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Most of us are unaware that when we use our favorite search engines we are not being shown most of what is actually available. The reason for this is “family filters”, an innocuous term for “what the government would prefer you don’t see, read or hear”. These filters are by default, enabled in your search engine. You need to physically turn them off in order to be able to see ALL that is available on any given subject you are searching. The following is the procedure for turning off those filters within the Google Search Engine and you will find it similar in all other search programs;
First go to Google dot com.. at the bottom of that page click on “privacy” which will take you to this page…. click on “Google Family Safety Center” at the end of the first section on this page which will take you to this page….  Under Google safety tools click on “Learn how to use our safety tools” from there, under Google Safe Search click on “Search Settings” in the last sentence which will take you to scroll down to “Safe Search Filtering” and choose “Do not filter my search results” scroll to the bottom of the page on the lower right hand corner and click on “Save Preferences”.
You will need to do this or at least check it once a month, remember “G” (gmail, google etc.) stands for Government and Google will go in and reset you to their preferred setting and filter from time to time.
As to the issue of security and privacy it is well known that Microsoft and Google are willingly governmentally controlled. They have direct access to records of every subject you “search” on your computer tracked by your IP address. If you change your searching habits and ALWAYS search from START PAGE dot com instead they have no way to know where the search originated. You will still be searching through Google but when the IP is tracked back it will only track to Start Page’s IP and will not identify you!
Start here… you will also need to set the search preferences for Start Page. In the upper left hand corner click on “settings” which will take you to the “My Settings” page
On this page choose “Do not filter my results” and below that Disable the “Video Family Filter”. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose “Save my settings”. To make it easier to remember to use Start Page you can set it as your home page on your browser.
Protect your privacy and ensure you are finding all information in your searches by using the above information.


I realized after a very interesting discussion last night on a weekly call, regarding the code violations fight going on around the country that the people involved, indeed even the organized groups fighting this beast do not understand it's very insidious, planned and well orchestrated roots. This entire issue is a result of the International Property Maintenance Code located in the BELLY OF THE BEAST, AGENDA 21.

I don't think it is inaccurate to say that most if not all of the people suffering the attacks of the IPMC, have never even heard of Agenda 21, much less read it. It is my contention that you cannot conquer an enemy if you do not understand it's nature, it's intent and it's structure. To that end I have put together some links below in hopes that each of you will read the plan which is being implemented around the globe but specifically here in the United States as a direct result of G.W.H. Bush's declaration before the UN council on Sustainable Development in 1992 that the American People have SWORN THEIR ALLEGIANCE TO THE U.N.!!!!!

After watching these videos if you do not take the time to read this PLAN FOR GLOBAL DE POPULATION in order to usher in the twisted goal of a few thousand self appointed elite to rule, breed, control, kill and dominate the entire planet, you have no right to object to its contents or resist the actions of cock roaches disguised as human elected officials used to carry it out.




another source....

I will include some more links below this message, at least those that have not been whisked off the internet under the false claim of copyright infringement. Imagine that, they don't want you to understand the true nature of this initiative. I was not surprised to find that some of the best videos I had bookmarked on this subject have suddenly disappeared. Agenda 21 is;









Please folks there has never before in human history been a greater need for self education and awareness!  The few thousand most twisted minds on the planet are now initiating the 21st century version of "Hitler's" FINAL SOLUTION. If we do not educate ourselves and stand en masse against this final move to dominate our world not only will most of us be dead probably fairly soon, but our children and grandchildren will likely either die with us or become forever herded, controlled, tortured and sold into an existence none of us would tolerate seeing perpetrated on a rabid dog! Our current Corporate Regime makes NAZI GERMANY look like a Grimm's Fairy Tale and perhaps the true identity of Bush Sr. explains why. While we are focused on the issues provided by mainstream media designed to hold our attention, our very world is being destroyed and once again America is key to the dark, sick and twisted plans of a few despicable excuses for human beings. ARE WE GOING TO ALLOW IT?

Nobody wins in this insidious plan. All those being used to implement it are expendable and indeed will meet the same fate as those they are targeting. The self appointed elite are an exclusive club and none of minority races, religious faith or high integrity and honor will be allowed to survive unless in total slavery and misery. Mr. Obama is sorely mistaken if he believes for a single moment they intend to include him in the end.

Agenda 21 has been building and infiltrating our lives without our awareness since Bush41 brought back and implemented his promise to the rest of the elite crew. Every president since has been heavily involved and have done their part to lay the groundwork for what we are now seeing; rogue government, police state enforcement, complete disregard for our Constitution, unlawful and illegal arrests and incarcerations, UN enforcement on our soil, wide open borders resulting in violent invasion of drug cartels and extremist Islamic groups, blatant theft of private property by courts and government just to name part of it.

H.A.A.R.P., Agenda 21 and Google's Role In The Sinister DNA Plan - Mature Content

Biodiversity" Map From U.N. Shows Plan For Depopulated U.S.-Agenda21




Monday, August 22, 2011


Many people have asked me to explain why I have not written and posted any articles here lately. I had intended to wait until the investigation I mention below had been completed as I did not want to inadvertantly hamper the efforts of those responsible for conducting it.  The investigation is not yet completed and therefore I will not discuss any aspects of it at this time. Other issues however, have arisen in the interim.

