Saturday, November 13, 2010


What we have here is “a failure to communicate”. I can see in my mind the subtle smirk on Paul Newman’s face when first he heard the warden speak those words in Cool Hand Luke. His character understood, as do I, that only the willing can be influenced to accept that which makes no sense. In the past two articles I have stressed the need to return to COMMON SENSE, to think outside the narrow confines of the de facto box which generations now have been trapped in. Today I understand what Luke knew, that people tend to adopt the path of least resistance and minimum interaction with any kind of sense when they are operating from a base of fear and desperation.  This brings me to disseminate the latest episode in the nationwide exodus away from sensible thinking.
Last Tuesday night there was a national call for all elected officials from each state in the Republic. The call was extremely well organized and orchestrated. It began with background information we have all heard a hundred times and then moved on to the Republic’s official historian of sorts. The historian stated he had an incredible epiphany over his morning coffee and breakfast that led him to recognize that the Constitution clearly states that we need only one representative and two senators from each state (Republic but for the sake of keeping separate I will use the word state), to form, convene and operate a lawful congress. It was this breakfast epiphany which brought forth the plan to arrange to bring a quorum of senators and house representatives out to Utah this weekend for the purpose of convening Congress in person and passing some 12 bills which the President is proposing. This he said would satisfy the need under Constitutional law for the Congress to meet “in person”.  (how that justifies the current call for “proxy” from those who will not attend astounds me, come on guys pick a story you either have to have the reps there in person or you don’t and the need to have them in person is the ONLY justification for the trip in the first place), GLARING LACK OF COMMON SENSE.
After the historian was finished speaking the call went into mass marketing mode. The hoopla began with speeches given to support the historian, instill a heightened level of urgency and even went so far as to scare the pants off the assembly by inserting claims of imminent invasion, death to our children and even the planet if we did not go along with the plan. No justification in the form of proof was offered just rhetoric which sadly the American people are pre-disposed to suck up like barrels of Kool Aid. The only missing ingredient to this event was COMMON SENSE.
I will give credit where credit is due, the Marketing Plan was very well put together so well that the first thing which comes to mind is that it could have been so well orchestrated between the historians breakfast and 10pm est. that evening. Now that’s a poser, or is it? Just before the announcement came out via email from the media team for the call I had been on the phone with an individual who informed me of the plan and told me that it had been in the works for weeks. I am not talking about the Utah event having been in the works, everyone already knew that. I am talking about the plan to convene Congress there, the plan that supposedly came by epiphany that morning. 
Before I go further with this missive I will state unequivocally, I have no wish to see this Republic destroyed, delayed or in any way harmed. In fact my only wish is to see it succeed but I know that in order to affect that outcome it must be done lawfully and documented to stand the test of time lest we find ourselves trading one form of slavery for another or even perhaps the same one.
In order for COMMON SENSE to play a part some facts must be brought forth, some uncomfortable and others simply historical that most in this nation have never been taught.
Fact number one is that we are currently operating under NO CONSTITUTION, Congress is not Congress because they are operating under the Declaration of Independence which makes them at best a Continental Congress, without having done any of the following:
·         Name the Nation (which was voted on in the Senate but not the House)
·         Adopt a national Law Form ie; The Holy Bible as the founders did
·         Establish the metes and bounds for the nation (this one is sticky)
·         Bring forth and consider, adopt and have ratified by the states a final Constitution or Charter of law for the nation.
·         Congress has not elected lawfully a President or Vice President. Without a Law Form and a Ratified Constitution how could they? President of what? Vice President of what?
·         According to the Constitution if we even had one, the acceptance vote which was done in the first tele conference convening included Governors, Justices, and Media Team. Null and Void under lawful structure.
As always I ask you not to believe me but to consult history and historical documents, experts outside the current leadership and your own COMMON SENSE. Just because a person has been appointed the official historian certainly does not make his opinions correct. Consider the following research:
The organic Constitution expressly prohibits more than one Representative to represent LESS than thirty thousand people. That much is correct and instructive. Congressional delegations should immediately be reduced to one Representative and two Senators per State Republic if we
are actually RESTORING the Republic to a specific point in time (such as the end of 1860). There can be no justification for a larger number as no State Republic currently has more than thirty thousand members. (See Article I, Section 2, Clause 3.)

