Sunday, October 30, 2011

What is the “Occupy” Movement?

The Occupy "movement" if you want to call it that, is a manifestation of the incredible abuse of the people of this country (actually the world as it is happening globally) where the people are standing up and starting a revolution to take control back from a corrupt group of people who run Washington DC, the banks, and all major corporations FOR PROFIT.  Yes, the government is a for profit corporation!  That is documented.... it is incorporated in Delaware.  It is all a matter of public record.  You didn’t know that?  There is much more to learn!  Please read on……….

Most people are not aware of the incredible fraud that has been perpetrated upon the people because it has been a creeping fraud that has fully engulfed the entire planet.  The heart of it is the control of the money globally by a small group of bankers that own the Federal Reserve Bank and thereby have, in large part, control of the masses through control of their money system. 

Most people believe the Federal Reserve Bank is part of our federal government.  NOTHING could be further from the truth.  It is a PRIVATELY owned bank with a substantial number of the owners being in foreign countries.  A rather well kept secret isn't it?  If you will google G. Edward Griffin or search for him on Youtube you will find documentary evidence of this.  It is well known to those who have studied and learned about it.  Read about “The Creature from Jekyll Island”

Here is a SHORT list (there are many) of some things that most people have absolutely no clue about yet are 100% verified and FACTUAL. Do some of these sound a little bit outrageous? Do you think they should continue unabated?  Are they beneficial to the people of this country?

  • What do you have to do to get a drivers license?  Pay a fee.
  • What do you have to do to get a marriage license?  Pay a fee.
  • What do you have to do to register your car?  Pay a fee.
  • What do you have to do to build a house or building?  Get a permit and pay a fee.  (Did the government build your house?)
  • What do you have to do to put a new roof on your house?  Get a permit and pay a fee.  (Did the government do the roof work for you?)
  • What do you have to do to get a license for your pet?  Pay a fee.  (Did the government create your pet?)
  • What do you have to do to go fishing?  Get a license and pay a fee. (Did the Government create the river and the fish?)
  • What do you have to do to have a parade?  Get a permit and pay a fee.  (Why do you have to pay to celebrate something?)

Are you starting to see a pattern here?  Just about everything in our lives has a "fee" attached to it.  Do you think that is not significant or even reasonable?  Did you ever think about any of these things or question the fees?  More than likely you did not.  WHY?  Who decides what the fees will be and WHY we even have them?  Where does that money go?  Not where you think it does!  How much does it add up to in a year with over 300 million people in this country?

Did you know the IRS is a private debt collection business as a part of the IMF, is NOT part of our federal government, and is HEADQUARTERED IN PUERTO RICO??? 

Did you know there is NO law that says you have to pay income tax unless you are a government employee?  Many people legally do not pay income tax because they know about that.  The rest continue to pay the taxes out of ignorance or FEAR of the IRS.  Are you one of those people and do you fear the IRS?  Is there a MAJOR fear factor there?
Did you know that ALL of the money collected in "income taxes" in this country is paid to the bankers who own the Federal Reserve and NONE of it goes to the government to provide services for the people of this country?  The operation of the country (ie military,government operations, infrastructure, etc) can be paid for by the excise taxes that are collected on BUSINESS which ARE legal/lawful taxes under the Constitution.  Sales taxes are also legal/lawful and support the costs to operate on various government levels.

Did you know that when you sign a marriage license application that you are making a contract with the state and agree that any offspring of the marriage are the property of the state?  (Think why it is that CPS can come into any home and take the children with no real explanation or reason)  How can a fictional entity like a state own a flesh and blood being?

Did you know that on the application for a birth certificate that under the line where the mother signs her name is the word "informant"?  Why would THAT be there?  (To inform the commerce dept there is another live being that can be taxed and the fruits of their labor can be stolen during their lifetime)  Does a new mother have any idea what her signature there REALLY does?

Did you know that you do not need a driver’s license unless you are in a commercial business transporting people or material for hire? (You have the RIGHT to travel with NO license or restrictions and go where you please when not involved in commerce)  How many tickets are written each year for no driver’s license and how much money is STOLEN from people in fines?

