Sunday, November 28, 2010


The past few weeks in the re-inhabited Republic have been fraught with controversy, division, sneaky tactics and the ever popular de facto thinking. However given the fact that for the past 134 years the entire population has been slowly and purposefully brought under the influence of a “progressive” mentality, how can the majority be expected not to be subject to it?
Today we live in a society which has been subverted by a far left agenda by radical people with radical views and follows a set of rules which when used properly and continually will result in the framing of government policy and even create a national consciousness. Most people do not even recognize how their thinking and attitudes have been carefully constructed by those with a very radical and “Un-American” plan. As we become more educated on this long term goal by radical groups we begin to recognize how we have been manipulated and influenced. 
I set out this morning to write an article which I promised bringing everyone up to date on where the Republic stands and where I stand in it. The events of the last few weeks would require a very lengthy article indeed for those not privy to the inner workings of the “so called” provisional government. I decided instead to share a couple of emails with you in which my responses are in red ink. Quotes from the founders will be bold and in black. The emails will be in italics. That should be revealing enough as to where things are. I will not share who sent them as my intent is not to ridicule or discredit the senders nor will I reveal them in private.
Email number one:  Notice and Appeal

Do not grow weary in well doing, for in due season you will reap if you faint not.
Please be aware that forces continue to work against our security. Those forces operate to divide and conquer (a house divided against itself cannot stand) by employment of verbal attacks, including disinformation.
The only verbal attack I have seen was that aimed at people with reasonable questions, objections and or concerns. Those launching the attacks were from the national level of government. I have myself been attacked for the same thing and I have on occasion quite vocally defended myself and others.
People, the fundamental attack is against our faith (faith is the victory), with the objective of weakening or destroying our good faith, and thereby weakening or destroying our unity and resolve. We are impaired and impeded when our faith is transformed into doubt and/or fear, and, in turn, our love into animosity/hatred.
The best I can say about this claim is that it is utterly ridiculous. When intelligent people ask reasonable questions and expect reasonable answers how can that be construed as an attack on anyone’s faith? Where in our history by the way is there any justification for “one faith” or one person’s version of faith?  Our founders knew what a serious mistake it was to mix specific faith with politics or government.
 "That religion, or the duty we owe to our Creator, and the manner of discharging it, can be directed only by reason and conviction, not by force or violence; and therefore all men are equally entitled to the free exercise of religion, according to the dictates of conscience." - Patrick Henry (Virginia Bill of Rights, June 12, 1776.)
Every man "ought to be protected in worshipping the Deity according to the dictates of his own conscience." - George Washington (Letter to the United Baptist Churches in Virginia in May, 1789)
The forces and agents of darkness have not given up their quest to derail the Republic for the united States. Our republic is the only de jure (rightful) union of republics on this great land; it has more formally progressed with a lawful quorum of republic-states; and it is not separate or distinct from the Republic of the united States. Consider the example from scripture involving the name Israel being given to Jacob. The new name did not invalidate or abandon the old name or replace the man by another man, or undo his authority or separate him from his authority or from any of his property (assets/funds) or the help of his God (supernatural force of love affecting destiny) or his men/people (military/support).
The Republic we all signed on to was the Republic of (not for). This name change happened in Utah when a congress was convened after congress had already convened and held elections for senate pro tem and speaker of the house. In Tim Turners own words, “we formed a New Republic in Utah and those states who were not represented there are not a part of it”. It is true therefore that the original Republic (of) was left behind as the rest of us were not consulted and given the opportunity to agree or disagree. Now it seems they wish to rescind those words.
With these things in mind, please be aware of the following things of the forces and agents of darkness. Such are already being employed.

There are various verbal attacks against our key officers, especially our executive officers.  There is the false allegation that we have with malice omitted/excluded other republic-states. There are verbal attacks against the validity of what Congress has accomplished in the name and authority of the people. There is verbal attack against good faith regarding military support, which support has not been withdrawn from us. There are verbal attacks attempting to make people think that the assets/funds for our republic have been lost, or diverted to some other government. Any such attack is to cause us to doubt and/or fear and withdraw our good faith support:  1) from the men that God by us put into office and 2) from the will and authority of the people who have lawfully, by Congress, advanced our republic and our security therein; such is also to cause animosity and in-fighting. When you see such detracting and injurious things being presented, make note and mark those who advance such things that undermine our faith and our mutual love. Like the god of darkness, such agents provocateur manifest themselves as blatant or subtle/veiled/disguised accusers, using falsehood mixed with truth and employing flawed reasoning.
The level of pure fantasy here is reminiscent of a cheap Hollywood spy flick and certainly not one which could win any awards. The plain and simple fact is that it is based on information brought forth by emissaries from the true funding sources for the Republic. They have stated that all funding has been blocked and the offers of it removed as they are not satisfied with the individuals which would have to be trusted with it. To claim that God put anybody into position is ludicrous at best. These individuals may well be under the belief that God put them there but they certainly have no way to prove such a claim nor should they be surprised when rational thinking human beings say, uh huh and God is going to make me the Queen of England.

