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Everyone knows by now about the two ladies in Florida who brought forth an “offer” of funding from an unnamed source only identified as “from another country”.  This offer was only for the individual states and not to include funding national.  Never mind the obvious for the moment, that being the fact that if a single state were to accept it while presenting itself as part of an “interim” government with no standing they would be committing treason in several different ways.  While that is of paramount importance, it is not the focus of this article.
I was on the national call the ladies held to share the offer with the states. I recorded it and I have listened to it again. Not once, but several times the ladies made it unmistakably clear that they had discussed the issue with Tim Turner and he had congratulated them on their accomplishment but urged them to be “cautious”. Good advice but wouldn’t one expect a man supposedly serving as president to at least warn them that they would be committing treason if they accepted foreign funds? Wouldn’t you expect that man to have a basic understanding of the law, the Constitution and the ramifications of such an action?
Kelby Smith chimed in on the call and claimed the “president was upset about the offer” and proceeded to tell the ladies that this was improper, all money should go through Tim, they couldn’t be sure they weren’t being involved in money laundering or some kind of theft etc. They tried to remind him nicely that Turner had already given them his blessing but of course he continued to act like a 200 pound spoiled brat, intent on displaying his ignorance and they, eventually put him in his place. Quite nicely actually and I give them my kudos for that but again, not a word of his tired rhetoric alluded to the real issue, treason.
Next came CW in his utterly predictable syle, blowing smoke up the ladies skirts thinking he could control them if he used what he doesn’t possess one ounce of, charm. Then he launched into a similar diatribe to Kelby’s. Again the ladies reminded they had already discussed the matter with Tim but CW’s only real concern was the money not going into the hands of national. While it’s certainly understandable and even expected by now that the Media Boy wouldn’t have a clue as to the legal and lawful ramifications of the ladies proposal, we now had both the “president and the vice president” failing to point them out. The focus was on the money and who should control it. On top of that, this was at least the 20th time that Tim Turner made a decision, voiced it, and CW and Kelby directly contradicted him in public. Who is whose boss? It is an unmistakable and unavoidable fact that from the beginning those two have gone to great lengths to do the exact opposite of what Tim Turner declares will be done.  Many times this has been the result of “private” phone calls between individuals and Turner. Does nobody wonder how and why those two are always privy to those conversations? Has nobody ever thought it prudent to speak up and say, wait a minute, Tim just said on the national call last night that…………………. But you are doing the exact opposite?” Has the rest of the national team EVER respected Tim’s declarations on national calls or done what he claimed he would have them do? Tim said in his own words that the Ambassador Program would be dissolved and the next day it was back to business as usual, that business being the usurpation of states’ rights by a level of government that doesn’t exist in our de jure Republic.
There were the usual Kool Aid drinkers who took the “company line” and completely ignored the fact that under our Republic, states DO NOT TAKE MONEY FROM NATIONAL. States fund national NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND but again predictably they spouted the ridiculous and did what all good little puppets do, displayed righteous indignation over Tim not having the final say in regard to money. I guess it has missed their attention altogether that Turner has never come forth with a penny, has burned every funding bridge to the last ash that he ever had an opportunity to cross or that it truly is none of his business what the states do or don’t do. Apparently all that is just too simple and obvious for the comatose to notice.
Many of the governors however did not miss the grave reality of the underlying danger in what the ladies proposed for the states and began raising objections.
