Thursday, March 3, 2011


One can say the corruption of our courts and judicial system is a product of corruption of our laws and misinterpretation of our Constitution. Or it can be said the other way round. Either way the result is the same.  So where did the corruption start and how did it progress?
At the root of the existence of unconstitutional law is judicial policy which began its downhill spiral to contemporary standard with Everson vs Board of Education in 1947 when the Court announced:
The First Amendment has erected a wall between church and state. That wall must be kept high and impregnable. We could not approve the slightest breach.     
That declaration allowed the Supreme Court and numerous lower courts to begin striking down religious activities and expressions which had been safe guarded by the Constitution for 150 years.  The first Amendment actually says;
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…
The Supreme Court would have you believe that what the founders really meant to say was;
Congress shall make every law possible to limit the expression of religious belief in all public places and within all governmental offices both state and federal.
All one has to do in order to understand exactly what the founders were saying is to read their words outside the documents they created for the founding of this nation. There is no possible way to read the written words by papers and correspondence of Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison, Noah Webster and many others and conclude they intended for a central government to legislate, regulate and control religious expression. Their intent is clear in the two references to religion in the Constitution. The First Amendment is the second; the first is in Article VI, Section 3:
No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.
There is no mention anywhere in those documents of a “wall of separation between church and state” so why are we constantly bombarded with that excuse for the elimination of our liberties? The answer is Everson vs Board of Education. Once the Supreme Court was able to get away with it once, the rest is history. By applying the First Amendment against the States, which it was written to protect, the Supreme Court engaged in a power play to remove the people’s jurisdiction within their free nation states.  It was just the beginning of a massive progressive grab for totalitarian power for the central government over every individual in the nation. Later, by coupling the 14th Amendment which was written for only the purpose of providing citizenship to former slaves after the Civil War with the First Amendment, the Supreme Court firmly erected that fictitious wall and enabled itself to begin legislating from the bench.
As a result we now have a judicial system based completely on commerce IN DIRECT OPPOSITION TO COMMON LAW. Instead of justice and due process we have a treasonous dictator on the bench whose “officers” aid to either separate you from your money or use you to create money via the prison bond (1), which will be written on you the day he sends you to the hoosegow.  The issue in that court room is not whether or not you are guilty of a crime but whether or not you can manage to stop the judge’s prior commitment to incarcerate you in any way he can.  Since the dictator on the bench is operating under Admiralty Law and not Common Law, you have no rights. The Constitution and Bill of Rights will not, indeed cannot, be introduced into the debate or your defense. 
The founders took great care to write into the founding documents protections, checks and balances against the possible future of an out of control central government. They made sure there were remedies within the foundation for the people to reverse any federal usurpation of liberty or attack on the sovereignty of the separate states.  Once the Supreme Court got away with twisting the words of the founders into meaning they could not have and did not intend, the federal government was able to legislate, regulate and mandate virtually every aspect of American life while subverting the educational system so that the people would be none the wiser.
For generations now the children of this nation have been taught that our founders gave us a Democracy. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Democracy is mob rule and the founders were adamant in their quest to avoid Roman Civil Law. Sadly that is exactly where we are today and even worse we are now, as the Romans did so long ago, experiencing the inevitable fall of an empire. The real tragedy is the people were not even aware they had been hoodwinked into it while their real form of government, freedom and liberty were stripped away by radical progressives with a Utopian Fantasy that does not exist and can never exist as long as human nature remains human. Democracy leads to disaster it’s inevitable and has happened multiple times throughout history but every time a group of dreamers come up with the idea over again it’s always, “well it wasn’t done right, we can do it right”. How many wars must be fought and lives lost before a losing philosophy is proven to be a loser? Attempting the same idiocy no matter how many different approaches are taken will end up in the same place.
This progressive Utopian Dream hasn’t even become a full reality yet and it has failed. The only thing that has thus been accomplished is to create at least one full generation which now believes they have a “right” to their desires and the government should take away from somebody else to give it to them just because they want it. We have corrupt Unions whipping members into a frenzy with that philosophy hoping those members never stop to ask the obvious, “oh by the way what happened to all that money we have been giving you every month out of our paychecks”? Have we heard a single one proclaim the truth of the matter, that they are being used for a hidden agenda?
Our Congress has been made completely irrelevant by their own participation in the corruption for so long and has freely given over the power to legislate to the judicial branch and the executive branch by means of presidential order, mandate and “czarocrats”. 
So here we are with a populace who doesn’t know it hasn’t been free for more generations than are alive today, being run by an out of control corporation and legislated by a corrupt judicial branch, with a Constitution that has not been consulted in longer than any of us can remember. This brings us to an uncomfortable truth in that it means the majority of the population while they may be painfully aware of a dire situation, are totally clueless as to what can be done about it.