Article I, Section 5, Clause 1 (see below) any attempt to interpret it to mean that members of the House or Senate may be present in Congress via telephone or by proxy is an outright perversion of the definition of the word "Attendance" as well as the original intent of this clause. This twisting of historical vernacular is a favorite trick of the de facto when claiming our Constitution is a “Living Document”. If you watch the Rose Bowl Game on your television can you then claim to have “been there”? Of course not! This perversion of switch-words will set a very dangerous precedent for future governmental hanky panky as we have all seen and been subject to for over a hundred years.

Attendance: the action or state of going regularly to or being present at a place or event.

Article I, Section 5, Clause 1: 
Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members, and a Majority of each shall constitute a Quorum to do Business; but a smaller Number may adjourn from day to day, and may be authorized to compel the Attendance of absent Members, in such Manner, and under such Penalties as each House may provide.

As an unforeseen result of the apparent decision to restore the nation to a given point in history as opposed to creating a New Nation, you may be interested in knowing that depending upon who was elected to their position FIRST, that person is designated, by law, to serve as the acting President of the RuSA until the next national election can be held. Right now that means the Senate Pro Tem as he was elected before the Speaker of the House.

According to the law, as it existed between 1792 and 1860, and the Constitution during that time, neither the President nor Vice President have been properly elected to their offices. The President can only be elected by the House of Representatives when, in joint session of Congress, tallying the ballots after a national election, no presidential candidate receives a majority of the votes cast by the ELECTORS appointed/chosen by the States to vote for the President and Vice President. (See Amendment XII.)

When no properly-held national election has occurred, there being no properly-elected President or Vice President to assume the office of President, the Presidential Succession Act of 1792 applies, which states that the President pro tempore of the Senate is to act as President until a national election can be held. This is the case at the moment. What that means is that the person elected to become the President pro tempore becomes the lawfully-acting President until a national election can be held. Did you know this?

But, there's even another twist... If there is no President pro tempore, the Speaker of the House becomes the lawfully-acting President until a national election can be held. This means that, in the current situation, if the Speaker of the House is chosen before the President pro tempore, the Speaker becomes acting President. If the President pro tempore is chosen before the Speaker of the House, the President pro tempore becomes acting President. There is also NO provision for filling the vacant office of Vice President.

If you don't think that complicates things enough, the statute requires notice of the election to be made by the Secretary of State at least thirty-four days before the first Wednesday in December (12/1/2010), otherwise the next ensuing first Wednesday in December (12/7/2011), meaning that the acting President will lawfully remain President until the third day of March 2012.

