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Yesterday I took the time to listen to the audio interview linked below and to watch the videos and read the articles I link at the end of this piece. Many of you have followed my writings over the years and know how it works for me. For those of you who don’t, I never know when I sit down at this keyboard what the end result will be. I just wake up in the morning with a severe compulsion to write and before my feet hit the floor I know the subject and the title but haven’t a clue what will come pouring off the end of my fingers. I don’t really even know what I’ve written until I read it over for errors and then without fail I think to myself, wow where did that come from? I do know the audio interview with the NY V.A. Psychiatrist is what has prompted the compulsion wherever it comes from and I dreamt about it all night; waking up and shaking my head only to go back to sleep and pick up the dream where I left off. I have no idea how long this article is going to be any more than I ever do but I have a strong feeling it could very well be my last. I am going to synopsize what the Dr. had to say because it needs to be in black ink on white paper in order for the rest to make sense but feel free to stop right here and listen to the interview before reading the rest.
A Psychiatrist Speaks Out
A New York psychiatrist has decided to open up and reveal shocking and detailed information regarding a subtle, yet deliberate and concerted effort by the Veterans Administration and other public entities to begin confiscating guns and other weapons from U.S. veterans via Veterans Administrative psychiatric evaluations.
So just exactly what has this doctor revealed? We already know that thousands of American Veterans have been receiving letters from the Veterans Administration telling them they will be REQUIRED to undergo psychiatric evaluation and possibly be forever banned from owning a gun, must relinquish any guns they currently have and permits to own them under threat of arrest, forced psych/hospitalization, loss of benefits and possible imprisonment. We already know from the disabled vet in Connecticut who shared his story last week that the illegal confiscation has already begun. There are no laws in place as yet to allow a civilian police force to do what they did other than Obama’s self-proclaimed dictator power under the NDAA, the predecessor of which was Bush’s illegal Patriot Act. We know there was no justification whatsoever for what happened to that vet. We know it only happened because he missed a “physical not mental check-up” at the V.A. hospital. We know from the congressman in Texas yesterday that THERE WILL BE A TOTAL GUN BAN SO DEAL WITH IT. So what did the doctor share that we didn’t know? He shared not only WHAT is going on but WHY. These are the facts of what he shared:
·         Any veteran who goes to ANY V.A. hospital, clinic or connected University health care unit will be required to spend an hour with a psychiatrist for a screening interview.
·         Any veteran who refuses will be forced by the military police to be detained in the mental ward on the spot. He/she will be declared mentally disturbed and medicated with psychotropic drugs.
·         All psychiatrists have but one purpose, to alter brain chemistry. (Psychotropic drugs). They do not want to hear your problems and if you insist on discussing your problems they will set up a visit with a “psychologist”.
·         During the “screening interview” the doctor will ask extremely intrusive questions completely irrelevant to the reason for the visit. “Do you own guns?”, “have you ever felt anger at anyone?” and so on. Knowing that a lie is grounds for loss of benefits (also known as entitlements, freebies and hand outs), and even arrest, the vet will either tell the truth or insist “that’s none of your business” (that answer defaults to a yes).
·         The doctor will then say the vet will have to relinquish his fire arms and any permits he or she may have immediately. If the vet refuses, he pushes a button under his desk and in come the MP’s and off the vet goes to the mental ward. Then local police are called to raid the vet’s home seize any weapons there, place any children with CPS and leave the pets to starve.
·         The doctor states that many other doctors besides him are adamantly opposed to this heinous crime against our military veterans and heroes but as he puts it, “they have worked many years for what they have, attended long hard years in education and are afraid they will lose everything if they speak out”.
·         The doctor states far more relevant truth when he shares that these fearful doctors get a bonus of up to 15 thousand dollars for every one of their patients they “sell” to the government to be disarmed and that on average they see ten to twelve per day! He also states that there are many psychiatrists on staff at any given facility. You do the math.
