Saturday, January 14, 2012


It’s been awhile since I updated everyone on the Turner “inmate detention plan” as I have been greatly occupied with measures which really will and do make a difference for the people. Things like turning the tables on debt collectors and making them pay instead of being a victim, jury nullification, preparedness and survival skills etc. Some while back I turned over all evidence of Turners crimes, plans and lies to the “chair” of his so-called Judicial Committee charged with the task of investigating the missing ID machine and money. This of course was a red herring as Turner thought he had chosen someone he could control and thus direct the findings. Imagine the surprise when the gentleman turned out to be fully honorable and equally tenacious. I do wish I could have seen the look on Turner’s face when he realized he had mistakenly appointed a true “man of the people” to that post.
The whole thing backfired when the investigator discovered the truth of the machine, the money and the false accusations associated with it and found that one lie led to hundreds more and he expanded the scope of his investigations. The rest of the committee though were better chosen by Turner and opposed the chair when he sought to demand all evidence be heard, seen and included. At first Turner demanded the investigator “turn over all evidence” to him before presenting it to the people. When that didn’t work he simply manipulated the committee to remove the chair. Many threats and attempts at intimidation via email went back and forth but still the investigator held his ground. Same poop different day! Unfortunately for Turner though the honorable man still holds in his possession the evidence and will in his own manner use it when the time is right in the appropriate way.
Fast forward a few weeks to the time when I obtained a recorded call of the RuSA “Integration and Immigration” committee where four people discussed how they would prevent ANY persons of ANY faith other than theirs (fanatical Evangelical Christian), from being Americans…. Some trick if you can pull it off. I played the call and shared some related history on a Sunday blog talk radio show. Naturally those speaking on the call in the meeting attempted to back pedal and deny their own words later but words spoken are like spilled milk, once out of the mouth they can’t be retrieved.
Two or three weeks later another recorded call made its way into my hands. This one was a Republic Round Table Call for December 8th, 2011. On this call Turner rants and raves in his juvenile fashion about how the state of Texas (the whole state and all its elected officials), had rebelled and sent him a letter declaring their unanimous refusal to “obey his laws” and therefore were kicked out of the Republic and it was irrefutable, permanent and not reversible. In truth the “letter” Turner claimed he had, was a complete fabrication. There had been no letter making such claims or statements. Instead there had been demands for truth from the Texas Jural Assembly! Those demands and communications had been published on the Texas web site right out in the open for all to see;
Again I shared the recording on a Sunday radio show and then read aloud from the actual words of the Texans what had actually taken place, once again exposing Turner for the blatant liar that he is. Of course more threats ensued against the good folks in Texas including the threat of a law suit for slandering the liar. It doesn’t take rocket science to hear a man lie and then see the evidence of the lie to conclude he is nothing more than a pinheaded hillbilly prevaricator but it’s up to the people to add two and two and come up with four.
While all of this was going on I had become involved in a project I was asked to do as a direct result of an action taken by the state of Pennsylvania that had gotten the attention of some very powerful individuals who had determined that by accident or design Pennsylvania had discovered the single, simple requirement for the people of this nation to declare themselves free, independent and apart from the criminal corporation in Washington D.C.. As many of us have been trying to point out for so long, YOU ARE THE ANSWER. All it takes for the people to return to true Republic governance is to make the statement to the world and do it. Thomas Jefferson told us exactly that in the Declaration of Independence. Indeed we are instructed and required to do that if we should find ourselves under a despotic and tyrannical central government. We are not told to organize a second de facto dictatorship to replace the first one or to ignore the intent of our founders like the Turner round up gig CONTINUES to do.
As it turned out all that is needed is for a simple majority of states to duplicate the actions of the state of Pennsylvania and send the appropriate NOTICE to the world through the Hague. Do not mistake me I did not say APPLICATION FOR RECOGNITION, OPINION or PERMISSION. What I did say was NOTICE, simple, straightforward and firm. We are Americans, we need no recognition, permission or foreign approval to be so. In hindsight it should have been the first clue that Turner was a liar and a de facto employee when he insisted over and over again that the people must “get RECOGNITION from the Hague” to be American and for his silly little “Interim Government” to have “standing”. The Hague is nothing more than the watchdog for the UN therefore asking them for standing or recognition is nothing more than asking the Fox to agree the Chickens are free to leave, think that would ever happen? Since when do Americans ask permission to be free? However we have through ignorance, duplicity and deceit consented to the power of the illegal corporate governance in D.C. that we are currently being victimized by and because we have done that our military has been under the direction of a false “Commander in Chief” instead of the true Civilian Authority of the people. Therefore until the people unite and declare the D.C. Criminals not to be a lawful government, the military has no power to act on their behalf. Simple.