Thanks to the diligence and determination of our founders there is remedy even when the cards are seemingly stacked against us. The secret is to use it while remaining compliant with the twisted rules of the crooks to take our nation back from the inside out and do it peacefully.  There are a number of ways to begin;
  1. Download, print and share the brochure on the right hand side of this page on Jury Nullification. When the American people understand THEY are the power and the power resides in the jury box changes will occur rapidly. Don’t however hand them out in front of a courthouse. It’s already happening in some jurisdictions and the judges are getting wise. Some have gone so far as to jail people for sharing the truth under the accusation of jury tampering. When they can’t find a law broken they will simply invent one, as always, at your expense.
  2. Since the very powerful remedy of voting given the people by the Constitution has been made completely pointless by voter fraud and electronic vote tampering, it’s time to use the flip side; Re-call Votes. In 18 states (2), this can be done at state levels and in 29 to 36 states it can be done at local levels. It begins with a simple form, the re-call petition form you can pick up from your county clerk or secretary of state. Identify a local politician, sheriff or judge who has harmed anyone and start a re-call petition. You may not be successful in gaining enough votes to re-call them but it gives you the opportunity to talk with many people and educate them on their true power under our founding documents.
  3. You were bound by a contract with no disclosure without your knowledge or consent, otherwise known as the 14th Amendment.  Draft a letter and present it to your Secretary of State forcing them to start a folder (which will get filled up), and declare you no longer wish to participate in any contracts you were not given disclosure on or asked for your consent. (We will be providing a sample letter here soon).  Share copies of your letter with others to present the same way you did.
  4. Three states, Montana, Arizona and Tennessee (3), have taken the lead on Broad-Based Nullification of Federal statutes and legislation based on the 9th and 10th Amendments. Many other states are in the process of drafting similar legislation. Contact your state legislatures and demand they do the same or support the action if already begun.
There are four more powerful tools which will be made known very soon which we can use to take this country back and return to Common Law but in the meantime the above four, if shared and used will start a wave across the country.
The point is that there are very simple ways in which you can participate and make a difference in the future of this nation. We can only be taken over and turned into a Socialist third world country if we allow it. Make no mistake though; living under Common Law requires Common Sense and personal responsibility. When you are held one hundred percent accountable for your actions you had better be ever conscious of those actions. If you harm another you will pay for it. There will be no more loop holes for criminals to squeeze through, no more opportunity for frivolous law suits because you couldn’t accept responsibility for your own stupid decisions like putting a hot cup of coffee between your knees while driving. In short, Common Law means a return to the Golden Rule bringing with it the need for responsibility and common courtesy.
There is no reason a single person in this great nation should be sitting on their back sides waiting for somebody to do something. There is no silver bullet and there is no freedom fairy, you are the magician. When Admiralty Law vs Common Law the Courts Will Collide and the people will rise again. Help bring about the collision!
(1).. On April 9, 2002 (12:18 pm) Lehman Brothers Banking Cartel in New York City agreed to provide prison industry leader CCA (Corrections Corporation of America) with a new $ 695.0 million senior secured credit facility, to be combined with a $150 million notes offering. The war on terrorism has created a buzz in the private prison industry. Less than three weeks after September 11th, a New York Post story on the for-profit private prison industry stated, "America's new wall of homeland security is creating a big demand for cells to hold suspects and illegal aliens who might be rounded up." In order to prosper, prison operators need to maintain a steady flow of prisoners and prison dollars. One of the Industries tools for accomplishing this is the American Legislative Exchange Council, a powerful-right wing lobby group that helps corporations draft and enacts "model" legislation-- for a price. Industry leaders CCA and Wackenhut have paid tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars in exchange for a privileged position on ALEC's Criminal Justice Task Force (which CCA chairs). ALEC, in turn, not only promotes privatization, but also brags of having helped enact "Truth In Sentencing" and "Three Strikes" laws in 25 states. In addition to investing heavily in groups like ALEC and the Reason Foundation, the industry spends millions on campaign contributions. From 1995 to 2000, CCA, Wackenhut, and Cornell spent $520,000 in Federal elections, and in 1998, the industry spent $540,000 on state elections, where a little money goes a long way.





  1. Hi TLGA,
    I wrote this on a blog you were posting on in hopes you will see it, I guess you didn't. I would like an answer please, because it is preventing me from proceeding. I am being much more careful these days you know. Here is what I posted:

    Hi TLGA,
    I was reading our Georgia Constitution and Bill of Rights. It clearly states in Article I. Section I. Paragraph XI (a). In criminal cases, the defendant shall have a public and speedy trial by an impartial jury; and the jury shall be the judges of the law and the facts.

    Therefore anything the judge instructs to the jury, is null and void on it’s own, because our constitution is the supreme law over anything the judge instructs. Do I have this correct?

    I was having a problem with giving an oath/affirmation to a judge, then turn around and nullify a law. This is one way I can right the wrong in my head anyway, that is if I am correct.

  2. You are right. The Constitution states it plainly and no judge has the right to direct a verdict by restricting the constitutional right of the jurors to vote their conscience.

    You answer only to God for your conscience. The judge is a referee not a dictator.