·         The doctor states that regardless of whether or not the vet admits to having guns or anger or even nothing more threatening than a lazy prostate or a sore throat he/she will leave the visit with a prescription for psychotropic drugs, be required forever to attend 3 month follow up visits with the drug dealing doctor and if any appointment is missed will be subject to a “wellness visit” by local law enforcement just exactly like what happened to the vet in Connecticut. Further, since now the vet has a medical history in the computer of being prescribed the drugs he/she will never be allowed a gun permit should they decide they want one.
·         The doctor states very clearly that this is only STEP ONE! He states they are coming for the children regardless and to think refusal will protect them from being taken is idiocy. (how many FEMA camps have you seen video footage of with fully equipped play grounds? Was the moron in the TV ad who tells us we have to re-think the idea that our children belong to us and not the collective just a brain dead, indoctrinated liberal moron?) He says it’s all laid out in the Healthcare Bill abomination but nobody bothered to read it before they passed it.
·         The doctor states that this has been being set up for action ever since Obama’s first election. He shares the real reason, that being the vets are trained combatants and extremely dangerous to the “take over” of America but that they are only the first targets because when the vets are successfully disarmed the rest will crumble and turn in their guns willingly. He shares that all of CONGRESS and the media (all of it including FOX) are complicit and willingly participating, playing their roles with promises of exclusion.
·         When asked what type of person is most targeted by this plan he answers without hesitation, “adult white males”.
·         The doctor says we are watching you, we know how you will react, we know what you will do and we know all you will do is talk! You will talk and you will growl and say they will take it from my cold dead hands and then when they show up you will grovel on your knees to give them your guns!!!! Stop talking!!!
·         They are now and will pick you off one by one, quietly because they have studied this according to the doctor and they know it’s how it has to be done.
The last four items above are the reason it’s going to work!
It gives me no pleasure to have to say this but other than our trained and experienced vets the majority of American males of any color at the end of the day are spineless, stoneless, sniveling cravens (cowards) when push comes to shove. Even if they spend their days puffing out their shirts, stomping their feet, brandishing their guns and shooting at targets when the knock at the door comes, (that’s if there is a knock) they will immediately cave using the wife and kids as an excuse of course, “I can’t risk their being hurt”. They won’t for a moment stop and realize that by doing that the wife and kids will be handed over to the unthinkable suffering that is in store for them and for all of us. Even if there is no wife and kids they will cave using a different justification, “I can’t be of any help dead and they will shoot me.” Well guess what? There are approximately 300 million victims of historical Democide who used the same excuses and they are all dead. Dead is dead and it does not matter how you get that way. Chem-trails, vaccines, food additives, GMO’s, prescription drugs, fluoride, smart meters, drones or bullets, you will be just as dead.
Yeah I know I have just pissed off a good many strutting males who will likely never speak to me again. So be it but what I write is not baseless opinion, it’s based on study, observation, and personal experience. I am 60 years old, been married twice; both Vietnam era vets who never saw action and both would be included in what I wrote above. I am positive that if the knock comes to my door I will have to fire the shot gun and then grab the hand gun out of my husband’s frozen hand, push him out of the way and continue firing. I will likely end up dead and so will he but I am perfectly fine with that because to do otherwise would not be something I could live with. I would have to finish my days knowing I had willingly sold my children and grandchildren into the worst human conflagration of death, destruction and suffering in the history of our world just to save my own ass. A mother cannot do that. A mother cannot live with that. A man can justify that in his own mind, a mother cannot.
Before the male readers suffer a testosterone over dose and throw something at the computer screen I will point out that it is NOT THEIR FAULT! All of you guys have been “created” purposefully using tv media, political rhetoric, deliberate emasculating education in the public fool system, bombarded with the idea that what makes you a man is defined by your outdoor plumbing and how well and how often it works (Viagra?), only to find out that we ladies don’t really even care. You don’t need courage and bravado to glue yourself to the television watching real men PLAY real sports. You’re even taught that shooting a defenseless deer or elk makes you a “man’s man” or slugging the guy at the Christmas party who pinches your wife’s butt shows how big and tough you are. You may even join a local militia and practice your shooting skills on the weekend in a harmless drill feeling invigorated while surrounded by your likeminded buddies in the woods. But when the local swat team shows up at your house and you are the only member of the militia there what will you do then? Have you made a plan, included your wife, prepared for that day or are you still just hoping it isn’t coming and you won’t be put to the test?