In comes pinhead number three, Timothy Pledger, the court jester whom you can always count on to hone ineptitude down to a fine art. From his silly threats via emails to his nonsensical public announcements, he never fails to make an ass of himself and this was no exception. He sent out a “Pledger Style”, (meaning asinine), Security Update, in which he listed serious concerns over the Florida ladies’ proposal for the state’s funding. I will share just a few of them here as I would not deliberately subject anyone to the burden of having to read his whole attempt to appear honorable, knowledgeable or qualified for his position. Come to think of it, I can’t think of a single person holding a national office who is QUALIFIED to hold it. But I digress; we will discuss that at a later date. Naturally the update began with a sermon designed as always to keep the sheep from questioning the source because God says so. (I have yet to understand how so many people can be made to blindly follow somebody who claims to be God’s messenger with no more substantiation than “God told me” such and such. I can’t help but want to hit them over the head with some kind of wake up baton.) Some of the jesters listed concerns were:
Money with no strings attached (I remind of all early claims of funding by Turner were said to have no strings attached)
Undisclosed terms (never mind it’s none of his business as it’s national vs state or that Turner has refused to share ANY terms or sources of his claims of funding)
Mysterious unidentified sources (Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my, who are the sources for Turner’s illusive gold again? I can’t seem to recall.)
Refusal of representatives to provide a way to investigate sources,  (Now this one is truly funny since once again it’s none of his business and never has Turner allowed anyone to investigate his claims. You are all to accept that God has ordered everything he does)
Pictures of gold, silver, mother boxes or their contents, Treaty of Versailles (TOV) boxes or their contents, bonds or cash used to entice/induce acceptance of offer or to seemingly verify validity of offer (Here folks is where the plot thickens. The ladies NEVER MENTIONED any of this so where did this nonsense come from? I can tell you where. All of that is what turned Tim Turners eyes green when he was presented with it by one of the early funding sources. Those things do of course exist but after Turner and Puna attempted to steal from the funder instead of dealing in honor, all possibility of future access was withdrawn, especially after their actions put the holder of those assets and his family’s lives in imminent danger. Tom Shaultz was also in on that one. This is one of the reasons no reputable source of funding will even agree to communication with Turner, more on that in another article. By the way that was not the only potential funder they attempted to steal from.)
If all of the above is not absurd enough to make your head spin, perhaps this outrageous attempt at butt covering will….
A matter of concern is the ploy of an initial gift which arouses excitement and further induction into a progressive con.
Who is willing to give away any great amount of funds without some controlling interest in their use? Unscrupulous actors (perpetrators of fraud re: the original funding group) have already proven what they are, which is why they have been dismissed from any and all involvement in/with the
Republic, including Jesus Berrios who was the investigator responsible for their (and others) vetting and who has continued to aid them after they failed to provide a full accounting of Republic funds that they had by their own admission received. In connection, I have recently seen the photographs of two people of
the original funding group on the FBI's website (see field/honolulu-hawaii/honolulu-hi re: the DIMITRONs). Unless the original funding group has been lying even more than has become apparent to top officials at the national level, it appears that they have already stolen enough from the Republic to provide some “free” funds on the front in order to seduce enough people in our Republic to compromise our unity and subvert our cause in 2 of 5 order for them to seize and maintain control of what lawfully is only ours; thus the unlawful and problematic requirement/condition of grand juries creating treasury agencies, and this being done in at least thirty-six (36) states/republics (36 is a quorum); and thus the exclusion of “national” from the process, especially when “national” already has discovered the fraudulent nature of the members of the so-called original funding group which mixed truths with lies and has no signatory authority from the true principal(s). They will likely do anything to discredit “national” especially the president's “inner circle”, and they would use free funds to help secure to themselves what they forever lost when the president and his inner circle discovered their folly and took the necessary measures to preserve you and the Republic.
