Saturday, November 27, 2010

Drinking the Cool-Aid

Definition of Cool Aid or C-A:    Perceived realities based on hope, dreams, expectations and desires.

What makes C-A more potent?

1. Intensity of Need
2. Real or perceived expectation of eminent adverse Economic and/or social chaos
3. Group Think - Group Support:   
4. Hype - expectation of grandiose reward
5. Peer Pressure:  Manipulation of group members to retaliate or fear of retaliation including expulsion from group.

Symptoms of C-A Victims:

1. Animosity toward anyone that refuses to embrace the ideology or "Drink the Cool Aid"
2. Absence of accurate reporting:  Twisting, Spinning or Coloration of the Truth.
3. Fabrication of supporting documents, stories and general spinning of the facts.
4. Irrational behavior - social
5. Blind acceptance of a belief, argument or philosophy in the absence of critical analysis
6. Unwitting acceptance of information without investigation or due diligence.


1. Remove individual’s access to C-A - difficult to impossible

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