Did you know that when you roll through a stop sign or exceed a speed limit and you are given a ticket it is unconstitutional?  It is because the LAW OF THIS LAND, THE CONSTITUTION, says that unless there is an injured party there is no crime.  Who is injured when you roll through a stop sign or exceed a speed limit?  (think nobody) 

How much money do cities, counties and states take in per year with this scam alone?  Have you noticed that the dollar amount of individual fines has risen substantially in the last few years for the same so called violations such as speeding or running a stop sign?  Inflation for fines???

  • Did you know that in 1933 the United States went bankrupt and has been in bankruptcy ever since?
  • Did you know that in 1933 all the gold and property was taken from the people and given to the bankers as collateral for the bankruptcy?
  • Did you know that there is NO gold in Ft. Knox?  (The bankers took it many years ago)

Did you know that the people of this country have been indoctrinated for generations and decades rather than being educated in a very brilliant scheme to control them and steal a good part of the fruits of their life's labor?  How low do we now score in science and math globally?

Indoctrination is nothing more than education by omission.  They teach what THEY want you to know and omit what they do NOT want you to know because it would destroy their scheme to control the population.  Government DOES control the schools and curriculums and what is taught in the classroom don't they?  Were you ever taught about HJR192?  Please google it.

Did you know that the Sheriff in every county is the TOP law enforcement officer and can tell the Feds (including the IRS) to stay out and protect the residents of the county from what Washington DC is doing?  (There ARE a few of them that know this and have recently started to uphold this)

Did you know that the ONLY area that the Federal Government has any authority over is Washington DC and NOT any of the states?  This comes from the 10th Amendment.

Did you know that the "original" 13th amendment to the constitution said that nobody with a title of nobility ie "esquires" (think attorneys) could hold a government office in this country?  Almost every member of congress is an attorney today and a very large percentage of those in the top levels of federal and state governments are attorneys as well.

Did you know that the "original" 13th amendment was actually hidden by the lawyers and another put in its place so that they COULD illegally and illegitimately hold offices in government and thereby take over control of this country in concert with the bankers from Europe?  Does that sound like FRAUD, TREASON or some other crime?  Are you feeling uneasy about this yet?

Did you know that Presidents Lincoln, Garfield and Kennedy were assassinated by THE BANKERS because they knew about the fraud with the money in this country and were taking steps to get rid of the bankers hold on the financial system and government?  Kennedy had just signed an executive order to take control of the supply of money in this country from the bankers before he was killed and Lincoln had come out with Greenbacks as government issued money.

Did you know that every single court case from a parking ticket to a murder is used to create a bond which is sold and traded on the worldwide financial markets to make PROFITS for the bankers?  Google "CRIS system" and see for yourself. (Court Registry Investment System)  We have documents to PROVE it showing the interest income made on the various court cases.

Did you know that the average conviction rate of people who end up in court OUTSIDE the United States is approximately 67% while the conviction rate in the court system in the United States is over 99%???  Does that sound a bit strange?  Do you know anyone who has been “railroaded”?

Is our court system so incredibly good and efficient that we are that much better than all other countries in the world in finding justice for our citizens or would it seem that there must be something terribly wrong that we could find that high of a percentage of people guilty in America? 

Did you know that approximately 80% of all the lawyers in the world are in the United States?  Why do we have SO many lawyers here?  Is it to help us have the best system of justice in the world or is it to further advance the most corrupt judicial system in the history of mankind just to feed the insatiable desire for money by a very small group of people? 

Did you know that the first loyalty of an attorney is to the COURT and not to the person who paid him money to defend them?  If you doubt that, ask an attorney....... he/she likely will NOT answer you.  Not all lawyers are corrupt but many are and that obviously does NOT promote justice.

Why is it that in this country we are not taught anything about law or about using the courts but instead are told we need to hire an attorney for any kind of legal issue that we may encounter?  Have you ever hired an attorney, paid a lot of money to them only to see them do very little to actually defend you or move your case along for your benefit?  They still get paid and when you lose (which is quite often) they say “that’s just the way things go” or “well, we tried”?

Why do we, as a country, have by FAR the highest percentage of our citizens incarcerated of all the countries in the world?  Could it have something to do with what was stated above and is actual fact???  Could it be that we have hundreds of thousands of people in prison who supposedly committed a crime but there was NO INJURED PARTY as required by our Constitution for a crime to be committed?  Could it be they are there JUST TO MAKE MONEY FOR OTHERS AND ROB THEM OF THEIR LIFE, LIBERTY, AND PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS?