The above research (only a small portion of all that was done)  was brought forth by a very intelligent and dedicated person who since has been utterly renounced by the Republic Executive branch as being a bi-polar raving lunatic, that he has been voted out and kicked out of the Republic. Hmm, this begs the question, when did we acquire an official national Psycho Analyst and when did this individual examine this man to arrive at such a diagnosis? The second imperative question becomes, by whose authority can an individual be kicked out of the Republic? This issue should raise some eyebrows clear to ones hairline. If in fact the man is a bi-polar raving lunatic he must also be an idiot savant because he cites historical fact done by excellent research directly from founding documents not a rambling opinionated diatribe of deranged hyperbole. As for me, I will take the lunatic’s COMMON SENSE over the national historian’s convenient views any day, especially when much of the documentation being brought forth for our consideration from that quarter is rife with de facto terms and forms not to mention RAP layers of assembly type intent.  Never mind the fact that said national historian has already attempted twice to effectively “throw me under the bus” with false witness.
The third issue I raised above was the establishment of metes and bounds and I stated, “this one is sticky”. Why is it sticky? Well first there is the obvious reason that since there are at least 9 states which currently are not part of the Republic, we would have no authority to include them in the national boundaries but if we can for a moment ignore that pesky fact we might look deeper. If we are to accept the false claim that we are indeed operating under a “Constitution” circa 1787, 89 or 91, take your pick, there are 17 states which didn’t exist at that time and lawfully have no vote! Those states weren’t even territories then. Most were just part of a vast wilderness yet to be explored. Of course we don’t want to tell them they don’t exist and can’t have a voice because in our minds and theirs they are states in this Union. However I ask you, do we go forth on our feelings or do we go forth with lawful procedure. That of course was a rhetorical question to which I hope I know the answer. Those states MUST be presented with the CHOICE, officially and in writing from Congress in order to be a lawful part of the Republic. This has not been done so how do we include them in the boundaries lawfully? If all of that is not reason enough for stickiness, how about the obscure Oregon Treaty of 1846 which has never been rescinded?
Over the past weeks there is constant back pedaling and convenient switching going on. The President tells Congress over and over to convene and get the job done, that he cannot tell them what to do or how to do it. Yet the minute he is finished telling them the rest of the team prohibits them from doing as he has asked without media team and executive level intrusion and control and that they cannot have their own contact info for their congressional peers due to security issues. This is at best an oxymoron because anyone knows there is no such thing as a secure document on the internet for so many reasons it defies logic and certainly contains no COMMON SENSE. Sometimes actions are taken on the basis of having no working Constitution but then when it suits we suddenly do have one. Contradictions fly like a flock of scared geese, one after the other but the people, ordinary every day hard working intelligent adults operating from a basis of fear and desperation fail to see it. That alone is utterly amazing but considering the de facto mindset they have been so carefully instilled with, not really surprising in the end.
It is finally decided by the President that I should have the data base with the sworn agreement that I will share it with no person other than the Speaker of the House and the President Pro Tempore of the senate unless he tells me otherwise. He then instructs the media team to give it to me. Instead of following the instructions the following day there is a two hour attack against me, my colleagues in the senate and house and indeed my state on a regular internet radio show. Falsely accusing us all of malicious intent. This resulted in apologies on the next call given by only two individuals but not the one truly responsible. (that’s another article for the future).  I gave my word to use the data base only to facilitate a way for Congress to convene under their power and control so they could get the job done. I had no other involvement than sending out call information. The President’s instructions were NEVER FOLLOWED and I WAS STILL NOT GIVEN THE DATA BASE.
As we have all seen many times since we started on this incredible journey there have been multiple “Divine Interventions”. One such intervention took place the following morning after the ridiculous radio broadcast, when suddenly I received the data base anonymously. When I checked the information I had thus far built on my own and after a few phone calls was satisfied that it was indeed the “REAL DEAL”, I set about fulfilling my obligation to President. The temporary speaker and pro tem set up call arrangements gave me the call info to send out and I did. Low and behold, dozens of bounce back emails ensued.  There were also many individuals with no email addresses or no phone numbers or both. I spent many hours on the telephone calling those I could and repairing a woefully incomplete data base chock full of typo’s and omissions. Over the coming days I was able to fix most of the problems except the ones deriving from people failing to empty their full email boxes. Even so I was accused of failing to notify representatives. Well this begs the question, how many were notified the day I made all these corrections who had never received prior notification of other calls and information?
I haven’t let the constant barrage of needling and baiting that has been thrown at me make the slightest difference in my task. On the Momentous Marketing call the other night I was asked to fork over the data base until a senator so nicely pointed out that I had given my word and was not likely to break it. Why then at that moment was it not said that the Media Team would at last provide it? Why call my work unreliable, inaccurate and suspicious and then demand I share it? COMMON SENSE has indeed left the building. National still has their original data base which they have kept from the people all this time so why would I be baited into breaking my word?
So here we are suddenly being told that everything is at stake if we don’t dig deep into our pockets and find the money to travel to Utah to attend the “Big Bash” and convene congress unlawfully for the purpose of voting on bills which we haven’t seen, are being said to be too sensitive to share and will be attached to what?
Absolutely nothing can be done in Utah which will be lawful without first addressing the issues I listed at the beginning of this article. How will people feel after sacrificing the time and money to travel there only to find out that it was all wasted because there is no authority to do what is being attempted in the first place? I don’t imagine they will be feeling very sympathetic when that sinks in.
Do they intend instead to covertly undo everything accomplished thus far and “start over” as it were with one representative from several states and thus removing other elected officials in those states from their positions? Do they intend to shove a version of the Constitution down the people’s throats for the purpose of completing the agenda? I certainly hope not folks because even the purest of those documents, that being the original Constitution of 1787 contains some serious faults and any document accepted by COMMON SENSE must be examined, adjusted, debated and adopted by Congress first and then ratified by the states in order to be lawful.
Even if all I have said is swept under a rug and ignored there remains one GLARING TRUTH. An unlawfully created and seated provisional government WILL NOT GAIN STANDING AND WILL NOT BE FUNDED.