There has been planned and announced a seminar to be held on the 24th of August at the Hampton Inn, in Henderson, Nevada. The purpose of the seminar is to promote the bogus Turner Freedom Docs and UCC1 process which at best will fail miserably, at worst, land a person in jail. It is claimed the process has been tweaked and is brought to you by another so called freedom guru, Mr. Lou, who also has no credentials of success. For a mere five thousand dollars you can sit through false claims, fabricated lien stories and worthless rhetoric. If you have that kind of money to waste on a scam and choose to attend let's hope you at least get a little amusement and entertainment out of it because what you will not walk away with is remedy.

This must be some sort of bogo sale though because after some inquiry I discovered the last time Mr. Lou brought this amazing opportunity forth it was ten thousand a seat! Those people even after six months of “instruction” since this past January, were never given what was promised nor did any achieve SPC status.

Turner has claimed he has nothing to do with this seminar...really? That's funny because on a private call he admitted it's his. Here is the web site:

Follow the links, notice the videos of Tim's former seminars and his silly lien stories. Click all the tabs and then you decide, is Tim Turner not involved? If not, why is he allowing the use of his name and documents? Never mind he never created the process to begin with but in reality stole it from three different sources, regardless what he claims. A call to the Dothan Courthouse Clerk to ask about Turner's alleged liens would be quite enlightening. All his liens were dismissed voluntarily in February of 2010. If the process were valid and Turner was so successful, why dismiss the liens? Where is the money he claims to have won? Why have dozens of people ended up on the wrong side of the law when following his advice? Why has there not been a single individual in all this time coming forward with testimony of success after using the process much less documented evidence of it?

Testimony from an unsuspecting victim:

“I did the tim turner process (UCC filings), Ron Brekke (1099&OID filings), Douglas Riddle (A4V process) none produced anything positive. Ron Brekke has been indicted in tax fraud scheme.I have been issued a $5,000.00 dollar FF penalty by IRS. the interest keeps going up on it and I'm not sure what is my next move. I certainly don't want to be taken to jail. I'm a minister registered as a Corp Sole...advise...please”

While it amazes me that people will fork over any amount of money for something not proven to provide remedy they may be in dire need of, I find it downright despicable that there are people willing to exploit those in desperate situations to line their own pockets. There is a very great difference between covering your overhead when bringing much needed information to light for the benefit of others and fleecing the innocent just because you can. A little common sense and some due diligence will reveal why, even though the court is wrong and you may be right you will never be allowed to win. You may think you are winning when debts are paid or mortgages are released only to find months later that the I.R.S. Has filed F.F. Charges against you in federal court and levied you with not only the amount you thought you won but exhorbitant fines and penalties. Even if you can somehow pay and satisfy those assessments you will still have the criminal charges to deal with. Why? Simple, the court system is based on public policy not the law and if you were allowed to truly win it would bring down the whole system. Not happening and these guys know it....

"An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed"
... declared the United States Supreme Court in Norton v. Shelby County, 118 U.S. 425 p. 442 (1886).

Along those lines comes another issue; Turner's claims to exclusive cash in procedures for the Iraqi Dinar after revaluation. Nathan Peachey was quoted recently when he claimed during a Pennsylvania Assembly meeting that no American would be able to exchange their dinar except through Turner! That is almost but not quite as absurd as an email I was forwarded where Nathan informed a person he must “repent” to Tim Turner!

This ridiculous dog and pony show gets increasingly more ludicrous as the months go by and would have some value if only in comic entertainment if it weren't causing personal harm to so many. Innocent people are still being misled into “signing” up and as long as that is the case the long term danger to the public remains. In a perfect world people would ask the tough questions and demand truthful answers before becoming involved but sadly this is not by a long shot, a perfect world.

New stories of personal attack continue to come forth such as that of a single grandmother raising her grandchildren alone who has a blog talk radio show. When she “signed” up with RuSa and it became known that she had the show Turner's crew expected her to turn over the structure of the show to become a sort of on going “Republic” commericial. She refused but did allow them to have one hour per week to promote.

When she refused to allow RuSa to dominate her show the “governor” (silly title of fantasy office), of her state cautioned Turner and company that “she might be a problem and needed watching”.  Shortly after that when listeners began calling into the radio show asking the tough hard questions RuSA avoids at all cost and there was a guest speaker on the call with an opposing vision as to how to restore this great nation she became an official target just as many of us gone before her.

First she received a threatening call from the dipstick these people refer to as the Chief of Security in RuSA, Timothy Pledger and was told that she would either delete the recording of her previous show, stop having opposing guests and dissallow ANY NEGATIVE questions or comments regarding the “Republic” or she would be dragged in front of a grand jury, tried and prosecuted for sedition and treason.

This team of de facto flunkies have made a habit of disrespecting and sorely underestimating strong intelligent women and this case was no exception. Instead of the desired effect of fear and submission the threatening call was meant to instill, it back fired in a big way. The woman stood her ground and showed the idiots what she was made of. Following that Mr. Pledger took another tack by email; my comments in red....