Need I point out that the good doctor in the interview does the interview incognito? He too is not willing to take the risk of responsibility or is it that he doesn’t want to give up that nice fat (understatement) bonus for the bodies sold to the enemy? Did he say he just cannot live with what he is doing? Did he say he will stop doing it? When he said MANY doctors are opposed he also said they are doing it anyway and they aren’t even slowing down. Yep they all have no compunction with blowing the whistle so long as they can do it incognito and continue to collect the blood money! What a gig! Cover your ass, soothe your conscience and COLLECT THE BOUNTY!
While listening to the doctor’s interview my mind kept going back to Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. I have shared that document widely many times and read it over and over again. It lays out exactly what I am saying here except that it is the outline for HOW they planned to accomplish what is now our reality. What the doctor shared is just a part of the end result of many decades of careful planning. I would also point out that as they admitted all along the wild card, the only item on the agenda which they could not control or hope to predict with accuracy is the “mother”. Yes ladies, the very biology and physical make up which renders us the “weaker sex” in this case renders us the most dangerous because unlike the male, our first instinct is the protection of our young even when our young are grown adults and even over and above our own survival. We would lay down our lives for our children even if our children are now in their 40’s or older.
In SWQW the destruction of the family unit is given as much intensive planning as the destruction of the church if not more. The plan they came up with to separate mommy from the herd was to get mommy into the work force, especially the professional work force, careers not just jobs. In comes Women’s Lib and the new age mommy! She can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, she can sit on a bench in a courtroom and outsmart her man! In comes daddy day care and latch key kids, occupational orphans and collective indoctrination. Very neat and upon reflection it was relatively painless to achieve. Except for one thing; before the creation of SuperMom who nowadays can take your eye out with a spike heel while digging in her purse for the taser gun or pepper spray mommy was pretty much harmless without her man to protect her. Sure she might take you out with a cast iron skillet or in my case a lead crystal ashtray or a marble rolling pin (ok I’ll admit to the bullwhip too) but she posed no real threat to the PTB. While attempting to use her to accomplish the take down of the “male” threat they empowered the more dangerous of the two components.
The timid housewife of the 50’s has become the outspoken pissed off Amazonian Mother with education and independent income. She can change out the spark plugs, fix the plumbing, reprogram her computer and because of that computer her MOUTH is now amplified, non-stop and globally viral!! She is just as likely to join a shooters club as her husband, just as likely to become a crack shot and more likely to use that talent to defend her family than she ever was before. So now she can cook, clean, sew, shop, work, parent and KILL if and when she needs to. She will not hide behind her husband and hope he defends her and the children. She will either stand next to him (or at another window) and shoot to kill or she will shove him out of the way and do it herself. So while they were so busy neutering the bull they created a beast out of the cow! Unfortunately some of those beasts are useful to them because they are evil bitches willing to sell their own grandmothers ie; Nancy Pelosi, Hitlery Clinton, Diane Brain Dead Feinstein hopeless twit Maxine Waters and so on. Yeah, yeah mustn’t call a spade a spade that’s not politically correct and I might offend somebody. You think they even have the intelligence to understand what I have written here? I highly doubt it and anyway I just do not care.