There have been claims that the CIA has provided proof that some men in the upper national level are BUSH 41 plants and you’ve all heard that on the calls. I really must point out here that there are few of us left who don’t know who runs the CIA, George Bush Sr. and Dick Cheney so with that in mind in order to engage in COMMON SENSE you MUST ask yourself this………. Would it be in the CIA’s best interest to destroy the enemies in the Republic’s camp or would it serve them better to destroy the HONORABLE men to make way for the REAL PLANTS to complete their assignments?
There are many issues I haven’t even addressed in this article such as attempts to manipulate voting in the house and senate. Secret meetings and undo pressure being put on the President for private agenda and creating ghost threats on his life to keep him scared and unable to function reasonably  but until he sees that which is happening under his nose it is of no use for me to share. So I leave you with this thought. If you are determined to take part in this Utah dog and pony show and then find out you have been hoodwinked without sitting down and engaging in some good old COMMON SENSE, don’t for a moment think you will have the right to complain. Unless we put our collective foot down right here and now and get this job done right, lawfully and under Divine Providence we will have no right to complain and indeed will not be given that luxury as it will indeed be too late. This is about the REPUBLIC not about ONE MAN, a man I greatly respect, support and fear for but my fear is not of outside attack but from the inside.

Post Script;
My goal is not to rant and rave but to get reasonable responsible Americans to use their heads. Just think and ask these questions. Don’t take my word, don’t trust my judgment, TRUST YOUR OWN! Do not allow rampant LUNACY and HYSTERIA to rule your own COMMON SENSE!
  • Why has no promise EVER made by the Executive branch in the last 8 months, been fulfilled?
  • Why are the requirements and the process and direction changed every time we get close to the end result?
  • Why did the initial Thursday night teleconference call of congress which was supposed to arm the Executive branch with proof positive that a seated provisional government exists, fail to do that? Why suddenly we are being told that’s what Utah is all about? How many times, in how many ways must it be done?
  • Why has every person who dared to raise legitimate questions been swept away or vilified in some way?
  • Why after we finally achieve that which the President asked, convening congress and getting some work done is there a sudden rush to blind action and a whole new agenda? Could it be that the “intended” pro tem was not elected?
  • Why would you give a proxy for somebody else to vote on something you are not even aware of but yet you will trust them to know your mind and vote as you would? So, dear person if you have given your proxy please consider withdrawing it because you have no idea what your name will be put on nor do you know the possible consequences of actions taken on your behalf.
  • Why, if the reason for Utah is that there must be a convening of Congress in person is it even allowable to vote by proxy? Do you know the meaning of the word oxymoron? It seems closer to oxyorchestratedmoron to me.
  • Why even now have you not been given the data base by national? They know I have it. They know the silly web site access to it is not only unsecure in the extreme but unnecessary to boot so why make you beg me for it? Remember they have already put people up to asking me for information from it to which I refused, having given my word, so they are aware there is not a tinkers chance in you know where of me complying.
  • Since even if we were to get this done in three days time we still have no infrastructure, no military (and they will not come on board with a rinky dink operation that can’t even do things lawfully run largely by ex FEMA employees, radio jockeys and a retired cop turned gumshoe), no enforcement and no ability to effect the aftermath of the de facto collapse, why would you do this? Why would you rush out to Utah to take part in this absolute LUNACY?
  • If you believe as I do that the President is an honorable God fearing man, then who is pulling the strings and how? More to the point, why? Even more to the point, how is this truly wonderful man being convinced to go along with it?
Sit down, think, consider and remember all that we have done over the past months. Recognize the honor where it exists, the lies where they have surfaced and let’s get back to work restoring this nation by convening both houses and pick up the ball! All can be done and all can be fixed where need be.




  1. Wayheart-Montana Republic

    Right on the head! What i've been feeling is now listed chapter and verse. Some of us are really stirred up.

    Are the PTB of the national REP merely egoists or something more sinister?

    Thank You

  2. Teri,
    Insightful and honest. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi TLGA,
    I wish I could say I love your articles, but I can't. Not that your blog isn't truthful or well written, by all means they are. It breaks my heart to see how such well meaning people with the best of intentions are being led down the wrong path in reinhabiting the Republic.

    I watched the ustream of the Utah event, where there was an example of the procedures being followed. It looked like a room full of bumbling idiots not understanding what they were suppose to be voting on or even how to vote. What was this proxy voting about? Lets not forget the tailored colored arm bands signifying congress. Is this how a quorum was justified?

    From what I understand, it was a great success. I wish someone would explain to me just how this mess ended up with success.

    I wish I wasn't having to be so critical, but after watching this fiasco, how else could I think.

  4. The sinister ones have identified themselves they need no help from me. It is up to the people to use the brains God endowed them with.

  5. In my opinion teri is right when she proclaims the Republic is/was operating under the Declaration of Independence. I do see where her article was written Nov. 13th. Are you getting it yet?