There are many opponents that know the power of what we have done, and their selfish power and way of life and prosperity are in jeopardy because of our accomplishments which advance our greater security.
What in the world is that supposed to mean? As for myself I would dearly love to change my way of life and level of prosperity, oh yeah, that’s one of the reasons we are doing this isn’t it, to undo the financial crisis brought down on us by the de facto? Oh, by the way, I have seen no evidence that anything has been accomplished which has made an iota of difference to the good in anybody’s way of life and prosperity.

Be cautious of the use of questions. Questions and the use of questions can be either good or evil, depending upon whether they are being used by agents of light (truth; good; unity) or agents of darkness (untruth; evil; division). Be cautious regarding questions being used subversively.
Ok this one is just plain creepy.
The whole paragraph brings to mind Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, (RULE 2: “Never go outside the expertise of your people.” It results in confusion, fear and retreat. Feeling secure adds to the backbone of anyone. (Organizations under attack wonder why radicals don’t address the “real” issues. This is why. They avoid things with which they have no knowledge.)
Some possible and specific notions of attack, most of which have already been employed, are as follows:
  1. Tim Turner contradicts himself; therefore he is not credible/reliable, or he has a hidden agenda and is not to be trusted, or it is apparent that he is under the control of others. I don’t recall the word contradiction being used. I do however recall the word lie used. In fact I heard him spin a fantastic lie myself just last night. Why do I know it was a fantastic lie? Because it was spun to explain me and what I have said.
  2. Nothing that Tim Turner has said has come true. No brainer, just fact.
  3. Tim Turner has lied. See above. There have been many instances that I can attest to myself and not third party.
  4. The California group controls Tim Turner; Kelby Smith and Charles Wright control Tim Turner; Charles Wright (CW) is really the one running things. If it looks like a duck, acts like a duck and quacks like a duck and then jumps up and down denying it’s a duck, well it usually really is a duck after all. I have however changed my mind about Tim’s innocence in all that has transpired.
  5. Tim Turner is under mind control. If he is the mind controlling him seems a little confused.
  6. Tim Turner’s FEMA history means that he has a secret FEMA agenda; or Tim Turner is working for Homeland Security. Now this is real fantasy because I have not seen anyone anywhere make this claim.
  7. CW is a perversion of the executive integrity. Oh my, I sure wouldn’t want to have to wear that handle, uh what does it mean?
  8. Kelby and CW are devious; they have evil intent. No, I think what was said is that Kelby is a hopeless sycophant in a deluded evangelical bubble. At least I think that’s how it went.
  9. The meeting of Congress in Utah was a ploy of Tim Turner, or the California group, to affect a secret agenda. It was all planned out weeks before the meeting. It must be a secret agenda; else, why not make the congressional document public? Question or fact? I know it was planned at least two weeks in advance or else how was I called and given the information? Did the person have a crystal ball? As for agenda, well that is clear for me but I’ll let others be the judge. Some things just need to come by personal enlightenment.
  10. The entire congress assembled at Utah was under some kind of mind control. Really? Wow, must have been pretty good. Oops, now don’t go accusing me of satanistic pagan worship for using the word Wow now. You really have over used that one already.
  11. Tim Turner has no right to act or speak in the name of God. Now this one truly is a no brainer. Are you saying he does have the right to act or speak for God? I will ask God if that is true and I bet I know the answer but I don’t profess to know God’s mind, intentions or plans so I’ll have to get back to you on that one.
  12. What happened at Utah indicates that in the name of God Tim Turner has created a cult. If you support him, you must be one of his cult members. See above reference to ducks. Then research the word cult and cult behavior.
  13. The Utah meeting was a ploy to secure power to the California group (CW, Kelby, Thomas Jenkins, etc.). What a waste of money, time and energy they have been controlling things for months. Who with any sense thought for a moment that Kelby had really been fired. C’mon now we were all born in the past but not yesterday.
  14. The Republic for the united States is not the Republic of the united States. The original republic and its offices have been abandoned. Here we go with the ducks again. If you run off and vote to change the name then inform the states that weren’t there that you have formed a new government and they are not a part of it, how do you figure you now have any right to the one you left them in? I seem to remember my granny saying something to the effect that you can’t have your cake and eat it too.
  15. The Republic for the united States has lost the funds/assets, and/or military support. Yep you actually got one right with one little detail needing clarification. It NEVER HAD MILITARY SUPPORT.
  16. The Utah meeting was intended to omit or exclude some republic-states. Nobody believes that. We are all aware we were expected to say “how high” when the master said jump. It’s just that some of us don’t respond well to manipulation.
  17. The key banking people, or possessors of assets, have shifted support. For quite some time now. They wouldn’t have if there had been any indication of ability and discernment though.