Now the jester’s jests are no longer amusing. Timothy Pledger is not a jester he is a blatant outright liar! Not only has he MET THE DIMITRIONS but he has been involved in hiding them on several occasions over the past 10 months. Jesus Berrios wasn’t even in on the rescue of the fugitives from Hawaii but many innocent dupes in the Hawaii assembly were although they were not told the truth about what they involved themselves in or why. Berrios was used primarily to chauffer Puna around to do National’s bidding. There has never been a single solitary dime of funding so how pray tell could anybody steal it? The ONLY MONEY NATIONAL HAS EVER HAD EITHER CAME FROM CARL SEDLACK OR THEY FLEECED IT FROM ONE OF YOU AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! While you’re pondering that one, ask yourself this; if you have restored the original 13th amendment, how could the president be both the trustee of the money and hold any office in government, or be a citizen of this country since said funding comes from a foreign source?
There was one American source early on but when Tim proved himself utterly incapable of handling high finance and the man sent him packing he accused that man of being a “Reptilian Paladian” (extraterrestrial of lizardly extraction).  Naturally the man didn’t take kindly to that and I imagine he will hold that grudge for awhile since it puts him smack dab in league with Bush 41 (oh here we go again). Riddle; what does a Kenyan impostor and a Hillbilly imposter have in common? They both blame all their mistakes and inadequacies on George Bush! Yeah, I know, don’t hit yourself on the head with a brick just yet it gets better. Hollywood couldn’t dream this stuff up!
So now Turner “turns” on the ladies using the creepy jester to discredit them and provide himself with a scapegoat for his felonious actions.  Naturally he does this while stroking them and making them look like poor innocent misguided females who need Daddy to set them straight. But what is he going to do about all those eye witnesses who have already given testimony to the FBI regarding the Dimitrions and statements indicating WHO ACTUALLY SET THE WHOLE THING UP! Now that’s a problem! I was aware all summer that Turner himself was hiding them out in Alabama. I just didn’t put two and two together until later after the absolutely unconstitutional and pathetic Atlanta event. He’s even attempted now to lay the blame for the felonies on Richard Murray who was the only person to step up in the beginning to warn Turner against working with Puna. I have already shared some of the evidence I hold which supports my statement here; more on that in another article too.
I mentioned above that after the Florida funding call some of the governors began to see the floodlights. One of them responded to the jesters letter with some very pointed and absolutely obvious and necessary questions. My responses in red;
Gov: WHY  should we believe Mr. Turner, anymore or any less then the alleged
State Funding offer from Florida?"
Pledger: I have known Mr. Turner for several years. At times I have agreed with him, and at times I have not. I have had many opportunities to observe him. My witness and assessment is that he is not a liar. And you are an expert of course because you are also a liar and liars will support other liars. However, that is not the only reason I believe him. Because of my proximity to him and the extent of my involvement in the mission of security, including the securing of funds, (hmm apparently you are no better at that than Turner is) my firsthand knowledge agrees with what he has said, in the meaning and context of what he has said. Also, there is the more weighty matter of what the heavenly Father has shown me and told me; and faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word; and faith is the substance of things not yet seen, the evidence of things hoped for; and God is not a man that he should lie; and Mr. Turner, even with his flaws, is the only man chosen by the Creator to bring the Republic into its existence ACCORDING TO WHOM? WHO IN THE SAM HELL ARE YOU TO DECLARE GOD’S INTENTIONS, CHOICES AND DECISIONS?  And I apologize to my readers for not warning you to get out your hip waders before reading this drivel and  its funding; and the principals have made their same faith known, which is why they wont make those fundes available to individual states that are not in de jure constitutional union (the Republic for the united States of America (Utter Fantasy Supreme for a whole host of reasons). Hello dimwit, they are not making funds available period! Due to the lack of the several states' standing in international law, they will not back separated, individual states (i.e. those  claiming status of the Articles of Confederation). Talk about fiction, there ARE NO STATES WHICH HOLD INTERNATIONAL STANDING TO START WITH AND THERE ARE CERTAINLY NO STATES CLAIMING ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION STATUS! WHERE DO YOU GET THIS CRAP? What has God helped you know regarding his will in the matter? That is what you need to believe and support and do; and if you believe or support or do otherwise, you set your course for failure. How about this pinhead, what if God has told this governor you are lying and he should step up and demand answers? Oh, of course that can’t be because if that’s the case you aren’t God’s messenger and Turner isn’t, he is. Be blessed in believing and doing the truth.