    Congress convened late evening Nov. 13th. Are you getting it yet?

    The Foundational Document was voted on Nov. 14th just before midnight. Are you getting it yet?

    Really, this comment should never had to be written!!!

  6. "the US was unlawfully establisyhed by the forty-first congress in 1871 by deceptive means and without proper consent from "We the People"...sounds a lot like this past weekend...what creature was conveived there?

    Comment by a representative with his head screwed on straight.

  7. It seems some anonymous person is making comments on other articles, thinking it was on this article and then accusing us of erasing or omitting them. Please pay attention to where you were posting before you throw accusations. You posted it on the first COMMON SENSE article, not this one.

    Remember that toothbrush.

  8. If you have the data base, then MAYBE SOMEONE WILL LISTEN THAT HAS SOME SMARTS, and will finally REMOVE THE NAMES AND INFORMATION OF THOSE THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN PART OF TIM TURNER'S FIASCO! Do you have any idea of how many people's information is included in that data base that NEVER SIGNED TIM TURNER PAPERS, are NOT "officials" under "President Turner" and have tried and tried (with no success!) to GET THAT POINT ACROSS TO SOMEONE?!
    Remember back when it was "we have to hurry up and put Tim Turner in as President or we aren't going to get "the funding". But "hurry, hurry, we've gotta get this done NOW!". And, then it was the same rush for "State Officials" to be put in? The "Governor" of this (state) Republic, was supposed to have been put in at that time (RAP)
    Never did this "Governor" sign anything, nor EVER take an oath "as Governor". Then, the RAP divorce took place, and Tim Turner literally took this thing HIS own direction "because I got a vision from God that it had to be done this way". People had to sign the RAP divorce papers, and re-sign new papers, which this "Governor" never did!
    "Oaths of office" were over the phone? And yet no one has realized that this (state) Republic has had NO Governor?! The email notifications have continued; phone calls asking to speak to "the Governor", (in spite of all the emails that have been sent in attempts to get them stopped- no one answers them). People have been told verbally, to no avail.

    Where did all those messed up papers that were signed, go to? The papers people signed and not a week later there were obvious changes. Yet "no need to resign them"? Meaning that once they were signed, changes could be made to the content of the papers, with no need to re-sign?
    How many changes HAVE been made to all those papers? Does anyone even know what they HAVE signed onto? The changes have been continual, and are still continuing.
    How valid are "elections"? Or rather, APPOINTMENTS? Two days before the Utah "meeting", it was (once again) brought to the attention of one of the officials, that this (state) Republic HAD NO GOVERNOR, and guess what happened? Suddenly, one was appointed! Not nominated, not voted on by "the people", but literally appointed by the Ambassador, and Senator (who was also appointed). A phone call came a few days ago, once again asking to speak to "the Governor" of this (state) Republic". They were asked who the offical contact person was for the data base, so CONTACT INFORMATION COULD BE REMOVED. They had no clue. So, as you can tell, PEOPLE'S INFORMATION IS IN THAT DATA BASE THAT DO NOT WANT TO BE THERE! Is that planned? Makes you wonder, because both "President" Turner, and "Vice President" Wright have both been FEMA. "been"?
    It's just another example of the dis-organization! I'm sure there are plenty more people that have also never signed Tim Turner papers and want NO PART of this joke.
    People getting booted out for being smarter than they are, and for speaking out, has been going on for months. The points you've brought up, have already been realized by many.
    If there are 37 (states) Republics, would it be that hard to make sure those listed as "Governors" of those Republics are valid? (or not). If officials were voted in by the Jurors when they were signed on with RAP, and this is not RAP that people had signed onto, wouldn't there have to be new elections for the "Restored Republic"?
    One more phone call would be appreciated! But this time from someone checking for validity, and REMOVING contact information from the data base for those that are NOT part of this and that want no connection what-so-ever!
    Thank you if you are doing that!

  9. Yes I have the data base and contrary to claims by the California bunch it absolutely is a copy of the original data base from national. When I got it there were dozens of incorrect email addresses I had to spend hours on the phone to fix. The data base was sent to me anonymously when Kelby Smith refused to send it to me when Tim Turner instructed him to do so. Instead he attacked me, my fellow Georgians and indeed my state on the Morning Liberty radio show. I now know where it came from although I will not say and I know that it is the correct data base. They say mine is suspect so why did they try to order me to share my corrections?

