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I must remind you that I have never asked you to believe me. In fact I want you to do your own due diligence and check out what I say. Question me loudly if necessary, but first and foremost verify all that you can before you form an opinion. Having said that, I ask that you read, absorb, question and consider all I have to say from a very basic level of COMMON SENSE.
Over the past year I have written several COMMON SENSE articles and in them asked many hard questions. Some have been answered by my own research, resources and interviews with pertinent individuals but none have ever been answered by the principles involved in the national level of Turners Republic. Instead of answers or even acknowledgment of the question at hand, without fail the inquiries met with false accusations, outlandish claims and outright character assassination.  As the months went by and others began to take a stand and ask the same questions, the same result ensued; often resulting in the unlawful removal by nefarious means of the individual asking the questions.
The fact remains none of the questions asked have ever been answered or addressed by those involved. Taken individually as the months rolled by they didn’t seem so urgent and often even disconnected but when reviewing the questions and putting them all in one place they form a very different picture.
I put it to you anew. Read, absorb and consider and then ASK YOURSELF WITH COMMON SENSE, the following questions.
Why did Tim Turner when given the choice choose to utilize a known money launderer and DOD drug money runner over an honest man to obtain funding? Why did he arrange for the commission of a felony to smuggle out from under federal authority’s two fugitives from justice,,  to assist the money launderer and then hide them all these months from law enforcement? Since the purpose was as it turns out to steal the funding from BUSH 41 who stole it in the first place, does this mean Tim Turner has the number? You know that magic number, the exact number of wrongs it takes to make a right?
Why in Garden Grove last spring was Tim Turner whisked away by CW Wright and Kelby Smith and “taken to a doctor” when he wasn’t ill? Why did he not show up at a scheduled event that afternoon and wasn’t seen again until the following day? Why does he not remember that visit and why do Smith and Wright now deny they did it after admitting to it when they brought him back? Where was Turner really when he disappeared for three weeks last spring?
Why for months after that on every national call that Turner was on, did he say the EXACT same words over and over again just in different sequence? Why on the odd occasion when a question was actually taken which wasn’t anticipated, did his answer not fit the question? Can we say recorded and edited boys and girls?
Why do so many who have known Turner for years suddenly say, “that’s not the same man I have known all this time”, or “he is not himself at all”? Why does Turner routinely fly off into a rage on private calls if the WRONG question is asked?
Why do you think it is that the elected officials of each state were denied access to the contact information of their peers until this writer provided it no matter how many requests were made? And why did this writer receive that data by anonymous tipster instead of from Kelby Smith who was ORDERED by Turner to send it?
Why did Kelby Smith and RJ Hender on the morning following Turner’s ORDER to release the data base to Georgia’s Chief Justice, instead attack her and her fellow elected Georgia officials on the Morning Liberty Show while at the same time CW Wright initiated and sent out an unauthorized poll vote to attempt to avoid said order?
Why was Kelby Smith’s recorded apology the following night addressed at how he did it not what he did and why after CW Wright spent 45 minutes on the phone that very day apologizing profusely if not sincerely to Georgia’s Chief Justice, did he claim on the national call that he had nothing to apologize for?
Have you ever wondered why the Utah event ever took place? The Congress had finally managed to gain control of itself, elected a speaker of the house and a senate pro tem, voted on the rule of law and a name for the country.  Has a single excuse for that event panned out? The only thing accomplished was to grab control over the legislative branch once again. Where is the proof that anything else was accomplished?
How could the Utah event been anything other than a continental congress? Check your founding documents on this one. And why, since that is all it could possibly have been, have there been no elections? Again, check your founding documents and you will see there are no lawfully elected officials, why not?
If mega tons of gold were available, indeed in hand as Turner claimed multiple times, would he suddenly NEED TO MONETIZE all the state’s natural resources? Why would he have stated on a national call that “financing was available” for funding? While you’re at it, WHERE IS THAT GOLD ANYWAY?
Why have ALL ORIGINAL sources of funding withdrawn their support?
Why has not ONE of the many countries mentioned as being on board, ever stepped up and uttered A SINGLE WORD TO SUPPORT THAT CLAIM?
Why has some of the leadership in the following states been vilified, attacked with lies, and even unlawfully replaced in some instances; Florida, Georgia,South Carolina, Utah, Oklahoma, New York, Illinois, Kansas, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Montana, Oregon, Nevada, Texas etc.?
Why were NON-RESIDENTS brought in by national to replace by force and coercion, elected officials in Oklahoma, New York and others? Why was it attempted just a week ago in West Virginia?
Why was the person who threw a juvenile fit after he received the fewest votes for senate pro tem when the senate convened under their own power and held their election suddenly and miraculously “elected” after the media team got CONTROL over the senate call again?
Why were ALL the candidates who sent in resumes NOT INCLUDED when those nominees were sent to the senate and house? Since when would the Vice President in our de jure Republic, have the power or the right to SCREEN and censor nominees for Speaker of the House or Senate Pro Tem?