The following are some things that might help you see through the above-listed notions (1-17) or otherwise help secure our faith and unified resolve.
  1. Statements are often made based on varied perspective; and it is important to fully perceive the perspective and the spirit in which a statement has been made. Generalizations are often made which omit specification of exceptions. Even scripture contains statements which on the surface appear contradictory; but when understood in context and spirit are found to be non-contradictory. Scripture states that none is righteous, and states that a particular man was a righteous man. The first is a generalization that does not specify exception; while the second is an exception. There is also the use of hyperbolic statement used for emphasis. In the spirit of each statement, both are true. The three possible conclusions stated above (at 1.) would be what is called (regarding fallacies of reasoning) non sequitur:  they do not logically follow. The agents of darkness employ and induce flawed reasoning:  faulty logic. Oh this is not confusing you are saying that those who disagree with you or the rest of the team are victims of flawed thinking. Well thank you for clearing that up.
  2. I think that we all have likely said some things that have not come true. At times we make statements that express goals/objectives/intent, though we may not specify the nature of the statement since we trust that our audience is gracious and perceives the spirit of what we are saying. Not even all of the words of the bible have come true. Now that just clears things up nicely. So let us get this straight. Statements like we have the gold are not lies they are just little exaggerations aimed at making us feel better and we should all know it doesn’t have to be true. Or lets see, how about if we don’t get this done right now we are going to be invaded by Chinese troops. That wasn’t a fear tactic used to manipulate it was just a little joke and we really shouldn’t be so humorless. Just exactly how dumb do you think we all are?
  3. Has he lied; or has he repeated things presented to him by others that he trusted; or has someone other than him attached meaning and intent that is not his? Please understand that agents’ provocateur may use the above-discussed contradiction-ploy in order to falsely show that if one statement contradicts another, one or the other must be a lie; and this is unsound thinking except that the intended meaning of the source is truly contradictory. Christ made a statement that this temple would be destroyed and raised again in three days; and his audience thought his statement was false, because they attached their meaning and their spin on intent to his statement. They heard his words but lack discernment. They heard his words but lacked cognition of the truth. Oh no you don’t. Lies are lies and they are identified as lies when someone speaks something that they claim to know by their own experience and then it proves not to be true. Check your dictionary. And please tell me you are not comparing Tim Turner to Jesus Christ.
  4. It is my witness that the so-called California group, or California contingency, is not in control! That notion is totally false and unfounded. I am taking up a collection for a nice new pair of glasses. You’re welcome.
  5. Anyone who knows Tim and the truth regarding the interactions of Tim with others of the executive knows that he is not under mind control. His so-called “closest friend” has attempted to undermine Tim’s credibility on the basis of “mind control” and evil intent and power of Kelby and CW; and my evaluation and firm conviction of faith is that man and his fellow witting or unwitting agents are Tim’s or the peoples’ friends. I am amazed that Tim has so patiently tried to help him repent. This paragraph would no doubt cause you to fail an English grammar test but we will try to ignore that and point out once again, Tim is not God nor is he ordained by God to act for God or make any kind of judgment on who needs to repent. As a matter of fact if he is engaging in such thought or action he is in a state of sin himself. “Judge not”, remember? In connection, Kelby was advanced to “Media Man” status by the unanimous approval of the people in attendance at the Utah gathering, who were apparently fed up with the degenerative works of certain individuals apparently in fellowship with Teri Hinkle. See the names (“Timothy Mitchell”, “Rich and Dave Ritzenthaler, Derryck McLuhan, Robert Lyons, Mike Higgens, Todd Perkins”) that she has provided by email, and ponder implications. Well that is a complete lie once again as I mentioned those names in an email when referring to people who had been attacked, smeared, vilified and demonized for raising questions. But thanks for including me in such a group of intelligent thinkers and honorable men. If that is an indication of degenerate association than I am indeed flattered. Oh and in an earlier article I already described Mr. Smith’s skills as a liar when he ambushed my governor and I into a call for the sole purpose of launching a smear campaign against some honorable men. So who is degenerate?
  6. The notion that Tim Turner is a FEMA agent or working for Homeland Security is totally without merit; what I have for years witnessed of the man is that he is entirely opposed to the corporation and its sub corporations and their agenda against us, the people. I have witnessed him cash out his retirement assets (silver coin) to spend it on furthering the wellbeing of our republic, including the people. You mean all those silver coins he got in payment for seminars teaching a process that was not really his and didn’t really work (at least not to my knowledge but am open to personal experience if it has)? Nobody has said anything about Tim’s connection with FEMA, I do believe that was in reference to CW. As far as Homeland Security well that’s an unlawful entity with an oxymoron for a name and again I haven’t heard that one.
  7. The time that I have spent with CW and the deeds of CW that I have witnessed and the spirit of CW that I have experienced do not uphold any notion that he is any perversion of the executive, but that he is supportive of the President and operates in a spirit of honor and cooperation. However, I am impressed that he is no Yes-man. You are certainly entitled to your opinion.