Hey Deatra,

I want you to know that a list is being compiled regarding people who have been engaging in sedition acts against the Republic for the unites States of America, including those who have said or written injurious things against it and its officers without proof. Gee is this guy related to Obama? The word is seditious Timmy. We have freedom of speech, but that does not authorize injurious statements; and some will pay for their evil. Once again we see convenient interpretation of the Bill of Rights to suit agenda. Guess what Timmy anybody can say anything they like. That's the meaning of freedom of speech. What stands out so incredibly is the complete lack of defense and offer of proof when individuals begin pointing out the flaws, the lies or the scams. That which comes forth is attack on the messenger.  For months, evidences have been gathered and filed and are being sorted and compiled regarding each of the names on the list. Those who have made slanderous or libelous statements against leaders of the Republic are going to be prosecuted, and those who have engaged in seditious behavior will also be prosecuted. What kind of drugs are you on? Keep dreaming guys your threats are silly and your standing is non-existent. In the words of one of your Ambassadors as to enforcement when asked about it, “well their names will be known”! By the way what law are you going to use to justify this farce, the Trading With The Enemy Act, the Patriot Act? Hey why not, you've already committed to cooperating with the U.N., a Communist Organization run by the CFR and the Trillateral Commission. A team has already been assembled, and the legal staff-members are being arranged. Your staying the course and refraining from unfounded speech or writing, and your official statement affirming the Republic and its lawful processes will go a long way toward you securing a place of honor in the developing history of the lawful re-inhabitation of de jure government here in America. Excuse me? Are you asking this woman to swear an oath in writing to support this fiasco and not utter a negative word or truth where she finds it? The one thing that has been one hundred percent established is that there is absolutely NOTHING DE JURE going on here! Changing the name of national to general does not change what it is. A pig is a pig even in a velvet dress!

Furthermore, your not buying into the errant doctrines of detracters and seditioners/subverters will further secure the Republic and the people who have re-inhabited it. I caution you to be very careful regarding Roger Mundy and David Meola. Ah, I see freedom of speech only works when you claim the right to it. Thank you for clearing that up, only Turner's sycophantic bully boys are allowed to speak negatively of others.

I am glad to be getting to know you; and I look forward to the widespread manifestation of your honor in the matter of advancing our Republic. Indeed, the woman's honor is being manifested in a widespread manner, on her radio show. With truth, valuable education, respect for her guests and common dencency. What a novel idea.

The table is turning on the de facto machine. Many prophecies from different people around the world confirm and agree that we will successfully obtain the shift of power and governmental control. And that is as likely as Turner manning up and telling the truth. I don't suggest you hold your breath. For security reasons, I can’t tell you details, but evidence tends to agree with the prophecies; and I fully expect that the faithful will be rewarded with obvious dominion. The FEMA camps? They may come in handy for the de facto actors who refuse to submit to lawful government. J Absolutely! Let's not forget to threaten the woman with the camps again. Another thing that DOES NOT EXIST in the Turner Fantasy Republic is anything which could be remotely construed as LAWFUL!

There is also a plan afoot to divide our Republic and draw away members. I caution you regarding Mary Heiler of Florida and others in her camp. I believe if you do thorough due diligence that you will discover that the approach is not sound and is against the Republic. I don’t know how familiar you are with her and her agenda. Here you go again slandering ladies. Hmmm what is their approach? It's nuts really, they are of the opinion that the people must take this country back from the ground up (that means bottom up, you know exactly opposite of what you are doing). And God forbid they even have the idea that the states are sovereign and free and the Constitution only provides for a teeny weeny limited federal level. OUTRAGEOUS! On top of that they think only the people can elect a president!!! Now that's just too extreme. Those ladies in Florida must be drunk on the words of our founders. How dare they expect to restore the real Republic in the way our founders told us to do it in the first place? Sedicious? Would you like to borrow my dictionary?


Be blessed in righteousness.

In faith, hope, and love,
Tim Pledger

In another email to the lady Pledger stated this in regards to me....

“In light of her exposition of her thinking that is evidenced on the face of her email, why would the people of Georgia not unseat her from her position? And why would others so attuned not likewise be unseated by the people? Is such the kind of official/representative that will secure the people in truth; or is such the kind that will foist untruth and error upon the people? What should the people do for their own unity and preservation? “

Can this guy really be that stupid? After nearly a year the Chief of Security does not know that the entire Georgia Assembly except for 8 people who did not attend the meetings, voted to leave the Republic, shredded all documents, filed notice with the Courts they had denounced ANY affiliation with this scam? Wow, now this is surely evidence that Turner deserves the Compartmentalization of the Year Award!

 Fortunately the lady radio show host is not so easily intimidated. This episode was all the evidence she needed to realize she had been duped. A day or so after she received the juvenile threats she was invited to an open call hosted by one of the seditious Florida women and a gentleman in Wisconsin (hmmm he must be seditious too). I attended that call as well but hey, sedition is my middle name (oops sorry, forgot the middle name would be what, Luciferian?). It wasn't but a few moments into the call that it was apparent Turner had sent agents in to disrupt the program.  When the lady radio show host had the floor and said she preferred to remain anonymous but told her story Timothy Pledger (the thuggish threat thrower from RuSA, yeah say that five times in a row), rudely interrupted her and gave her whole name. What a gentelman huh? The lady had intended to resign publicly on her show the following Sunday but when she was assaulted once again by the idiot she announced her resignation right then and there.