So here we are in the end of the end game and what has been done? The family is indeed unraveling; women no longer trust their husbands to be the protector, husbands no longer know how, children are taught not to listen to their stupid parents if they even have two parents, women are stronger and far more capable than ever before and the government has flat out declared war on all of us. Anyone who does not see and recognize that, get the hell out of the way, line up for the trains to the camps or at the very least just plop your butts down on the couch in front of the mind control machine, grab a Prozac or two, a Margarita or a beer, a pizza and maybe some 3D glasses and a nice fat joint while America implodes. Maybe you can watch the TV news pundits while they assure you “it isn’t happening, all those other people are conspiracy theorists. They are wearing tin hats and they are terrorists, no that’s not gun fire you hear it’s just cars back firing. Shhhh it’s ok they’re just nuts. Those aren’t foreign UN troops on the street, it’s just a drill and stop looking up those aren’t black helicopters! We have to have gun control to protect the children, those sovereigns they want to kill your children, push granny off a cliff, they’re racists, they hate you forget them. We know what’s best, we will tell you what you need to know trust us!” Yeah, you can do that but I guarantee you this; THEY ARE COMING FOR YOU TOO and when they do those of us willing to fight will not be there to stop them. Hell we may be dead by then but you know what? Death will be far preferable to what they have in store for you so sit back on your lazy uneducated, entitled asses and wait for massa, he’s a comin! Red and Yellow Black or White, you are equal in his sight! Maybe he’ll promise you 40 acres and a mule!
Oh did I hurt your little feelings? I hope so because maybe it will piss you off enough to start THINKING, start forming plans of action and stop sitting there with bug eyes like a deer in the headlights and stop emailing me and people like me wanting to know what is being done, when are the good guys coming, when is the dinar going to revalue where are the mass arrests and who is going to save us. ANSWER: NONE OF THE ABOVE! While America is sitting around waiting for the White Knights the Black Knights are quietly although right in front of our faces, conquering us. I have said many times that it is imperative that they make the first move, fire the first shot whatever but it doesn’t make one bit of difference in the end because when they really start firing, when the next huge false flag happens or the next fake mass shooting they will blame it on us anyway. If you think they won’t fire a nuclear equipped missile at Hawaii, California, D.C., Houston or Atlanta and blame it on the little twit with the juvenile hair cut in North Korea in order to justify a national emergency YOU ARE TRULY BRAIN DEAD ALREADY!
Why do you think big mouths like Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, Benjamin Fulford and others are allowed to spout off whatever they want as often as they want? BECAUSE THEY NEVER MAKE SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT TO PHYSICALLY DO TO UNITE AND FIGHT THAT’S WHY! All they do is keep everybody agitated, ticked off, glued to the computer and Facebook, tweating and twittering and blustering and DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
Personally I don’t want any more emails sent to me with links telling me what the enemy is doing. I know what the enemy is doing. I don’t want any more emails sent to me with updates on utter lunacy like OPPT, Union States Morons, UCC filings, Dinar RV, Prosperity Packages, lunatic trusts or letters to the editor! NO MORE! What I want is for people to start telling me how they are forming community defense leagues, creating emergency communication networks, phone trees using trac-fones only or two way radios, cb’s or short wave. I want to hear what and how you plan to defend your neighbor when they come for his family. I want to hear how the militia and our vets are going to unite and refuse to comply no matter what. I want to hear plans on how to feed communities cut off from supply sources and even how to use common household items to blow up a tank! Yeah that’s useful! I want somebody to teach me to reuse shot gun shells when I run out. I want people to send me information I can share like how to purify water from a car radiator, swimming pool, local creek or dripping from the roof for drinking when the kitchen faucet and toilet stops working. No details on plans for action except by secure communication but good solid suggestions and information. That’s what I will share from now on.
America has literally run out of time. Obama has taken off his mask and does not care that we see his true colors. He has absolutely declared himself ruler and our congress is every bit as useful as tits on a boar. The rest of the world is shouting at us, screaming at us to wake up because they are already helpless buts it’s all falling on deaf ears because they are shouting at THE CRAVEN AMERICAN, the stupid, the entitlement junkie, the worshipper of the graven image and the almighty phony dollar, the spineless, the indoctrinated, the endless puffed up egos who never stop talking but do nothing, the bought, the owned, the brain washed masses and giggling criminals in their midst selling them out under the guise of elected leaders and law enforcement licking their chops while thinking of the promises of immunity they have been given never considering that they are nothing more than cannon fodder. The Christians will be fed to the lions once again sold for thirty pieces of silver by a 501c3 and a false profit from the pulpit.