  8. Again, I draw upon all that I have witnessed; and there is nothing indicating that they are devious or have any evil intent. I have witnessed that they are men of honorable intent who are also in the process of personal growth; and while neither is without flaw or always acts without emotional influence, I have seen no evidence of any evil intent. I believe that the hundreds in attendance at Utah are competent to see and know the same; and I believe that the people will uphold their involvement with our republic. And those of us in total disagreement wish you well with that.
  9. I believe that the people are not incompetent to perceive the truth and will recognize the preposterous nature of such a notion, and any inference of it. There is no secret agenda, though there is the wisdom of privacy for an appropriate period of time, for the good of all of the people, for the more sure success of our fullest realization and effectiveness of our government. Don’t ya wish we all had a crystal ball? And just so you know, we don’t think there is any “secret” agenda. The agendas have been crystal (no pun intended) clear.
  10. I believe that the people are not incompetent to perceive the truth and will recognize the preposterous nature of such a notion, and any inference of it. Answered
  11. What a feeble ploy! Anyone who is about God’s business has a right to speak in the name of God. Everyone who operates in the Spirit of God has a right to speak in the name of God anything that is true. There is so much wrong with this statement that I really have to consult a minister to address it and I simply haven’t time at the moment. Suffice it to say that I would love to see the orders handed down by God as to what his business is and who is in charge of doing it then who should be speaking for God. Yes that would clear it up quite nicely.
  12. I believe that the people are not incompetent to perceive the truth and will recognize the preposterous nature of such a notion, and any inference of it; such is more falsehood and unsound reasoning. Any such allegation or inference of cult is a slap in the face of the people, an insult to their mental and faith-based integrity. Babble
  13. I believe that the people are not incompetent to perceive the truth and will recognize the preposterous nature of such a notion, and any inference of it. More Babble
  14. Such notions are non sequitur:  they are conclusions that do not follow. Nonsense: makes no sense, that which is without clear meaning
  15. Like Israel (new name) was the same man named Jacob and the new form of name did not lose or abandon any property or authority or other, the Republic for the united States is the same government named Republic of the united States and the new form of name did not lose or abandon any property (organ/office/asset/fund/authority/power/destiny/etc.) or military support. Wrong
16.                 We greatly desire the formalization of the union of all republic-states. All republic-states had the opportunity to be there, at least by representation; and they still have the opportunity to formally demonstrate their desire to be in the union. We long for them to formally board the ship that they have helped build and launch. They merely lack the completion of mere formalities necessary to lawful evidences of their consent to be on board. None but they can perfect the formalization of their agreement. However, forces of darkness pervert what truly occurred at the Utah meeting; and they use it to enflame dissension and division. If you feel inflamed and or divided I would see a doctor. This claim is outlandish. Saul would be so proud. (RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)
  1. The truth is that they have not shifted support; but they continue affirming support of Tim Turner and the Republic for the united States.  One has even sent Teri Hinkle a notice vigorously opposing her, and has indicated that he intends legal action against her.  Now really that is rich. The one you are referring to is somewhere between New Zealand and or Indonesia and didn’t send me any such thing and even if he had I have to ask you, by who’s authority? There are people who are at the top of world power involved outside of our republic who do not play; and they still support us. Please do not align yourself with Teri Hinkle or her confederates. The man Tim Turner happens to be trustee of great wealth/assets, whether or not he remains President; and it is apparent that some ignorant souls do not realize that even if they were to seize power/control, they would have to satisfy his requirements to obtain his authorization for use of the assets. That trusteeship is not a matter of office of the President of our republic; a new President would not become trustee. Mr. Turner, your President, was thoroughly investigated for eighteen months and questioned for many hours before being made that trustee (owner). Some of the greatest minds and powers in the world have entrusted him. Witnesses have told me or confirmed to me that those key minds and powers believe that God has chosen Mr. Turner to usher in and serve in perfecting our republic; and the vote of the people evidences the same. By what the agents/dis-informants are presenting, it is apparent that they do not have adequate knowledge of what they are putting out there to influence the gullible; they are apparently being deceived by unscrupulous or ignorant brokers; and they apparently do not realize that they place themselves in harm’s way, harm by forces outside our republic but that desire that we succeed so that the entire world, including their people and businesses, may have the benefit of peace and prosperity. We do not support such threats, but they are beyond our control. Now this is the stuff of Hollywood greatness. Must have literally taken days to dream up. Brokers? Sorry don’t know any. Trust account and great wealth and or assets? There is no law against dreaming but that so called trust is empty and will remain so. I don’t really think anybody will bother asking to access it. I know we are all supposed to be stupid but we really do know that nothing plus nothing equals nothing. As for witnesses and their beliefs, there were a whole lot of people who believed Jim Jones was from God too. Look where it got them.