After that happened Nathan Peachey tried to take me on by stating that he had tried to call me but that I had hung up on him and demanded to know why I did that and had refused to speak with him over the phone. He asked for it so I told him and the rest of the listening audience that I had no interest in speaking with someone who had spent hours with me on the phone, agreeing with me and then slashing my character hours later on a national call. I had no interest in speaking with someone who would call me for the express purpose of attempting to trap me into saying something totally untrue.. (most likely to get it on tape). You bet I hung up but now, I look at the caller ID even though the last time I wouldn't answer the phone he had somebody else dial my number from a different phone, yes you guessed it, I hung up after saying Nathan I have no interest in speaking to you good bye. Totally oblivious to the fact that he had already made a fool of himself, Nathan then brought up an article I had written and posted here and quoted something I had said about him, that he had fleeced people out of money for his own use in the name of the Republic. He said I never charged anybody for anything. I reminded him that fleeced does not mean charged (I guess he needs my dictionary too). He demanded I name the individuals in public that he had fleeced. I refused, stating that would be far from honorable without their permission but that they had been given the opportunity to submit their written statements to the investigator mentioned below. He would discover who ratted him out in due time. Not one word of defense followed that so I will give Nathan credit for not piling lies on top of slimey behavior. I for one appreciate being spared a standard Peachey Poop Parfait.

Discussion got back on track and after I had made a few statements about the current situation in this country and talked about the only possible solution Nathan interrupted again and began to launch into one of his convoluted, fantasy history lessons. At that point some of the people on the call had put up with enough, told him to shut up that if they had wanted to hear his ridiculous constitutional opinions they wouldn't have resigned from the Republic and what was he doing on the call in the first place?

Mary was gracious, far more so than I could have been, as always and smoothed the ruffled feathers getting the call back under control. Nathan zipped his lip at that point and things went forward. A woman in California spoke up and sounded extremely agitated and upset. She asked all those on the call who had left RuSA to once and for all speak up and say why in their own words. I hadn't heard a better idea in ages.

One by one people began sharing their stories. Not to be thwarted too easily the agent provoceteurs were'nt giving up so quickly and it wasn't long before Mark Lounsbury made himself known. He didn't get far as the others insisted on hearing what the people had to say. One man spoke up in utter disgust and demanded to know why this was the first time he was hearing about any of the events being described. Why indeed? Complete compartmentalizan comes to mind.

One has to ask, if RuSA is doing as well as it claims why then would Turner's simple minded thugs invade a call held by and attended by a large group of people who had declared themselves removed? Now that is a very good question.

The answer could lie in the fact that by last count the majority of elected officials and indeed some state assemblies in their entirety, in 38 states have left. Yet Turner is still claiming to have 50 states seated. Seated as what? In many states left with less than ten individuals there are people holding as many as 5 offices at once, regardless of conflicts of interest, governmental body lines or law. There is no regard to Constitutionality or to the founding documents in any way. In fact after the open call shared above an emergency session of the incredibly shrinking republic congress was called where a mere 105 people pretended to represent a quorum of all 50 states and voted on a brand spanking new law I'm told. It is now treasonous for any representative or other governmental office holder to resign and no state is allowed to leave!! Now isn't that just precious?

Less than a week after the call Mark Lounsbury sent out a letter cautioning everyone about having anything to do with those misguided Florida ladies and myself claiming that we were somehow part of some organization I had never even heard of until a couple days prior and were supporting the vision and plans of a man I have yet to hear speak. How he came to such ridiculous conclusions nobody has yet figured out.

In the midst of all this I keep seeing reference to some woman in Virginia who is supposedly stirring up trouble for poor Timmy. I think perhaps in their usual inept fashion they are actually referring to a very nice lady in West Virginia who has in no uncertain terms informed Turner she intends to bring legal action against him after he refused, and yes folks I can swear to that as I have the email he sent with his refusal, to return her signed documents after she rescinded her signature. His claim is that she signed it willingly and therefore has no legal or lawful recourse to his will. If he keeps this up Obama might mistakenly bow to him thinking him an extremist foreign potentate! Let's hope he doesn't take to wearing middle eastern attire.

In the meantime the Kool Aid Brigade continues to whine about detractors and spout dire warnings of imminent chaos if Turner's Republic fails because Oh My God it's all there is. Without Lord Timmy we are all doomed. Thank God they are merely dillusional weak minded people because if indeed Turner was Americas last chance we would be far better off burning it to the ground and starting completely over than we would be trusting any of these sheeple with our future.

The absurdity never stops with this bunch as the whole catastrophe implodes and what started out an admirable plan for the lawful restoration of our nation has morphed into a pathetic religious cult following a slick snake oil salesman sent in by the current criminal cabal running the country. The Repubic is in the grips of its death throes as lies are exposed and desperate actions overcome common sense and responsible behavior.