It took less than a day for Turner’s sycophants to infiltrate the conference calls with other states to share the procedures for duplicating what Pennsylvania had done. In fact the first recorded call was used to twist the intent and name me as a leader of a group in opposition to the so called “Republic” in an article on the official “kiss up” newsletter site. Turner then made completely false statements to his followers on another “Round Table” call and claimed the states involved had sent documents to the Hague which had been rejected and returned because “he is recognized” as the real President and his Republic as the true government of this nation. Now I won’t even go into how ridiculous that is because for any clear thinking adult, I don’t need to and because I need no defense.
What I will say is this. There is no group. There are no leaders. There is no organization and there have been no documents sent across the pond from any state except Pennsylvania. These idiots will not be privy to when they are and will have no control or influence as to the result. It’s simple folks, all it takes is for the people to unite in the right way and I will share no more details on that at this time. The time for details will come shortly and Turner can spin all the lies he likes, nothing will change it.
In the meantime Turners lies are about to bite the “followers” in the posterior. Recently he filed a law suit in the name of the “Republic and all those within” against the U.S. Federal Government. If it really were a law suit, which it isn’t as it states no claim for relief and no grounds for suit, just a lengthy religious rant and juvenile tantrum, it wouldn’t be of much consequence as there are literally hundreds of suits filed against the government at the moment that do have substance. So why did he do it? Well by effectively naming all those involved (having signed up for) in the Republic as plaintiffs, he has created the “excuse” for turning over the data base of personal info to the feds. Naturally he has claimed not to have such a data base but many of you out there will remember the rather heated controversy created in November of 2010 when he instructed Kelby Smith and C.W. Wright to turn over the data base just of elected officials to me…. Hmmm don’t have one Timmy? I still have it don’t you?
After I shared publicly, again on the radio the fact that in any law suit you most certainly do have to identify any “John Doe’s” you include either as plaintiff or defendant, Turners idiots published another misleading rant to convince the innocent they were in no danger and wouldn’t be identified. More lies. Law suits are something I do have experience with and the Federal Rules of Procedure are clear on this issue. You don’t get to sue somebody, anybody not even the government incognito! So what happens when this convoluted cry baby rant is ruled frivolous or the U.S. Attorney files a motion to dismiss with summary judgment? Those “anonymous” plaintiffs will share in monumental monetary judgment at the very least. Bad as that prospect is I don’t believe it to be the underlying motive as I am fully aware of what Turners true mission is.. To render unto Caesar that which Caesar thinks is his… all those patriots who would pose resistance to NWO.
Turner has been forced to make his final play now that his Merry Band of Followers has begun a rapid downhill roller coaster ride as whole states leave and truth is spread preventing growth, it’s now or never. On the other hand just creating an excuse to hand over the names to his bosses won’t get the job done. Homeland Security has to have a better reason than just another fruitless law suit to begin rounding up the patriots. 
It appears that reason may be at hand. DHS will do what it does best, create a false flag event to use as a catalyst to enable them to declare RuSA a nationwide, extreme right wing, religious terrorist cult intent on over throwing the U.S. Government. That’s all they need to begin snatching up Americans under the brand new NDAA and begin filling those ready and waiting FEMA CAMPS.
Sadly a recent tragedy may be just the ticket. We lost a great patriot and his small son last week in what appeared at first to be just a house fire. As it turns out for many reasons it is being investigated as foul play. Some of his friends who are privy to certain facts concerning the night of the fire have been interviewed and it has been revealed that the investigation is focusing on Tim Turner and RuSA.
Now we all know Turners bunch are no more threatening in that way than the Apple Dumpling Gang. For one thing none of them have the testicular fortitude to attempt such a crime. Secondly there are others, including me, which are far more of a threat to Turner than this wonderful man and his small son. In reality the facts of the case point much closer to home so why would the state investigators want to target RuSA? Why would they even ask about RuSA?
After the previous tragic deaths of Jerry Kane and son and Billy Foust and the media twist to label them “sovereigns” if the government can manage to pin a double murder or even claim the suspicion RuSA is in any way responsible they have their catalyst. We know the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center as well as the media has been labeling it as such for quite some time.
Congratulations to all those with enough common sense and self preservation to not only leave RuSA but do so with paper work to prove both the fact and the date of their departure. Perhaps the fact that I am making the West Virginia intention public will thwart that avenue. We can only hope.
In the meantime I have been sent more documents and recordings from early in the entrapment plan which I will be sharing on another radio program probably next week. While organizing some of my evidence when searching for a particular document I came across one I had overlooked in the past. I had read it before of course but had never noticed the date it was created. September 20, 2010. The document came from Turners private group of government planners and lists him as President. Well so what? Except if any of you recall and I surely do as I was there that night, when did the so called “election” with only one candidate take place? September 23, 2011. Same old same old rigged elections but Turner style this time and even better than all the others, no chance for failure when there are no other candidates!
Let’s hope all this can come to an end soon and the lies will finally come home to roost. I leave you all for now with a message to the deceiver…..