There are of course many other possible means/notions of attack. Our security is in maintaining our faith and hope and unity in love, in faithful prayer, in total trust in our Creator and the work of his Spirit and his angelic forces of light.

Why would anyone be involved in any verbal attack against what we, the people, have done? That is because the assets/funds are real and in the enormous amounts made known to us by our President, and confirmed by others; and that is because the republic is real, and the assets/funds are for the republic, though owned by trustee. Also there remain people of the de facto, and of the one world government agenda, who fear their loss of power, and are panicked regarding their loss of assets to back their perverse and lucrative agenda. The agents of attack are either wittingly or unwittingly being used by people/spirits higher up their food-chain who know that to take power and take control they must pervert, or take control of, or destroy, our republic, and that by whatever means necessary. The verbal attacks are greed-based and of darkness, whether or not the pawns/misinformed-participants are aware of the fact, and whether or not the greed is for wealth or power. Pure unadulterated drivel.

I hope and pray that we will only be in league with the forces of light and that we will in the truth and power and love and unity of the Father of lights overcome the forces of darkness and enjoy peace. I also am convinced that we, the people, shall prevail, and that the verbal attacks only make us stronger. I without wavering believe that God is on our side because we have aligned ourselves with his will and his plan; and the enemy is defeated. Let God be on your side then. We are on God’s side. Something tells me we are more comfortable.

Let us stand together in the righteousness of faith, which is in the truth and in God, yhvh. Let us work together to unite and fully secure all fifty free and independent republics into an enduring united national republic, having completed the lawful and formal processes evidencing our united agreement. Like I said dreaming is free and we all have a right to it.

All republic-states that were not at the Utah assembly, we who were there and did formally and lawfully evidence our willing and witting part in the union do love you and do eagerly and joyfully embrace you and await your giving formal and lawful evidence of your willing and witting inclusion in the Republic for the united States, one nation under God. No offense meant but we like the first one better. You know, that one where we did things right after fighting for the right to.
Email number two: You will see a totally different response to this one because this individual is respectful and deserves it.