The latest fiasco takes place in Nathan Peachey's back yard (well it's the one he's currently claiming anyway), the free state of Pennsylvania. This story starts after Turner's public attack on Jim Wright of Pennsylvania over the past few months in which Nathan Peachey played a willing part. Naturally there was another back handed apology (not I'm sorry but I'm sorry you misunderstand, uh huh same M.O. every time.) It begins when the good folks in the Pennsylvania Assembly voted to remove Mr. Peachey from their midst. What ensued was a story many states have already seen first hand. This is a classic story of lies, deceit, power grabbing, usurpation and bully tactics but I'll let those involved tell the tale. The story will be told via a sworn Affidavit of Truth by the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Foreman, Wil Spencer.....

The good people of the allegedly re-inhabited Republic for the united states of America

J Timothy Turner, President of the allegedly re-inhabited Republic for the united states of America
Charles Wright, Vice President; all Cabinet members; members of Congress; all other Officials of said Republic
All Governors and other Officials of the free states of the allegedly re-inhabited Republic for the united states of America
All good people of the various free states and all other interested parties

Without Prejudice
Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right

I am, Wil Spencer, a flesh and blood man and Sovereign Spiritual Being and do solemnly declare the following truths of my understanding, truths from which I claim my rights, rights of which it is my intent to rest in or exercise as I determine:

I am, Wil Spencer, a son of God who is at peace with all men. As a God fearing man I am subject to God, I claim the right to pray for all flesh and blood, great or small, mankind, I claim the right to live in peaceful possession of my private property at all times. I have a duty to act in the utmost kindness to all I may encounter, especially those who may appear hostile. I have a duty to serve others, for service most fully expresses my nature. I have a duty to defend those not yet aware enough to defend themselves, and to teach the willing, through humility, that which I have come to know. I have a duty to walk humbly before God and Man.
Without Prejudice
I reserve my right not to be compelled to perform under any contract or commercial agreement that I did not enter knowingly, voluntary and intentionally. I do not accept the liability of the compelled benefit of any unrevealed contract or commercial agreement! Including any contract or commercial agreement I may have innocently entered into through good intent by providing my signature and thumbprint to a covenant and or document of allegiance to a re-inhabited Republic for the united States of America; J Timothy Turner, its self proclaimed President; or any associated entity or person.
1) It is my understanding that along with many folks of like mind and similar intent, I enrolled myself and was inspired by the concept of the re-inhabited Republic for the unites states of America.
2) It is my understanding that this concept has been represented as an organized de jure form of interim government entity created for the purpose of returning our nation to the status of original freedom with a bottom-up structure of sovereign rule as was intended for us by our founding forefathers.
3) It is my understanding that to this end I have participated in the efforts to authentically create the de jure form of interim government known as the Pennsylvania free state.   
4) It is my understanding that the Pennsylvania free state is operated by the common law form of governance called Jural Assembly.
5) It is my understanding all well intentioned and like minded sovereign flesh and blood people residing within the Pennsylvania free state boundaries are welcome to belong to the Jural Assembly, given their willingness to enter into covenant for same.
6) It is my understanding that the Pennsylvania free state, along with all other free states, are self governing nation/states that exist in union as, the Republic for the united states of America.
7) It is my understanding that the Pennsylvania free state has ratified a de jure constitution that provides for its structure of self governance including provision for the Grand Jury.
8) It is my understanding that Nathan J Peachey held office for the Jural Assembly and was instrumental in creating the operating documents and the Grand Jury By Laws of Pennsylvania free state.
9) It is my understanding that the operating documents and By-Laws are specific in outlining the procedures for holding, convening and conducting both Jural Assembly meetings and Grand Juries.
10) It is my understanding that as the Pennsylvania free state Grand Jury Foreman it falls in my accountability to call for our Jural Assembly meetings.
11) It is my understanding that as Chief Justice for the Republic, Nathan J Peachey, has no authority to call for a Jural Assembly meeting nor the authority or jurisdiction to convene a meeting or conduct business for a Pennsylvania free state Jural Assembly. 
12) It is my understanding that as the Grand Jury Foreman, my call for a Pennsylvania free state Jural Assembly meeting for June 19, 2011, while legitimate, was not honored, with an excuse given, regarding a lack of candidates for vacant positions of  delegates, senators, etc.
13) It is my understanding that a Pennsylvania free state Jural Assembly meeting for Jun 28, 2011 was announced by Nathan J Peachey on June 21, 2011, the day after I departed the state for a 3 week commitment.
14) It is my understanding that the June 28 meeting had insufficient attendance to conduct any lawful free state business, regardless of the unlawful structure of the meeting.
15) It is my understanding that for a National Chief Justice to step into a free state and attempt to schedule and run Jural Assembly meetings is a de facto move and a gross usurpation of authority over an innocent and unwitting populace conditioned to a de facto methodology of top down rule with disregard for republic structure.
16) It is my understanding that Nathan J Peachey sent invitation to all Pennsylvania free state Jural Assembly members to attend a Pennsylvania Jural Assembly meeting at the private residence of Galen Yoder on July 9, 2011.
17) It is my understanding that Nathan J Peachey was duly informed by the Pennsylvania free state Chief Justice and the Ambassador that his invitation was out of order; that he lacked authority to call such a meeting; that he has no jurisdiction to conduct such a meeting; and to do so is an unlawful usurpation of power.
18) It is my understanding that Nathan J Peachey responded to the Pennsylvania free state Officials by sending the following to all members of the Jural Assembly; 
This email is in response to the attack by Steve Shelly and Al Tarka on our innocent attempt for progress in Pennsylvania regarding State and Republic matters via lawful Jural Assembly.

