Saturday, April 9, 2011


Over the past year many of us have traveled a journey longer than any we have collectively traversed our entire lives. As we awoke from a lifetime of sly indoctrination, mass media disinformation, increasing governmental intrusion and began to realize the level of deception we had been subjected to we searched for answers. We determined we must take action. We joined our local Tea Parties. We scoured the internet for information and direction.  Many of us abandoned mainstream media and watched FOX and Glenn Beck, if we watched at all. All of us who flocked to RAP believed it was the answer. We believed its mission and intent. We believed we could truly save our nation by implementing this great plan.
We couldn’t have known that it would ultimately become one of the sneakiest Black Op’s ever perpetrated on the American People. This started before the split of the “Guardian Elders” and went forth thereafter as the Republic of the united States of America.  In hindsight, that perfect 20/20 most of us possess, it could not have ended otherwise.
Before you sharpen your pencils or tongues to shred the evil de facto witch from Georgia again for daring to tell you truth that you do not want to hear; let me clear some things up. Every time I hear that insipid accusation, I truly have to laugh. I have been a victim of the de facto attack for nearly three years now. They have rendered me and my family penniless, very nearly homeless and I have lost every material asset of any value I ever had just to survive. Why? Because I refuse to comply, refuse to quit, lie down or get on my knees and pay homage to the dictators.  They have nothing to control me with; no skeletons in my closet, no unlawful actions, I don’t scare easy if at all and I’m not for sale. The only thing that can be held against me is that I am a staunch Patriot and these days that’s an admission of being a threat to the Continuity of Government, evil speak for Continuation of Corporate Corruption.  
Every time I have shared what I have discovered I have been vilified and falsely accused. It went from mildly irritating to downright ridiculous. When I heard Tim Turner refer to me and all other individuals speaking truth as a “Well funded Luciferian, Bush 41 Cabal group” sent in to overthrow the Republic, I was absolutely amazed that any full grown adult would believe it. The absurdities being heaped on them as the weeks rolled by was a de facto plan par excellence.  The funniest part of the whole thing is that I might not have seen the light for quite some time if Kelby Smith hadn’t been monumentally stupid and first insulted me and then tried to use me to attack the innocent.  I have been sitting back here watching some of these idiots underestimate the female contingent and expose themselves for the silly little boys they really are until they’ve finally made themselves look utterly inept and insignificant.  One thing I can say for sure. If I am part of the Bush 41 Cabal, the S.O.B. is REALLY LATE WITH MY PAYCHECK!
You will notice that not once, when the claim was made by Turner that he had CIA proof of guilt in regard to me and now many others, has he produced it. Why is that? Same reason Obama refuses to produce a birth certificate proving his citizenship, that’s why. It doesn’t exist. There is no CIA evidence against anybody because the so-called CIA contact was Jesus Berrios who was in fact at one time, a cop but about as CIA as my eight year old grandson.  Some leap huh? But wait, he’s gone now too, conveniently thrown under the bus in another CYA (cover your uh backside), attempt.  On the other hand, he has a master document forger on the team so why didn’t he use him to falsify some evidence? Do you think he knows that I could expose those in a heartbeat for what they were? Many of you read my response to Turner’s outrageous reaction to a Christian email I sent out to my whole email list.  Why has he not responded to my questions? Why, when I asked which evidence he would prefer I make public next, did he not answer?
It’s all been slowly whittled down to the real culprits left in the circle. The expendables have been discarded and blamed for all and sundry.  Now what? Nothing but the rats left in the bag and the feeding frenzy is just beginning. Honestly folks, has anybody asked themselves how a grandmother in Georgia even if she does have some talent with the pen, could possible take down the Republic? How, if God were indeed behind Tim, could she do it? More to the point would God allow it? I think not.  If Turner were telling the truth I think God would have smote me long ago.
Back to the 20/20 and it’s glaringly evident that there was never a single truth told, never a claim proven or a promise fulfilled and instead those who noticed were demonized and God was used to disguise it.  All I can say is they had better hope God is in fact not female because otherwise those boys are in for a real good butt whoopin!
The de facto routinely uses the same tired techniques to control the people; fear, intimidation, false accusation, religious persecution, false promises of prosperity and the old favorite, the flip the blame game.  Every one of these tools has been used since the beginning of this elaborate mission of smoke and mirrors.
Fear;  the Chinese are ready to invade in a matter of days, just one of many.
False Accusation; Teri Hinkle is a de facto plant and I have CIA docs to prove it!
Religious Persecution; this one was done by twist, using your faith to control you. God told me to do it! And so on. Of course a nice heavy dose of condemnation on those who didn’t agree was added just for spice.
False Promises of Prosperity;  We have the gold, but uh we can’t touch it. We have the gold but we have to sign papers which we can’t sign because we can’t get to Europe. Uh, what about the Patriot Act. Do you think it doesn’t apply to Turner or to you but it does apply to the ladies in Florida?