This is ******* from Oklahoma and I just needed to respond to some of the unsolicited negative communications that have come my way from people within our supposed united group.  It is most difficult to stand by and do nothing while people that chose not to bother to participate/attend an event that they were fully and equally invited to be a part of, then commence a vicious negative verbal assault upon the event's legitimate participants and their high purpose, tearing them apart from the safety of remote keyboards.
There has been no vicious assault on those people who went to Utah. What do you base this on. Many people object to the whole event for many reasons all of them reasonable and deserve answers yet the viciousness comes when they stand with those questions. I have watched this for months, and as a result of taking a stand on legitimate issues myself I have been attacked, demonized, lied about and smeared. I couldn't really care less about that as words are not bullets and the liars will expose themselves in due time. The positive side of it is that because I took those stands I became visible and accessible so people began sending me documents, skype conversations, emails and recordings to substantiate their claims of wrong doing. I have seen NOT ONE SHRED of substantiation from the claims coming out of National for nearly a year.Those that write a single word about something they did not participate in or experience first hand can only be writing from a second hand opinion, if even that.  If you were not in the room, you do not have a true understanding of what truly happened.  From what I have read of the badmouthing so far, those that are throwing the rocks will be sorry because of the wrongness of their display. I have said nothing about the event that I either don't have first hand knowledge of such as the phone call I got informing me of the event and it's purpose long before the announcement three days prior and the first hand accounts I have received from some individuals who were indeed there. The rest of what I have said has been questions which are met with frantic self justification and then attack on me. So be it.

I may not be one of the smartest crackers in this box and my rambling below may show that all too well, but I must send this note back to you and ask for your help.  My hope is that you might send this note to all of our embattled fellows that I obviously do not have contact info for (to both sides of the controversy), so perhaps they could see if this shoe fits them or any of their friends.  Please note that if this shoe does fit anyone, please take heed and remember how it came to be that you were enabled to travel this far along on the path of this extraordinary freedom plan.  If this message does not get forwarded or passed along to anyone.  I will know where the hearts are for those that do not pass this along.  Make peace not war, if at all possible. There is no war. There is simply truth and enlightenment. Those of us who know and see the truth want nothing to do with those who refuse to say "show me the proof" after being led down the garden path all this time. We will not engage in nastygrams. We will not engage in tele-conferences or in your face meetings. We are people who have been blind sided, lied to etc. and then attacked and lied about when we stood our ground. I was dragged into all this controversy by Kelby Smith for no other purpose than to launch a smear campaign on some innocent individuals. I did not ask to be dragged into it nor did my governor who was dragged in with me. But when I didn't drink the cool aid and instead took a stand against lies, look what happened. Will I now back down to the liars? No I won't but neither will I let them continue to use me.

To watch all across this great land as folks have been (so recently & without experience) elected to TEMPORARY Electee trustee positions for the sole purpose of resurrecting our national and local de jure governments so (together) we can re-start freedom upon this land; only then to watch it immediately break out with in-fighting and out-fighting among our ranks has truly been something bazaar to witness.

DO WE HAVE ANY HOPE OF SURVIVAL WHATSOEVER?  Human nature is a wild and crazy thing!!!!
Your answer is of course we do but not if we do not use the common sense God gave us. Why would the holders of the kind of wealth needed to restore this nation turn it over to people with absolutely no experience or ability to do the job? Why would they not care about the backgrounds, experience and capability of the people put in place to run the country? Why would they not care that the Republic was a completely TOP DOWN organization? BTW the Jural Covenant you all signed was designed to put the people directly and solely under the jurisdiction of the National government rendering the states irrelevant and without standing or sovereignty. By the simple placement of little tiny words like "it's laws" etc. Yes I had the document analyzed after Nathan Peachey made that very claim and admitted it this past week. Why would they do that? Is that even close to our Constitutional founding documents? Does it matter what you signed out there in Utah if you have only one branch of government all of it federal? Do you realize that once you move your State Justice and your Grand Jury to the National level all you are left with in your state is a Governor and an Attorney General with no power and no people to govern? There is no such thing as a stupid or irrelevant question, there is such a thing as a slick maneuver to avoid the answer though.