    The so called complaints that people weren't being given call info were trumped up in order to get control back for the media team over all the calls. The same dishonest tactic was tried tonight on the governors call against it's call host when the California governor claimed to have been dropped from the call three times but the call record shows she never called in on the number she claims to have used. Next you will see the Media Team claiming they MUST take over the governors calls too.

    You don't say what state you are from but I suggest that you have your representatives who wish to be separated from the Republic sign a disclaimer. Start with one person, print it off and sign, then send on to the next to do the same and so on with each person keeping their original wet ink copy. When you have all the signatures scan and send to national. Also email me and I will remove the names from my data base as well.

    Since I was never in charge of the national use of the data base, only have it to facilitate the congress being able to convene under their own control, I wasn't part of your problem. But I will apologize on behalf of those who were and will help you separate yourself from them.

  10. teri,

    Did you write the Common Sense articles, that's plural, or did Mike "Hawaii" Higgins?

  11. I wrote them. I did use Mike's research in some places where I had asked him to research a particular issue for me however where I included it I stated that it was his. I think if you read all my articles from the beginning of this blog you can identify my writing style from others.

  12. Tim has a long and dubious history of broken promises. He has failed to deliver on promises involving payments for goods and services. He has promised to create an honest administration operating in a transparent and ethical manner. He has engaged in routine intimidation, demoralizing and elimination of those who dare call attention to legitimate issues or concerns. He denounces the de facto while at the same time engaging in slanderous innuendoes and false accusations. His pattern of twisting and spinning the truth of those with absolute integrity is unconscionable. Corruption within the executive branch is rapidly becoming the rule rather than the exception. There is a growing concern that the direction in which the Republic is moving is dangerous and suicidal. There are many who have drunk the cool aid for so long they will not realize the danger until it's too late. Is it any wonder that the most sincere and dedicated leaders in the Republic are either leaving or contemplating a departure? Why? Start asking questions. Do your due diligence.

  13. TLGA, I am firmly convinced now that the people publicly condemning you are absolutely selfish and indifferent. This is precisely what is wrong in America today, and has been for generations. People are willing to overlook things that are not honest and lawful because they have tunnel vision, and can only see the end goal. They are willing to sacrifice a good solid foundation that cannot be destroyed, for expediency. They demonize others who exhibit integrity and honor and claim themselves godly, when their words are exactly opposite of godliness. When clear evidence of wrongdoing by their leaders is presented to them, they make excuses and blame others, but are quick to label everyone else as sheeple or evil. To indicate that millions of people will die because of those members from Georgia and Hawaii that spoke out is THE single most ridiculous comment that I’ve read yet. This is a prime example of the effects of Tim Turner’s brainwashing, and typical cult mentality. The people defending TT do not realize that they could be in the same position as the other people, kicked out and lied about without evidence. But, these will not be the ones kicked to the curb because they are prime candidates for membership, being the blind followers that they are. To turn a blind eye to this type of blatant disregard for what is being done to other courageous people is despicable.

    On Rod Class' call tonight, he clearly stated “Beware of Tim Turner. Somewhere down the line, he’s going to end up eating it” and “People like that are more dangerous than those we are fighting (meaning the corruption in government) and “He has no foundation for his arguments” and last “He is wishy-washy”.

    There were several Tim Turner supporters on Rod’s call. I hoped that they would pay close attention to what Rod and Carl were saying, which may (doubt it) sink in much better than someone like myself which they see as evil. It’s clear that they must not have full faith in TT, otherwise they would not continue to follow Rod’s calls.

    One of the main reasons that I kept posting truthful information at several blogs against what TT’s group is doing, was an attempt from my heart to prevent others from being hurt, because at one time, I considered them my friends. I am beyond that now. When I realized that they would rather shun evidence that is put in their face by some of their own “elected” members that are knowledgeable, honest and decent people, I washed my hands of them for good. And that takes a lot for me to do that. I’ve always been the type of person to hold on to hope until there’s undeniable proof that it’s pointless to do so.

    Most of these followers have never met Tim Turner in person, yet his long time friend and seminar presenter Billy Ray has also been mistreated. If Tim will get rid of his own long-time very close personal friend, one who knows Tim inside and out, what makes the others think that Tim is a man of integrity that they should continue to follow? There are hundreds of red flags waving feverishly for people to wake up and see the truth, yet they ignore them and march forward waving their own flag of indifference.

    I leave you with this;
    Matthew Chapter 10
    Jesus said
    Verse 14 “And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.”
    Verse 15 “Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city. “