I would give up, gather up my family and leave now except for the fact that there is nowhere to go, no safe haven left on the globe. When America falls and unless something, nothing short of miraculous, begins to happen fast she will, humanity is in for destruction the likes of which this planet has never seen before or ever will again because by the time they are done playing God and fighting each other for supremacy the earth will no longer be capable of supporting life if in fact they haven’t already gone too far with geo-engineering.
So the links below are those I watched and read yesterday and I am sharing them but from now on I will only share information which could help those who are going to display some spine and get ready to fight. I will continue working in the debt elimination arena although I do intend to scale back on some of the time I spend on it in favor of time spent with my family and time spent on finding ways to ensure their survival if at all possible.
As always, YOU ARE THE ANSWER, but in the end, QUE SERA, SERA. The question is; what will you do to determine that?
TLGA (just a grandma on a porch in Communist conquered Georgia)

Former Congresswoman | Cynthia McKinney | Atlanta Music Liberty Fest | Exposes Government Corruption
EXCELLENT VIDEO and a book I will buy.
Police wrongly pulled man's gun permit
Texas Democrat Tells Crowd That Total Gun Ban Is Coming Soon

Tuesday, January 15, 2013



By Chip McLean
January 12, 2013
The death of innocents is always tragic. To feel empathy for those who lost their lives and their grieving loved ones is a normal, healthy reaction. To feel any less would be less than human. Unfortunately, a far less noble part of humanity – the “never let a good crisis go to waste” mindset of those who see human suffering as a means to an agenda – always display their ugly faces at such times. So it is with the recent Sandy Hook shootings.
Predictably, before the mourning families could even make funeral arrangements, the usual suspects were already inundating the airwaves with a cacophony of anti-gun gibberish. People such as Michael Bloomberg were already demanding “immediate action.” Naturally by “immediate action,” Bloomberg and others of his ilk mean to strip gun owners of their right to bear arms.
The gullible that rely on emotion rather than logic are easy prey for such opportunists as Bloomberg, Dianne Feinstein, Eric Holder and of course Barack Hussein Obama. Governmental anti-gun types are shameless in their efforts to exploit a tide of mindless emotionalism by advocating what they euphemistically refer to as “sensible gun laws”. While they bend over backwards attempting to sell their notions as “sensible,” there is nothing sensible about it. To these control freaks, the only solution to gun shootings is to disarm the law abiding. Take for example Obama’s flippant response to the NRA’s idea of posting armed guards in schools:
“I am not going to prejudge the recommendations that are given to me. I am skeptical that the only answer is putting more guns in schools. And I think the vast majority of the American people are skeptical that that somehow is going to solve our problem.” (emphasis added)
Such vapid “reasoning” and presumptuousness are unfortunately typical of this administration... Apparently it hasn’t dawned upon Obama et al, that high profile school shootings such as the recent Sandy Hook incident, occurred in “gun-free” zones. Ever since the passage of the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990, students and faculty alike have become sitting ducks. By 1995, the law was found to be unconstitutional by the USSC, but in 1996 Bill Clinton, with assistance from his anti-gun zealot attorney general Janet Reno, found a “creative” means of simply bypassing the constitution and keeping this horrendous law in effect. Based on the exponential increase in school shootings (can you say Columbine, Virginia Tech and yes, Sandy Hook) it is more than safe to say that this “gun free zone” idea has been an abject failure - and has actually led to an increase in school shootings. Armed guards - or better yet - faculty members who have concealed weapon permits would provide a far more effective deterrent to lunatic Columbine wannabes, than leaving our children and teachers defenseless against such attacks.
How about rephrasing “more guns in schools” to “more guns in the right hands” Mr. Obama? That would be a “sensible” gun policy.