When a group of men with the courage and vision to achieve this grand goal gathered us, this unworthy band of slaves, together to help THEM complete THEIR vision for our benefit, and we slaves willingly signed on pledging our lives and treasure to help THEM and ourselves achieve that miracle for our posterity - then what should those great men expect from all of us that pledged our dedication to their plan? Dissension, undermining, petty bickering, immature name calling, arguing of petty issues to a standstill?  Are these the actions that win battles?  Who among us are fighting to win these unworthy skirmishes at the risk of losing sight of this great vision along with our entire free country.  Some in this organization seem to be embattled to the point of no return and are letting their own misplaced since of authority, power and egos get in the way of the BIGGER picture and resolution. Well the question is what vision is it really and who are these men really and what is there other than blind faith in them simply because they CLAIM GOD IS TELLING THEM WHAT TO DO? Other than what you are being told BY THEM do you base that faith on? Has anybody asked that question? Has anybody actually investigated the backgrounds and possible agendas or are they just blindly following out of desperation and fear which is constantly used against them. Fearful people are very easy to control.

I have watched, read and listened to way too much "power hunger" within all of the republics over these past several months.  We are not totally free from it here in Oklahoma either.  There is no power war going on that I can see other than that coming from national to maintain total control one way or the other. I know of not one person who has an agenda for power but I do know a lot of them who want questions addressed with honest answers instead of "wild claims and pie in the sky promises or outright attack". Why is that unreasonable? As do apparently many other republics - we have our own share of members with a variety of problems as well.  It seems all over this new nation so far, we spend most of our time mending hurt feelings and bruised egos.  As soon as we soothe one member's or group's feelings, another is whining because now they did not get the same attention or respect or level of "authority" assigned to them - or worse yet, the position they have been elected to did not come with any real authority to laud over their people when just the day before they too were fighting along side to prevent such a thing from happening.  Immature grown-ups playing amateur politicians is how this is turning out to be for many of those that have been entrusted with carrying us into this new beginning.  We are all supposed to be working together, that includes working closely with those of that are part of the so-called national level. Again I can't speak to that as in our state as in some others we all respect each other and find no problem working together. When we raise questions or concerns they are dealt with respectfully and honestly. We do have two individuals who don't seem to understand they owe their allegiance to the people of the state not to a group of men at the top but we are tolerant of their attitude even if we disagree.  National is not another country or foreign entity like the de facto I hope you know. National is the federal branch of government in our form of Republic in this country and as such is only supposed to have very limited scope. This is not the case in this new fangled Republic. I cannot support an elite of ANY KIND FOR ANY REASON and never will.  In this case, these national folks are also truly we the people too.  We need to quickly turn into a properly functioning machine, not a bunch bureaucrats that fight over who has the right to speak first.  Republics, united and working with their own elected national delegates and elected leaders to better this nation for all who come after us.

Those, in our ranks, that find themselves embattled as described above need to take a good hard look at this situation and ask yourselves a very simple question.  Who brought you to this dance? Then you need to seek only your own wisdom to answer these next questions.  Who else has ever offered to bring you this far to this dance?  Who else could provide this opportunity for all of us to dance? What happens to this opportunity if you choose to sit it out or continue to ruin it for the rest of us?
What opportunity? They did not invent the vacant seats of the de jure. They did not rule that we have the right to re-inhabit it. They just set out to grab the seats first that's all. It has been there for over a hundred years. There is one very big detail that all are missing though. According to Downs vs Bidwell the vacant seats exist and we do indeed have the right to re-inhabit them but only as they existed when they were vacated. If we deviate in any way from that what happens? That's the 64 thousand dollar question. Do you have the answer or do you trust someone like Nathan Peachey who has already created documents which deliver you up to the national government like a Thanksgiving Turkey to interpret for you? However it will do you no good to seek that answer elsewhere because if you do they will just demonize your source.

Several in our ranks are fighting day and night to garner a higher level of respect for themselves and their elected envisioned positions of authority and have completely lost sight of our intended goals.  It is my personal opinion that many are very ill-informed as to the actual amount of authority and power that comes with the title "Provisional" anything.  We need to simply complete the task of forming and setting up the basis for the national and republic level governments and quit being so paranoid and malicious to each other so that we could then hold real elections with truly qualified candidates offered up for the REAL positions in the REAL governance of our REAL and FREE country.