I have a fiduciary responsibility to the people in the Republic and the State of Pennsylvania representing Constitutional interests.
Our Republic Constitution guarantees a Republican form of Government for each State. As of now we have not a Republican form of Government in Pennsylvania.

I am confused as to what to do. I am confused why Steve Shelly and Al Tarkka wrote this long email when I invited you all to convene a Jural Assembly to take care of matters. This is my responsibility.
When I try to call them and email them they do not respond to me. They do not return my phone calls. Any attempts I make to communicate or meet with them and to discuss issues, they prohibit, by refusing to communicate with me.
As Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Republic with a fiduciary responsibility to the well-being of the Republic and the States regarding Constitutional Judiciary matters I am left with no choice but to call upon the Pennsylvania people and to convene a lawful Jural Assembly to take care of issues, as a Pennsylvanian. When I send out an invitation all of a sudden there they are, writing emails and making an attempted attack against our attempt to make progress.
I live in Pennsylvania. I desire more from our politicians then that kind of representation. Don’t you?

You are all invited to Saturdays Pennsylvania Jural Assembly. We will be conducting lawful Republic and State Jural Assembly business.
Please be there if you can. If you cannot be there, and there is anything that needs to be addressed, please fax it to 1 570 371 5188 or email to and we will address it.

I would like now to address Steve Shellys and Al Tarkkas email on Saturday as there is much misinformation in that email. It is not good to send out emails to people with misinformation designed to confuse people.

19) It is my understanding that on July 7, 2011 Nathan J Peachey sent a Writ of Appearance to the Pennsylvania free state Jural Assembly members in reference to his unlawful July 9 meeting. By way of defending his usurpation Nathan issued the following statement;
But first let me explain then please open the attachments. We have two Governments. A general government, commonly known as the Republic which power is directly delegated by the 1787 Constitution from WE THE PEOPLE in the free States, for a general Republic Constitution. The State is not involved in this government and it is not a government for the States. It is binding directly on the people of the States. It is not binding on the States, but in the respect to each free State official, when dealing with their people, they need to be bound by oath to the Republic Constitution so they would not trespass against what the, We The People, established by the Republic Constitution. It is a government, a Republic government all by, of, and for, We the People in each of the fifty (50) States. Some people were mad in 1787 when the Founding fathers did this, and where this madness has been passed down from generational father to son, you find them mad yet to this day, about it.

Our Founding Fathers saw that our American Union would not sustain itself under the Articles of Confederation and was fast evolving into a confederation of independent sovereign nation states each operating their own little monarchy with the rights of the people usurped, using de facto style military enforcement over their people and against each other. In order to fix the problem they convened in secret, in Philadelphia and created a Constitution, to be ratified directly by We The People, instead of the state Governments as sovereigns jointly, essentially pulling the plug out from underneath the state dictatorships. Some of the founding fathers had to fear for their safety and lives for this attempt, but they accomplished it and it has brought about freedom, liberty and prosperity and the shackles of oppression and bondage were thrown off.

Each free State that has joined the Republic is not a free and independent state Republic, but we usually identify the state name as such (Pennsylvania Republic) when referring to the generally known, (national) general government ( in and of the We The People in Pennsylvania ) although its form is not wholly a national government. When referring to State business, we refer to the state as Pennsylvania Free State.