Did you know that there is NO money today?  If you doubt that think about this........ is there any silver in the coins now like there was up to 1964?  NO!!  Look at the paper that is in your wallet that you think is money.  Read what it says at the top of the "bill" and you will see it says "Federal Reserve Note".  What is a note?  It is a promise to pay..... it is DEBT! 

When you use that Note to buy something you are using debt to pay a debt.  Does that make sense?  Remember when you held "Silver Certificates"?  It said right on them they could be redeemed for silver at the US Treasury.  Those are no longer in circulation or able to be redeemed at the treasury.  You can't redeem them today because there is NOTHING backing them but the full faith and credit of the United States. 

What is the United States?  It is you and me and every other individual in this country.  In other words, the money is backed by us, WE THE PEOPLE, but who is getting the REAL benefit of the so called money system we have today?  Not the is the bankers  (Think Tarp and other bailouts to the banks and corporations that are OWNED BY THE BANKERS) while the people of this country lose their homes, jobs, families and even their lives so the bankers can accumulate wealth beyond comprehension.  The bankers literally make money out of thin air backed by nothing. (See Credit in Paradise document attached).


There are enough people that have learned about what has been mentioned above and SO MUCH MORE and have said "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”.  We want our country back and we are going to TAKE IT BACK!  The demonstrators in other countries associated with the occupy movement want an end to the corruption in THIS country because it has spilled out into their countries through all the worthless financial instruments that were created by the bankers who control Wall Street and who sold all the worthless paper to investors all over the globe.

THIS is what the "occupy" movement is about and it is growing every single day and it WILL continue to grow until we put an end to the Federal Reserve and the for-profit REIGN OF TERROR those in banking and Washington DC have foisted upon the people of this country AND the world.  The revolution HAS started and WILL continue. 

If you dismiss this as "conspiracy theory" then YOU are part of the problem as well, because you don't have an open mind and a willingness to learn the truth. Most importantly you would be allowing the fraud to be perpetuated on YOUR children and grandchildren and generations to come by your inaction.  Are you comfortable with that?  Is that the right thing to do?

Don’t take our word on this.  Research this for yourself to learn the truth.  Don’t think that you are going to find all of this information by doing a simple google search but you will find a lot of it by doing just that or thinking about your daily life.  More and more of this information comes to light with more and more people researching and looking for it every day.  The truth is becoming more and more apparent about the greatest fraud in the history of mankind.

All of this can be summed up very simply..... the CREATED (government) cannot be greater than the CREATOR (We the People) but hasn't it become just that?  Yes, it has and ONLY because we allowed it to happen.  That is in the process of being reversed with the "Occupy" movement.  The PEOPLE are the master, not the government!  Government is to serve the PEOPLE.

Are you involved yet?  If not, why not?  There are said to be three types of people in this world.  Those who MAKE things happen, those who WATCH things happen, and those who WONDER what happened.  Which type are YOU?  Start asking questions about WHY things are the way they are.  Pass this information on to as many others as you can on a daily basis.

You can go to and you will find information about all the hundreds and hundreds of places where people are speaking out and saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

We ARE the 99% and we need YOU to be an active part of changing this country.  Stand up for your rights or you won’t have any!  It is time to stop thinking about things and start DOING SOMETHING!

Credit and Bankers in Paradise

By law, money is defined as a physical mass of silver.  Credit (bookkeeping entries and promises) is not lawful money.  Banks, by law, cannot loan credit, only money.  But given that there is virtually no lawful money (gold or silver coin) in circulation, banks are, in fact, loaning credit.

Who cares?  What difference does it make if you buy a house, car, or Jetski with “lawful money,” credit, or buffalo chips, so long as you get what you want?

It makes a lot of differences too numerous to describe here.  But consider this:  Before the bank will loan you any credit (which has no tangible reality and is created essentially out of thin air), they typically demand that you put up some tangible property (your land or car) as collateral.  If you fail to repay the loan of intangible credit, the bank will seize your tangible collateral.

