republic. Ok Moses now’s the time to strut your stuff. Get out the staff and show us. I’ll tell you what we do believe. If you seriously think you were then we really need to have you picked up and taken to the pink padded room for your own safety. You don’t need a cat scan for metal objects but you do need your head examined, possibly a shock treatment or two for good measure.

·         James Timothy Turner (or other officials) did not properly count the votes during the election process. Take that one to all the people who say they voted no but were reported as having said yes (or in this case nothing.) But as long as we are on the subject. Those votes mean zip, nadda, nothing since you trotted everybody out to Utah, held a Continental Congress and never had a lawful election afterwards. Under that scenario Jim Geiger is the president, (God help the people). Oh and it can only be considered an election if there is more than one candidate. Did I miss something? Who was the other candidate? How would that work now? Ok, let’s say everybody votes no and then what?

  • This Republic is a Top Down form of government. You whine about people calling this Top Down and then you put something like this in writing? This is no form of government. This is a Tim Turner Fantasy and all those not under cognitive dissonance have realized it.

·         We have no financial support.  Prove that you do. Never mind, you already admitted that you don’t. You said we are stopping you from getting it. See how lies trip you up?

·         We have no military support. Ah, this one is easy. According to the Pentagon (many sources therein), they have never spoken to a single representative of your little band and by your own words last summer it was Tom Shaults who was supposed to liason with them but he lied and never did. Of course that was after the lie that the military had come to RAP of their own volition. Oh the tangled webs we weave…..

·         We have no international support. Oh, I think you do. Every country has dimwits who might believe that a liar from Alabama might be the president. Of course I don’t think any of them are in positions of influence and many of them may be residents of pink rooms already.

·         James Timothy Turner has stolen and/or abused funds belonging to this Republic. Oh so now all the accusations of that you’ve made against the innocent are coming back on you? Praise the Lord!

·         James Timothy Turner has acted outside of lawful authority as president of this Republic. Once again you have NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY OVER ANYONE OR ANYTHING EXCEPT YOURSELF. Unfortunately for us our Constitution makes no provision to protect ourselves from liars or the insane. We are supposed to have the mental capacity to recognize both.

·         James Timothy Turner has taken actions that have unlawfully usurped the States’ authority. Oh yes indeed you have certainly tried and done that on multiple occasions but since there is also NO AUTHORITY in your Fantasy Republic in the states to begin with, it’s a moot point.

·         James Timothy Turner has set proctors in the States and by them lords it over the States. It’s a shame the lady used a word you are not familiar with. Proctor; a person who takes charge of, or acts for, another. Otherwise known in Turnerland as Ambassador. I wouldn’t advise going there Mr. Turner, there is way too much evidence of your guilt on this one.

·         Our Constitution of 1781 is defective; therefore the Articles of Confederation are the current law of the land. I’m going to save you some embarrassment here and point out that typo’s happen to everyone. Any idiot who thinks the Articles of Confederation are part of our Constitutional Republic form of government knows less about it than you do. I personally have never heard anyone say that though.

One or more of these accusations have been levied repeatedly against me and/or other leaders of this Republic. I am calling on you to help settle these questions for all time, and put in place a procedure to provide deterrence for future attacks, and to swiftly defeat/undo attacks that do start. Instead of answering the charges you expect to hide behind the people, how presidential of you Obama, I mean Turner.

 I have never once violated my oath that I took to the People of this Republic. What oath? You mean the one Jim Wright demanded you produce and you used a silly de facto tactic to avoid compliance? Well guess what? We still want to see those docs from all of you. I look forward to the Congress and Supreme Court fully investigating these accusations and solving the problem by lawfully dealing with the party/parties who is/are at fault. When the investigation is completed and the truth is made more apparent, the innocent will be made more apparent. Please contact your State Delegates in the House and Senate, and ask them to take the lead in charging the One Supreme Court to resolve this matter at once. Then we can say that the People have spoken and settled this problem according to their right and obligation.

James Timothy Turner
You are seriously asking these people to prove others are lying without any substantiation that you are telling the truth? You are asking people to make asses of themselves for your benefit. Why does this not surprise me one bit?
Here’s a novel idea. How about you put up or shut up? How about you provide irrefutable proof of the following:
  • Funding, military support and foreign support (must be heads of state though)
  • Produce the treaty you signed with the Queen
  • Produce the treaty you signed with Hillary Clinton (as if any de jure leader would give her the time of day but produce it anyway.
  • Produce the treaty you signed with the ET’s , yeah we really want to see that one. Did they sign with a red thumb print?
  • Produce the proof that it was anybody else but you, CW Wright and Carl Sedlak who brought the Dimitrions out of Hawaii…careful now there is written testimony from eye witnesses on this one. There are also eye witnesses to the fact that you have been sheltering them from the FBI.
  • Produce proof that Jesus Berrios stole ANYTHING.
  • Produce proof that Richard Murray was heading up a criminal funding team with Tama Puna and Dimitrion instead of you. Again, watch it here there is written proof to the contrary as well as eye witnesses.
The burden of proof is on you Tim Turner, not those who have uncovered and exposed your lies and actions. You have much more to answer for but those items will be a good start. You have no credibility because you have not earned it. You have no money because you were too stupid to convince the original funders you could be trusted with it. You know why they told you to take a hike. You know they ran a thorough check on you and you know what they found. The gig is up and the time is at hand. There is nowhere else for you to go for funding. Your lies, actions and reputation have preceded you. Stop hiding behind the innocent, invoking the name of God to your own selfish gain and man up for a change. Stop behaving like the coward on the stairs when they went after Private Ryan!
The people don’t have to prove they are right, YOU DO! If you think that what you have proposed above is going to shield you from it I can only ask again, WHAT KIND OF DRUGS ARE YOU ON? This whole thing is beyond pathetic now and you are making honorable people look like idiots. It’s time to come clean.



  1. Very, very well said Terri. My son is a mid-level officer in the Military Police (42nd MP Brigade, Fort Lewis, Washington (Motto "Integrity of Action")), and he asked the senior commanders there about RuSA, etc, last year when all the talk of "military support" and "Provost Marshalls" started up. They openly called Tim a "fraud", a "nutjob" and said they had "zero contact with him or any of his cronies" and that all of his claims are "a pack of lies" and "one big fantasy". There is no military support for RuSA (that's coming from a Military Police Brigade). Tim is a bald faced compulsive liar.

    There's a huge difference between living religion and just hiding behind it. All this ranting and raving about God, Lucifer, etc, every time he's caught lying is childish beyond belief. No-one's falling for it anymore.

  2. So when are the new elections supposed to be held? "God's only in this plan as long as I'm in this seat". He must have his own definition of what "Interim" means.

    Not only is he a joke, but the foolish people still believing his nonsense look like fruit cakes!

  3. It's getting even crazier. Now he is claiming the funding is coming from NESARA again and has told one of the original funders that he has turned over the Treasury to an international criminal who works for the head of the BIS Bank in Norway and that means GEORGE BUSH!!!

    Make no mistake this idiot is OFF THE RESERVATION!

  4. I suppose I should have deleted the above comment and put it where it belongs, in file thirteen. But I decided better to reveal the level of intelligence which is all that appears to be left of the Turner Fantasy.

    How anyone could "know for a fact" whether or not I have had conversations is beyond me but I guess the agents were holograms huh? I'd better let them know.