Gov; Thank you for taking the time to attempt to answer my questions and  concerns. However, there remain MANY unanswered issues.  (In fact all of them) Time and again TT has stated on phone calls that "the funding" is in place. Now you tell me it is not. TT stated very clearly that Hillory had resigned.  She has Not. TT stated very clearly that California was no longer requiring a drivers license.  This is 100% inaccurate. Wouldn’t a president check his sources before he ran his mouth if he weren’t just plain lying? WE / I have been asked to provide specific documentation on more than one occasion with the explanation that THIS was the ONE needed to secure the funding.  Hasn't happened.  Time and effort was made to accommodate these requests in obtaining signatures from people all across this State.  With ZERO result. THEN we are told that all the documentation may have been compromised from the BRR. The "ID Equipment" has been stolen.100% FABRICATION! Then mentions of issues with payments THEN the most idiotic thing I have ever heard in my 57 years.....from the President no-less...Please send us a money order not made out to anyone in particular to cover ID costs...........are you kidding me??????????? I honestly can’t state that any better than the governor. When I receive information from the so called "President"  I fully expect it to be accurate. Now that would indeed be refreshing. Assuming (previously, but no longer) that it has been accurate...I have shared it with others in this Republic...only to end up looking like a freaking IDIOT...because it either was not true...or it did not happen. My bad for believing???? Thus my decision to no longer believe on face value ANYTHING that comes from National, or TT. My sentiments are being echoed all over the country, not because of anyone’s desire to go another direction, but moreover because the direction we have been told to go simply IS NOT HAPPENING, along with other instances that have now proven to be complete fabrications.  Whether those came directly from TT or someone in the admin...the result is precisely the same. There cannot be trust where every damn promise made has not been kept or come to even the slightest semblance of fruition. God has not told me to leave yet (how can he do that if only Tim Turner has his ear?)....and I do not look forward to continued participation with the defacto...but HEAR ME....National needs to get it's proverbial act together...once and for all.  The President and /or his spokespersons need to choose what they say and when they say it very, very carefully from this moment on.  And if it is not 100% accurate, and/or it is something that is actually happening...then do not say anything at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The credibility of National is about zero point nothing right now.  Why? Because of all the talk and NO results, and buckets full of unfulfilled promises and declarations. I hold no ill will towards the end if this all blows up...I will have no one to blame but my foolish trust in people I have never met...but believed.
Pledger;  I apparently did a very poor job of satisfying your mind. I do not agree with your assessments; and I did not say that the funds were not in place. You have twisted my words to you. The funds are in place, awaiting the completion of the process. Well howdy doody! That statement is so easy to prove. Should be no problem, just provide a banking statement from the bank or the fantasy trust account where they are being held, black out all information such as account numbers  ect. , and bring it on!  New Riddle; What does a Kenyan impostor and a Hillbilly impostor have in common when the people demand proof?  Nah! That one’s too easy. There are other statements that you have made that I deem to be false; but I have no desire to word-fight with you. We have too much work that we need to do in our respective offices to complete what is needed for the in-place funds to flow. Let's build. BUILD WHAT YOU IMBECILE? ALL YOU HAVE AFTER ALL THESE MONTHS ARE FANTASY STATE REPUBLICS WHO HAVE JUMPED THROUGH EVERY RIDICULOUS HOOP YOU HAVE PUT FORTH ONLY TO FIND THEY ARE NO BETTER OFF NOR IS THIS COUNTRY THAN THE DAY THEY BEGAN DRINKING KOOL AID! If you don't believe in the cause, QUIT!  I’ll say this for the bird brained, lying jester, he is consistent with the company line, if they question smite them with messages from God but don’t under any circumstances, give verifiable answers.  Demand blind trust and if they won’t shut up after that, contact Fitzgerald to start immediate removal processes.
Gov;  This is exactly the sort of response I expected.  " If you don't like being lied to, If you don't like not having promises met, If you do not like being asked to send money orders made out to no one...then I should just quit.  This is a typical of defacto BS.