Here’s the dirty little secret – for all their hysterical anti-gun rhetoric, the gun grabbers really don’t care about saving lives – what they care about is power. They use tragedies like Sandy Hook to pursue their real goal, which is to disarm American citizens. They attempt to disguise their real intents, and in some cases even give lip service to the second amendment. One especially comedic example is that of John Kerry, who during his unsuccessful 2004 presidential campaign went on a photo-op “hunting” trip, complete with camos in order to show he supports “hunters”. Understand – and this is a crucial point – the second amendment isn’t about “hunting.” It never has been. The fact is that the right to bear arms was put into place by the founders as a means of protecting the citizens from tyranny. That is why would-be governmental gun grabbers hate that pesky second amendment. An armed populace is the one thing standing between them and what they want – an omnipotent central government accountable to no one and free to impose its will on a defenseless public. Sound harsh? Consider the gun policies of Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse Tung and think again…
Reading the founders’ own writings about the right to bear arms makes it quite clear what their intent was when adding the second amendment. Chuck Baldwin wrote a recent column that addresses this issue and I will repeat here two quotes he used from Thomas Jefferson and George Washington:
“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” – Thomas Jefferson
“Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence… From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to ensure peace, security, and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable… The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference. When firearms go, all goes.” – George Washington
In Baldwin’s follow-up column, he puts forth a three point plan of action for combatting these assaults on our freedom. I agree strongly and recommend you read Chuck’s complete column on this, but allow me to boil it down here with a couple of observations:
1) Make phone calls to our representatives and senators on Capitol Hill. It is imperative that our congress critters hear from us regarding our complete and total opposition to any new gun control measures. They need to hear from us NOW and en masse.
2) If Congress passes any new gun bill, the states themselves need to stand up to Washington – therefore our state governors and legislatures need to hear from us as well…they need to be reminded that the federal government serves at the pleasure of the people – not the other way around. When the federal government oversteps its bounds and tramples the very constitution that limits its scope, it is incumbent on the states to preserve the rights of its people. I would say that governors need to prevent the enforcement of any unconstitutional seizure of firearms by the federal government using every means at their disposal, including arresting and incarcerating any federal agent who attempts such action on the individual state’s soil.
3) Baldwin’s third point is that we as individuals must be prepared to draw a line in the sand... “(I) refuse to comply with any law requiring us to register or surrender our firearms–including our semi-automatic rifles. Ladies and gentlemen, whatever the consequences might be, and whatever anyone else does or doesn’t do, I am prepared to become an outlaw over this issue! I don’t know how to say it any plainer: I will not register my firearms, and I will not surrender my firearms. Period. End of story. It’s not just a saying with me: when my guns are outlawed, I will be an outlaw!”
Amen Chuck Baldwin! Freedom is worth fighting for – now, as it was in 1776. Our right to bear arms is the one freedom that preserves all of the others. It is time to let the Obama-coms and any spineless representatives who would simply cave in order to “get along”, know that enough is enough. It is time to let them know that their days of shredding our constitution are over, and that their idea of a socialist utopia with the elite feeding at the taxpayer trough – all the while issuing unlawful edicts to the rest of us that threaten our liberties – is not going to happen. There are millions of law abiding gun owners in this country…but an out of control federal government coming after them will do so at its own peril.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO
January 12, 2013
What does the Women’s Suffrage Movement have to do with Mandatory Vaccination?
I'm reading a really good book right now I'd like to encourage all of you to read. "A Woman's Crusade, Alice Paul and the Battle for the Ballot" by Mary Walton is well written and an important part of our history. The fight over women's suffrage - the right to vote as a woman's right - was championed by a small group of determined women. Here's a snip from the book:
In 1848 - a mere 65 years ago - a married woman in the U.S. could not own property. She could not make a contract or a will, and could not operate a business in her own name. If she worked, her wages belonged to her husband. In Georgia, men had the right to whip their wives. If they divorced, the husband had custody of the children. The doors of most public universities were closed to women. And except for an occasional school board meeting or in an occasional municipality, a woman could not vote....