20) It is my understanding that both Nathan J Peachey and J Timothy Turner, as well as all National representatives have been asked and have promised on several occasions to produce their oaths, which they have not done.
21) It is my understanding that Nathan J Peachey made it clear to me personally on a personal telephone call, that no oaths from National would be forthcoming because National is not even an interim government, they technically do not exist, so they do not need to have oaths.
22) It is my understanding that Nathan J Peachey in dishonor and disregard for lawful structures and for having been honorably instructed regarding the unlawful usurpation involved, continued his attempt to hold a Pennsylvania Jural Assembly meeting.
23) It is my understanding that 22 people were present at Galen Yoder’s home on July 9, 2011, including Nathan J Peachey.
24) It is my understanding that Nathan J Peachey attempted to call a Pennsylvania Jural Assembly meeting to order.
25) It is my understanding that when specifically questioned Nathan clarified that he intended  to convene a National Jural Assembly for the Pennsylvania Republic.
26) It is my understanding that individuals stood up to protest, saying this was out of order; unlawful; that there exists no entity or group by the name he is designating; that no Pennsylvanians hold covenant with any group by the name he is calling; that there can be no lawful business or resolutions decided by convening this group; that this meeting can hold no higher status than that of a social gathering; that he has no authority or jurisdiction to hold any official meeting or conduct any official business.
27) It is my understanding that Nathan demanded folks to state their names for his recording device when they spoke at this gathering.
28) It is my understanding that folks refused to name themselves out of concern for certain de facto style operations taking place and the possibility of being contracted by doing so.
29) It is my understanding that Galen Yoder then interrupted proceedings to say his wishes were that his home should not be disrespected by such rude refusals.
30) It is my understanding that 12 of the 22 people in attendance, departed the premises rather than be convened into an unlawful Pennsylvania free state Jural Assembly and rather than dishonor Galen’s personal residence.
31) It is my understanding that on July 13 Nathan J Peachey sent an email message to all members of the Pennsylvania Jural Assembly stating there was a “full Pennsylvania Republic Jural Assembly” held on  July 9.
32) It is my understanding Nathan’s communication misconstrued the events and people who departed, using vilifying remarks, accusations and giving ultimatums; referencing resolutions unlawfully made without disclosing them and asking for any criticism of himself be referred to the National Judiciary Committee;
This is my last email to you as part of the entire group in Pennsylvania in free state.
We have met on Saturday and we had a full Pennsylvania Republic Jural Assembly.
A handful of them were there obviously to not participate, but to demonstrate. But they left before we started.
Their demonstration was that they were not going to cooperate with the Pennsylvania Republic Jural Assembly and they left before we got started because it was asked of them to identify themselves and they felt that was making a contract.
Many people have de facto thinking. Everything they can think of when you ask of them something is….me,me,my.
The de facto contracts with us by asking us our name and then they turn around and make instruments which they sell on Wall Street and make money.
Somehow some people in the Republic are so warped in their thinking that the moment you want to know their name they think in those terms.
We do not do that. We do not go and take peoples houses away and put them in prison, or take their families away when they do not give us their names. Why are people so warped in their thinking?
All they can think of is de facto and the only defence they can think about to use is a de facto defense.
The de facto has the American people trained that way and well enough to not work together united enough, that they think that we are never able to resurrect the United States of America and the Constitution back to law. And they are almost right.
We have done a lot of things wrong, but we are always willing to make them right if they are shown to us in a way we can understand.
But when people fail to communicate with each other, then we cannot understand each other.
Here in Pennsylvania I had traveled a lot and was not home this Spring.
When I came home this early summer and wanted to find out how Pennsylvania is doing, what used to be some of my friends such as Steve Shelly which I trusted and Al Tarkka the Ambassador, I was shocked.
My friends had turned against me. All of a sudden I was the bad guy. I was the one not fit to be around or not worthy to even communicate with.
Then we find out that Will Spencer is running the country trying to get evidence to bring down the Republic.
Then we find out that there is an apparent form of secrecy among some of the people in Pennsylvania to not talk but to try to bring down the national.
Will Spencer the Grand Jury foreman labels us the crime family. I would be the first one that needs to know about any crime but yet he does not talk to me about it.
I am confused. So I decided to start to see if I can do something about it.
All I wanted to do was find out what the problem was and go from there. It appeared that some of you were under some kind of secrecy to not talk.
Yet some pass emails around and slander the Republic officials and I see many emails that people pass back and forth and they slander and write evil against each other, yet they never have met the people they write evil against.
How can you do that?

The Pennsylvania Jural Assembly has made Resolutions on July 9 2011. They will stand if the rebellion in Pennsylvania is the problem. However if I am the problem I need to know about it and the Republic needs to know about it.
We are going to give every opportunity for you to express yourself and let yourself be heard and share with the National what our problem here in Pennsylvania is, and if I am the problem, I need to know about it and they do too.
If I am your problem they need to know about it. I need to know about it. Because I am not about to continue the office of Chief Justice if I am the problem.
Steve Shelly and Al Tarkka have went and they ask people, DO YOU LIKE NATHAN?
This was an attempt to create a conspiracy so they could get rid of me, is the way I take that, but if it is not and if they have a good reason to for their actions, that then they need to be heard.
I love them and have always respected them. But if I am wrong about it and I am the problem, the Republic needs to know.
I love Jim Wright and marvel at his ability to deal with court issues and there is not a single person in the whole world that I would rather have to cover my back end in a court room then Jim Wright and his friends.
And I want to always remain friends but we cannot have a rebellious and divided house in Pennsylvania. But if I am the problem the Republic needs to know about it.
So I am going to give all of you in Pennsylvania the opportunity to have your voices heard to the Republic national about me, because if Al and Steve Shelly have a good reason to want to get rid of me as the Chief Justice, you need to know about it and so does the whole nation. That good reason they have, needs to be brought to the attention to the Judiciary Committee and House and Senate and they need to know about that reason for the sake of the nation.
We have made resolutions in Pennsylvania Jural Assembly that will be carried out, but I am going to put that on hold for ten (10) days and give all of you the opportunity to speak up and let your voices be heard first.
When the ten (10) days are over, the House will have to act on that information about me appropriately. They will submit this information to the Judiciary Committee which can then start an impeachment process to the House if they have the verifiable sufficient
evidence to do that. And they will and I will submit to that. But they need sufficient evidence. Email remarks and slander is not good enough to impeach a Justice. They need verifiable evidence. They are there to protect the Republic and they will.

Here are the following questions that you need to answer and send to the following SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE.
He will gather all the information and act upon it appropriately.

Before the Restore America Plan, how well have you known Nathan Joel Peachey personally?
(This means personal, not some email blog)
Please describe his character to the best of your ability.
Has he done things to you or someone else that have not been made right you are aware of that would disqualify him as the Chief Justice?
Would you be able to provide court admissible evidence to anything about him that would disqualify him as a Chief Justice?