With what little respect I can summon for TWO sessions you have as yet to address ONE single point of concern that I and others have brought to the attention of national...whatever National now truly is.  I am NOT your enemy...I am a duly elected Governor...and as such I do not work for you, (déjà vu! I seem to remember stating that exact same thing to CW when he attempted to intimidate me and puff himself up like a silly rooster past his prime.) and I sure as hell demand specific answers from those that WE elected.  Might I remind you that the ONLY reason TT is in place is because WE approved his interim more and no less.  If national refuses to own up and or answer reasonable and specific questions, and explain the mis-statements and outright lies...then WE THE PEOPLE have a real freaking problem with national.

Sounds almost exactly like the crap going on with the defacto congress and their BS.

As for suggesting I should Quit...I submit...when we get to the bottom of all this will be removed. (Once again, I bow to the governor!)
It’s important to note the governor speaking above is not one of the governors who has been previously attacked and or smeared. I suspect he will be shortly though.  I must remember to ask a question at the end of this article that just popped into my head.  Proof reading will remind me I’m sure.
Unfortunately Pledger is not the only Kool Aider who can be counted on to make total fools of themselves on a regular basis. Another governor received the following email;

Jim, I find you to be a rude and disruptive personality that is always talking too much double talk. You pretend to be a very nice guy but you appear to thrive when you are creating problems. Personally, I think you and Terri Hinkle should ride off into the sunset and allow us to deal with the REAL issues at hand. Some of us actually build our Republics for the betterment of the people instead of just complaining about it.
Please remove my name from your list of contacts.
Sharon Alicia Anzaldi
Illinois republic Governor
Again this is hilarious for several reasons not the least of which that the governor who is being told to “go ride off into the sunset” with me, has continually and without fail, stuck up for Ms. Anzaldi and insisted she has a good heart! Forget her heart, her brain is AWOL! But that too is old news and widely known. REAL issues? Common Sense questions in the face of obvious lies are complaints? I rest my case.
I find, in the interest of fairness, I must submit an apology to the kind hearted governor to whom she is speaking as she will no doubt accuse him of copying me into the emails. NO MS. ANZALDI, JIM DID NO SUCH THING! Why would he? Until I called him out of the blue, he had no idea who I was. We have had a few conversations now during which we vehemently disagree as to the real nature of the Turner de facto Black OP, (not that it exists but to what extent Turner is a willing player) but we just agree to disagree and I have great respect for his willingness to stand for truth even if it is a day late and 3 and half mega tons of gold short.
You’d think this was enough idiocy for one week, but you’d be wrong. Now the state of Wisconsin is being taken over because one of its senator’s states, this governor is not in line and in support of Tim Tuner! What kind of babbling idiot, if he has ever even read the Constitution, thinks the governors of the states even SHOULD take orders from the president? This after Turner has declared all “unlawfully removed governors should be re-instated”, CLASSIC BAIT AND SWITCH!
This was an email sent to the governor of Michigan while Wisconsin’s governor is out of town….My name is floyd and I live in Wisconsin. I would like ro talk to you about how you set up the Free State of Michigan. 
Dot and I have Meetings set up for this weekend both days. My phone is XXX-XXX-XXXX. Would appreciate advice as I have not tried to reinhabit a Republic before although I have been pushing Land Patents and reinstitution of the Bill of Rights since 1967, to no avail.
Not only is this moron unlawfully, unconstitutionally (even if the Republic were real to start with) over throwing his state government, he asks another state to help him do it. Admits his complete idiocy and ineptitude! He can’t even spell. Of course not many know that the current governor of Wisconsin signed the Utah docs under duress. He was told if he didn’t he would be replaced. How warm and fuzzy is that? Out of concern for the people who elected him he chose to sign knowing they would have no representation at all if Turner were allowed to choose their governor as is certainly true in other states.
Now you can throw the brick. But I already told you, not even Hollywood could make this stuff up! If I were to publish all the email attacks at people having been sent by national office holders alone, I would have to declare it volume one of about 30. Someday, when this is all over, perhaps I will do just that.
Now to that final question; Mr. Pledger if you are so good at your job and at all qualified to hold it, why is it that you cannot manage to place a road block on the information highway traveled by a lone Georgia grandmother? Well ok, that wasn’t really fair was it? You are just one silly man with so much to do. With all the threatening letters you have to pen like the one you sent me and sermons to write in order to keep the sheep in the flock, how could you be expected to plug the colander of leaks in national or block the phone calls and emails sent by dozens of demonized people who willingly share with me? Never mind. At least I know you didn’t write the fake email threat sent to me signed Tama Puna. Nope, that one I think John Dimitrion wrote. Why? Perfect spelling and grammar which could not have come out of any in the national team. Why do I know it was fake?  Quite simple really, the email address it was sent from was the first dead giveaway. At the time the email was sent Puna was in Hong Kong (yes I can verify that) and it came from a gmail account. Overseas the tag would have been not Then there was the crowning glory of stupidity in the sign off. It was signed off with a rather judgmental Christian salutation.  Do you think Puna would sign that way? Puna is a Muslim.
A FINAL RIDDLE; What must a Kenyan impostor and a Hillbilly impostor do to keep the sheep from finding out they are being served up to the slaughter house?



  1. Wow that was way too accurate for me, the final drops of kool-aid have finally passed out off my system. The truth is a brutal awakening for some, and the closer you get to it, the better you feel. Ahh I can breathe again, thanks Teri, let's hope we can get the states in line seperatly a long ways away from a national dictatorship. PEACE MAR

  2. Fortunately it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this "republic under TT & Co." out. How many times can someone dispel what is suppose to be truth, but comes out as false? In the olden days, the test of a false prophet had one criteria, which is, he lied! Guess what happened to him next folks, you be the judge!

  3. There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, and which cannot fail to keep man in everlasting ignorance.

    That principle is condemnation before investigation…….Edmund Spencer

    The Path to Folly; He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is a folly and shame unto him. Proverbs 18:13

    Words to memorize and never let become silent in our daily lives.