Then there are the paranoid among us, that will not move forward at all for invalid reasons.  Paranoia has grabbed hold of some of the weaker willed that are in our ranks and it has frozen them into a panic and lash-back mode.
  There is paranoia alright but by its very definition it is not among those asking rational questions, no paranoia is exactly what leads people to accept whatever they are told if it is in line with what they need desperately to believe. It's what allows people to believe that because one man claims that he and only he has God's ear on what must be done are based in truth. It's paranoia that leads people to believe that the Chinese or any other nation are going to invade us without once stopping to think about the idiocy involved in their doing so. What ultimate and proper excuse could be used to explain as worthy cause for all the turmoil, slander and irreconcilable differences festering over the last several weeks within this Republic. Some want to keep the power, authority and control they perceive they now have just to stop their own republics from moving any further forward with the agreed plan for freedom. I am sorry but I know not one person like that. Where are you getting that deduction? There is no power in any of our positions because as you pointed out they are provisional but beyond that they are unpaid positions in a make believe government with no funding as of now. So why would anyone care about this fictitious power except those at the top? Perhaps you know someone like that but I haven't met any. They must think they are smart enough to run their own republic governments without any help from our current national leadership. When this country was formed it was ONLY INDIVIDUAL NATION STATES (REPUBLICS)  they created the national government to be nothing more than a steering committee to handle mutual issues like the Navy, Piracy, foreign commerce, commerce among the Indian Nations and among not within the states as well as a standing army in time of war. That is it, the only power the federal is to have, period. Guess what we are still supposed to be autonomous independent Nation States and until we are there will be no salvation for this nation. It is all upside down, inside out and top down just like Van Jones says the de facto is doing with his help.  I ask again, how did you get to where you are today?  Did it happen without our current national leadership.  Did it happen without our national leadership helping us to unite with all the other republics. Yet, for some reason, some in this group think this same national leadership is not good for us and would now work against us.  Grow up, complete the task at hand and then vote in the people you think can do a better job on all our behalf as soon as we are finally fully formed as a REAL united nation. How did I get to where I am today? Hard work, extensive independent research, common sense, determination and RATIONAL THINKING and no I do not owe national leadership one thing for it. So I am sorry I cannot help you convince intelligent free thinking individuals to drink the cool aid but I respect your right to ask me to. I suspect I am most likely wasting by breath once again but it is the last time I will do so. When the funding never happens because the "Trust" is empty, blocked from deposit months ago, my words may echo but it will no longer matter. I will continue to build the file of documentation and proof and if the day comes when it must be revealed, it will be but I hope it doesn't because I have decided that the only truly right thing to do would be to turn it over to law enforcement and that does not mean the silly men pretending to be this Republics jurisdiction. Nothing plus nothing still equals nothing no matter how many wonderful documents you think will save you. Paper is just paper and nobody is impressed with it at the end of the day. I believe this nation will be restored,but Tim Turner and his corrupt administration will not do it. It will in the end be the people as it always should have been and they need no pie in the sky to do it.

With extreme sadness after hearing Tim Turner tell an outrageous lie on a call last night and having to finally admit to myself that giving the benefit of the doubt all this time was misguided, I wish you well and hope with all my heart that you are not hurt too much by where this is leading.

God Bless,
I guess you can all see where we are and as for where we are going? Well this is my last article having to do with Mr. Turner and his organization. From this day forward I return this blog to the purpose of education and will move ahead to provide the funders with what they desire in order to restore this nation. Downes vs Bidwell made it clear what needs to be done and whoever gets it done saves the nation so we will hope with all our hearts that it happens soon. I wish all those who have toiled to get this far great happiness and prosperity. I say to those who are of the same mind as I that I am greatly honored to know you and to work with you. Long live America and all her people in freedom and liberty.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Drinking the Cool-Aid

Definition of Cool Aid or C-A:    Perceived realities based on hope, dreams, expectations and desires.

What makes C-A more potent?

1. Intensity of Need
2. Real or perceived expectation of eminent adverse Economic and/or social chaos
3. Group Think - Group Support:   
4. Hype - expectation of grandiose reward
5. Peer Pressure:  Manipulation of group members to retaliate or fear of retaliation including expulsion from group.

Symptoms of C-A Victims:

1. Animosity toward anyone that refuses to embrace the ideology or "Drink the Cool Aid"
2. Absence of accurate reporting:  Twisting, Spinning or Coloration of the Truth.
3. Fabrication of supporting documents, stories and general spinning of the facts.
4. Irrational behavior - social
5. Blind acceptance of a belief, argument or philosophy in the absence of critical analysis
6. Unwitting acceptance of information without investigation or due diligence.


1. Remove individual’s access to C-A - difficult to impossible