For example, to secure a loan to plant crops, some farmers risk the land that’s been in their family for generations as collateral, but the bank risks virtually nothing other than a few scraps of paper and bookkeeping entries.  If the weather is bad and the crop fails, the bank winds up owning the real, physical farmland without ever paying a dime in real, physical money (silver).  This is literally “something (the farm) for nothing (credit).”

Given that the weather is bound to go bad sooner or later, any farmer who borrows regularly is playing Russian roulette.  It’s only a question of time before the bank gets the farmland without really “paying” for it, sells it to some “creditworthy” corporate agri-businesses, and the price of your groceries skyrockets.

Consider another consequence of the banking business: Failure to create the interest necessary to repay the loan guarantees mass bankruptcies.  Our collective need for interest money is as critical as oxygen but just as invisible in a nation of 300 million credi-holics.

To illustrate, imagine you live on an island with a total population of ten, each of which owns 10% of the island’s land.  Your island is a tropical paradise so benign that you and your neighbors survive by simply plucking food off the trees on your land.

Along comes a banker and offers to loan you $1,000 to build a grass shack on your land.  Sounds good (with a grass shack you could impress that cute little redhead and maybe get her to marry you).  Of course, to get the $1,000 loan (and the shack and the girl) you must agree to repay the banker $1,100 a year from now ($1,000 for the loan plus $100 in interest).  And you have to put up your 10% of the island paradise as collateral.

You sign, they loan, you build the shack, and the redhead starts flirting.  Great, except your muscle bound neighbor also likes the redhead, and therefore also borrows $1,000 from the banker, agrees to repay $1,100 a year from now, and puts up his land as collateral.  Suddenly, the redhead isn’t flirting with you—she’s flirting with Mr. Macho.

Soon, all ten island inhabitants (even the cute redhead) have each borrowed $1,000, put their 10% of the land up as collateral, and agreed to repay $1,100 in one year.  Collectively, the ten of you borrowed $10,000 ($1,000 each) and agreed to repay $11,000 (including 10% interest).

The banker comes back a year later wanting his money (or your collateral), and guess what?  Some of you can’t repay the loan and therefore must surrender your land to the bank.  Well, bidness is bidness, right?  Some folks are lazy.  Some unlucky. Some simply lack the personal discipline or smarts to handle credit wisely, right?  Or so we suppose, but it’s not that simple.

When the banker loaned $1,000 to each of you he placed $10,000 total into circulation on your island.  That money allowed you to buy sticks from one neighbor, thatch from another and labor from a third to build your shack.  But the banker didn’t loan (create) the additional $100 to each of you ($1,000 total) that would later be due as interest.  Collectively, you ten islanders owed $11,000 but there was only $10,000 total in circulation on your island.  This means no matter how hard you islanders worked, it was mathematically impossible for all of you to repay your loans!  Therefore, some of you were guaranteed to lose your land to the bank.  The game was rigged!!!!

For you to have $1,100 to repay your loan, you would have to squeeze the extra $100 in interest out of one or more of your neighbors.  Suppose you overcharged for the sticks you sold to build your neighbor’s shacks.  Then you could get an extra $50 from the muscle man (yeah right) and another $50 from the redhead (hey babe, life is tough).  Then, at best, they could each only pay back $1,050 on their loans, and both would lose their 10% of tangible paradise for lacking $50 in non-tangible credit.  All ten islanders would face the same stressful choice: either overcharge and exploit your neighbors or lose your land.  Once infected with credit, your island paradise becomes more immoral, unethical, and unfriendly.

The great irony in all this is that you islanders were living in near paradise.  If you wanted to work cooperatively, you had all the sticks, grass, and labor you needed to build your shacks.  Instead, you decided to do it the “easy way”, with credit.  The bank offered you a something-for-nothing deal, and you took it.  You just didn’t understand that the “something” was your land and the “nothing” was the bank’s credit.  Net result:  at the end of the year, two to five of your neighbors could be homeless, and the bank (which risked virtually nothing) might easily own 50% of the tangible island based on loans of non-tangible credit.  I believe this constitutes government-sanctioned oppression.

Real life is more complex and the fundamental impact of credit is harder to see but every bit as unjust.  The mathematics of a credit-based economy guarantee that some of us – no matter how hard we work – are bound to go bankrupt and lose our tangible property to a bank.  Now do you understand what is happening in America today? Where are the indictments?