Flip the Blame; Never answer the charges, questions or facts just shoot the messenger, remove them and smear them with false accusations both in front of and behind their backs to their peers.
Those are just a few examples of how it’s just been same old same old since the beginning. There are so many more but you get the drift.
So where are we now? Where do we go from here? Can we go anywhere from here and what is going to happen to all those names on that data base? In answer to the first question; we are a whole lot smarter than we were a year ago. We have found each other and identified brilliant minds and capable souls of true heart and honorable intentions across the country, something we could not have done on our own.
We go forward with what we’ve learned and do what we should have been doing all along. Take this country back using the very loopholes the corrupt have left for themselves but we do it without making targets of ourselves. We must be a Trojan Horse, the size of a continent, the North American continent. Nothing has been wasted and even hard lessons are valuable to the goal.
Where we go from here is twofold; we congratulate ourselves for avoiding disaster and then we take every possible step to protect ourselves from the de facto use of the data base to incarcerate us. We cease using words which they have redefined to their pleasure like sovereign, freedom or liberty. We remain compliant but oppositional and not openly civilly disobedient until such time as we have sufficient numbers to stand as a united front.
Those who left or were discarded in months past have sent letters of resignation and used the poor man’s copyright to provide an extra layer of insurance in order to prove the date of their decision. With the added threat now of Homeland Security openly declaring RuSA to be a terrorist organization, it may not be quite that simple. Especially when you consider they are paying special attention to those who may have been elected to or currently hold public office within RuSA.
I have made a document and instructions for it available in the upper right hand side of this web page. The document is an Affidavit of Fact, which when filed with your county clerk or recorder will afford public record of your disassociation with RuSA but it will only provide the protection of that public record if you file it BEFORE THE DE FACTO MAKES ITS MOVE. After that, there is nothing in the world you can do. Obama has now openly declared himself dictator. He has for the first time in the history of any western nation written an order completely outside the parameters of his position declaring his right to incarcerate indefinitely any person HE or his cohorts decide can be accused of terrorist intentions.
The document contains strong verbiage and declaration but remember; if you want to outsmart the enemy you’d best think like the enemy and protect yourself from what they will claim.
I wish with all my heart that I had been wrong that first moment my ratdar began screaming in my head. I wish for once I had been wrong. I wish when I launched investigation into every rumor, event and outlandish claim that I had found innocence and purity but sadly the opposite is the reality. Like a dedicated archaeologist, the more I dug, the more I discovered. The more I inquired, the more I learned. The more truth I spoke, the more lies were cast.  I’ve been called everything from “that woman in Georgia” to a “Luciferian” for my trouble so why have I done it? Seems silly doesn’t it, unless I am some kind of misery addict with a strong tendency toward masochism which I assure you I am not. I did it for you. Because you are me, you are the answer and without you this nation doesn’t stand a chance. If we are not one in this fight, we are nothing. We do not need to make of ourselves a target for the enemy. We do not need to be told what God wants, He is really quite good at letting us see that every single day. We do not need to be pitted against one another; rather we need to be reminded of our common goal. We certainly do not need tons of gold to stand as what we are, AMERICANS!
National is finally coming apart at the seams, as the weight of the many lies and deep deceptions are brought into the light. That’s as it should be, RAP was a TRAP and RuSA is a RUSE, but it has left us armed with hard lessons, massive knowledge, community and direction. It has made possible lasting friendships, intellectual communions and strength in numbers. We know now what not to do and that is probably more valuable in the end than knowing what we need to do. It’s just signs of the times and we as Americans will do as we have always done. We will persevere.
Submitted by a reader…..
We KNOW what’s right.
We KNOW what’s wrong.
It’s simple as can be.
We tell the truth,
And tell the folks
In words that THEY can see.

The road to go to where we were

Is all laid out for thee.
We know the way to show the way
It’s  simple - once THEY see.

The jury is the ballot box

Every day it sits.
The judge is just a puppet now,
(We hope he doesn’t - - - - - never mind)

We have to tell the story

Of how it all began.
And how it happens once again
As we tell every man.

The jury is the proving ground

Beginning and the end.
It has to pass through jury one
Before, the trial begins.

And from there to jury two

The judge is now our pawn.
He is just the referee
His power – it is gone.

With God as our guide - Inside HIM we HIDE - To come out on the top.

Of thugs and thieves and carpet fleas - And slavers - they will stop.

We are His slaves - - - We are His pawns - - - To HIM – the victory!


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