Since the start of the Restore America Plan and the Republic how well do you know Nathan Joel Peachey personally?
(This means personal, not some email blog)
Please describe his character as you know him personally?
What has he done that you can verify with court admissible evidence before the Judiciary Committee that you feel would disqualify as a Chief Justice?

The deadline to answer these questions is July 23 2011.
33) It is my understanding that on July 23, 2011 there was a lawful Pennsylvania free state Jural Assembly meeting at which charges were presented against Nathan J Peachey in addition to his unlawful assembly action.
34) It is my understanding that the Jural Assembly found sufficient reason and evidence to convene a Grand Jury.
35) It is my understanding that the Pennsylvania free state Grand Jury’s decision was to declare that Nathan J Peachey has broken his Pennsylvania free state Jural Covenant and, rather than decide “Bill” or “No Bill”, for charges to be brought to trial, the Grand Jury chose to remove Nathan’s standing as a Pennsylvanian.
36) It is my understanding that the Pennsylvania free state, having dealt with its internal matters to the best of its abilities within the parameters of its own operating procedures and By-Laws, sent notice to all parties affected by Nathan J Peachey’s loss of status, so as not to be responsible for any possible harm caused by a National Chief Justice acting with no standing in any state. 
37) It is my understanding that President, J Timothy Turner responded to the Pennsylvania free state Notice by addressing his response, “TO: Will Spencer, Steve Shelley and company,” declaring it null and void, claiming Pennsylvania violated due process and remanding the National Congress to review internal state actions. He defended Nathan J Peachey without even an inquiry regarding our Jural Assembly proceedings or our Grand Jury action, saying, “This is a classic example of de-facto thinking and actions and the very thing that you falsely accuse us of doing on a regular basis. We at the National republic will stand strong together with our Congress of We the People to support the Constitution and the laws of this land and deal lawfully and firmly with those who choose to violate or disregard those laws.”
38) It is my understanding that I received a request from the National Judicial Committee Chairman for a copy of all, “ documents, sworn testimony and sworn affidavits. Any documentation used by your group to arrive at your decision will need to be sent. If you have a recording of the hearing, I would like a copy of that. It is my understanding that Grand Jury procedures are completely confidential.
39) It is my understanding that the Judicial Committee was responded to with Pennsylvania free state’s declaration of its independent authority over its internal affairs and it declined to comply with National’s demand for confidential information.
40) It is my understanding, “the power comes from the people and not from government. Government is only a mere servant of the people and must do their bidding or be changed. That is what establishing the Republic is all about, changing a repressive government to one where the people are free to make their own choices and their own mistakes. The only way for the people to grow and become strong and self-sufficient is to let them make their choices and if they find they have made a mistake, let them learn from that and correct it. No-one said this would be easy. But to choose one’s own path in life and then follow it no matter what obstacles are thrown in our way, That is true freedom.”
41) It is my understanding that Nathan J Peachey chose to respond to the Pennsylvania free state Jural Assembly Grand Jury Notice with a personal message to Steve Shelly and myself saying, “Wil and Steve, I heard that I have been removed from Pennsylvania free state and also now not the lawful Republic Chief Justice according to your findings. How should I interact with the Republic now? I am at a loss to describe the disappointment. I am requesting you grant me opportunity to face my accuser and to make peace and make right what I did wrong so that we could continue together in peace and friendship. Is that not beneficial for all of us? Again I am sorry for any wrongs committed and I do apologize. Can you both forgive me?How do you expect me to proceed from here?                                                                     Your humble Servant Nathan Joel Peachey” Would not a Chief Justice understand the frivolity of attempting to appease a Grand Jury by supplication to individual members?
42) It is my understanding the National Judicial Committee Chairman sent notice that the Committee agreed to hear our dispute and would be considering the Constitutionality of our decision and again requested confidential information.
43) It is my understanding that Pennsylvania free state denied any dispute and reconfirmed its Grand Jury action and Notice, declaring the Constitutionality of its own internal actions.
44) It is my understanding that Nathan J Peachey re-sent the National Judicial Committee Chairman’s notice with many petty and unprofessional comments inserted as follows;(Nathan’s comments in blue)
 This dispute concerns many different facets. This is to inform you that the Committee has agreed to investigate this dispute. While I do not believe that the Judiciary Committee has any authority to become involved with an action taken by a free state Grand Jury, there are a few of the things we will look at. One is The Judiciary and Judicial proceedings, civil and criminal in which I believe the procedures of the Grand Jury fall. Let me be clear, while it is not under the authority of the Committee to determine or try and influence the findings of a Grand Jury, we would like to open a dialog with not just Penn. but any and all free states to firm up how a Grand Jury is called, what may be presented or what can’t, if any. Under common law there must be an injured party and with a Grand Jury, they are to determine if there is sufficient evidence to issue a True Bill or a No Bill. The Grand Juries act only as a finder of fact to support the claim brought before it. As far as I know, there is no requirement to allow the accused to appear before a Grand Jury.
That’s right. The accused does not have to appear before a Grand Jury. It can be a one-sided hearing, but all it establishes is whether the case should go for trial or not.
Because a Grand Jury can be a one-sided hearing, no determination regarding anything affecting the accused can be lawfully made, such as removal from the State or Republic or any other thing for that matter.