Voting, it was argued, would distract women from their sacred domestic roles and wifely duties. Men controlled the agenda. Women's rights were opposed by the powerful liquor and manufacturing establishments. Protectors of the status quo - the wealthy stake holders in oil, mining and railroads - quietly filled lawmakers' pockets and prodded them to take an anti-suffrage stand.
In 1850, Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton formed a partnership. They lead the movement to overcome the legal barriers that prohibited women from having voting equality. By 1906, both women had passed on. Fifty years of effort had won women the ballot in just four states: Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and Idaho. With the passing of the Movement's Leaders, the suffrage establishment did not die, but it had aged and had grown weary. It was said, "The Suffrage Movement bored its adherents and repelled its opponents."
Then, in 1913, the fight for women's rights was refueled by a potent combination of education, frustration, anger and courage. They had one goal: a constitutional amendment allowing women the right to vote. Their leader, Alice Paul, was a NJ Quaker. She was not only fearless, but a brilliant tactician, talented fundraiser, and a canny publicist. She gathered a cadre of fiercely determined women who vowed to not give up until they had won. And after 7 years of relentless pursuit, the 19th Amendment was ratified on August 18, 1920, giving women the right to vote. Hard to believe that less than 100 years ago, women had no voice and few rights in this country.... a benefit gained by disciplined work of a few dedicated women (and men). When working together, they didn't always agree but they were completely unified and focused on attaining the end result.
At its peak, there were only about 60,000 people involved in the suffrage battle. They railed against skepticism, ridicule, and violence. They marched in the streets. They picketed. They were arrested. Alice Paul was physically tortured when she went on a hunger strike while in jail.
What would you be willing to do, willing to tolerate, willing to face, for something you believed in?
After the 19th Amendment was passed, Alice spent the rest of her life working for equal rights for women in the US and in Europe with the League of Nations. At the age of 92, shortly before she died, she badgered her young female caretakers saying, "What was I doing when I was your age, to further the cause of women? You, you, you young people are the ones who should be taking up the mantle for the future!"
It seems those who want to refuse mandatory injections are in a similar battle that Alice Paul and her team fought -- and overcame:
We are opposed by wealthy powers - such as the Gates Foundation and the entire Pharma industry.
The Medical profession refuses to acknowledge the carnage of neurodegenerative and autoimmune disease being caused by vaccines - and insists on vaccines for all.
The Insurance industry has begun setting standards for vaccine coverage doctors will have to meet to get paid.
The Vaccine Court disallows compensation for injury, even death.
State legislators - fueled by the vaccine lobby - want to repeal exemption laws. Even medical doctors are calling for exemptions to be repealed.
Healthcare workers are being forced to accept a flu shot in exchange for employment and a W2 wage.
...And deep inside Obamacare is language to allow door-to-door vaccinators into your community, vaccinating for the Good of the Whole.
What are you willing to do to avoid mandatory vaccination?
Are you strong enough, determined enough, courageous enough, brave enough? Will you rally together for the sake of your health and the right to choose what is injected into your children? Are you willing to stay in the fight when the going gets a little tough - and the pro-vaccinators come after you? Are you willing to take a stand to draw the line that separates you from your government at the level of your skin...and the skin of your children/grand children?
Where are the 30-somethings? Those of us who are 50+ and have been at the forefront of this fight for years, we need your support. After all, what is happening now will mostly effects YOUR generation, your world. What are your unvaccinated children are going to face, if you don't take a strong stand now?
Is it time to rally together and begin? Or are we at the end....
I have long maintained that those who opposed mandatory vaccination should study the Women's Suffrage movement. And with our rights eroding on a daily basis, strategic leaders - determined men and women - need to emerge. Now. The Suffrage Movement may serve as an inspiration that leads to success: retaining your right to refuse.
© 2013 Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - All Rights Reserved
Someday when I am re-united with that incredible woman who taught me so much and passed her strength and spirit on to me, I want to be able to say, yes Granny, I heard you and I was truly listening… I did everything I could think to do to carry with me everything you taught me throughout my life and to pass it on to the next generation of amazing women in our families’ future……. What will you say to your Grandmother? Let it not be, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know”.