Why did Kelby Smith set up a private call with Georgia’s Governor and Chief Justice for the sole purpose of attacking four innocent men with blatant lies which were proven to be lies? Since the basis for this attack was a tele-conference that Kelby was not involved in, who’s lies were they? Who put him up to it?
Why were all elected officials ORDERED to communicate only through an email account, controlled and accessible to the media team and national?
Why were honest and reasonable questions raised by elected officials met with scathingly insulting, arrogant and combative email messages (saved and archived by those attacked)?
Why does someone OTHER than Tim Turner routinely read and answer his email?
Why was a position which does not exist under our founding documents, “National Ambassador”, created in the first place and why is that person constantly attempting to exert unilateral control over the states? Why is this happening when MANY states are demanding this person be FIRED and the position dissolved?
Why have FBI offices and agents in 9 states, including Alabama stated THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO FBI OR ANY OTHER FEDERAL AGENCY SUPPORT for Turner’s Republic?
Why has Turner’s passport been blocked by the State Department?
Why have two individuals who had NO ACCESS TO THE MONEY been accused of compromising the ID site and stealing the money?
Why have all claims as to the successful use of said ID’s been by people unable to verify such claims?
Why has it been said on multiple occasions that invasion is imminent only to see the stated deadline come and go? Why is UTTER FEAR CONTINUALLY USED TO CONTROL YOU? Why would Turner lie and say the de facto is ready to turn the reins over to him? Can you imagine a strutting peacock like Obama turning anything over to anybody? Can you imagine George Soros giving Tim Turner the time of day? Can you for one moment seriously think that 300 million people are going to accept that without their consent or knowledge, their government, indeed even their state governments have been replaced by a bunch of self styled and self appointed leaders on ANY LEVEL?
Why would the recent California Jubilee be touted as such a success with false numbers and facts that even the Governor herself, who was in attendance, refuted?
Why would original blue ink signatures on documents pertaining to the whole state be signed by someone OTHER THAN THE GOVERNOR of the state? IE; CALIFORNIA?
Why would national spend 3 and a half hours repeating over and over again at least 100 proven lies aimed at the governor of West Virginia on an assembly call last week? Why, for the first time, did the lies not work and the governor is still seated?
Why has documented proof of claims, ie; CIA proof of, written proof of, proven Bush 41 plants and on and on NEVER BEEN PRODUCED? You have been taken for fools, ARE YOU?
Why would an organization like the “Ranger Program” be put together and publicized when it is common knowledge all such organizations are now being targeted by Homeland Security and the FBI?
Why would you trust someone like Kelby Smith and a sycophantic internet radio host to help you with your defaulted mortgage when he has a history like this one?  Clink Here For The Spreadsheet.  22 defunct or in trouble companies, 28+ law suits against him, 8 state and federal tax liens TOTALING $252,327.00
, 2 bankruptcies clearly to avoid paying the law suits, use of at least three different social security numbers and on and on. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO TRUST YOUR FUTURE WITH THIS GUY? IS THIS THE PICTURE OF A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN? IS THIS THE PROFILE OF AN HONEST MAN? Will he lie some more and scream foul when this public information obtainable for a mere $25 bucks on the internet is published here?

How many wrongs make a right?
Would God use lies, subterfuge, manipulation, fear, character assassination, criminals and felonious actions, force and tyranny to bring this nation back to him?
Why do you think God is on your side or Turner’s side? Have you forgotten that we are ALL SUPPOSED TO BE ON HIS SIDE? Have you forgotten that God does not use messengers who CLAIM TO SPEAK FOR HIM? Have you forgotten that God does not encourage prideful positions, hateful and unfounded judgments of others to fulfill his wishes and complete his missions?
Every single statement made concerning the Republic above is proven fact and can be substantiated. Does this fiasco even remotely resemble the Constitutional Republic our founders gave us?
Do you believe the governors and other duly elected officials, which have been unlawfully and forcefully removed are de facto plants? Really? Have you ever questioned any who actually personally know them as to their real character or are you just taking national’s word for it or the word of a few individuals in your state?
Do you really believe this writer is an evil individual with a personal agenda and what on earth do you think might be the point of that agenda? Have you asked any of the other Georgia people who elected her about her character and why they elected her?  Why did the overwhelming majority of the Georgia Republic resign and remove themselves from the Republic leaving only 8 individuals who claim to be the Georgia Assembly in total? Do you think that many people could be controlled by an amateur writer and grandmother?
Why is this writer trying so hard to wake you up to the fact that you are on the wrong track to the right destination? Could it be that she really does have some answers? Could it be that she was singled out by the original funders and given a seemingly impossible task for a reason? Could it actually be that she loves her country and all of you so much that she is willing to put a target on her back and a spotlight on her head no matter how many arrows are shot at her just because she knows it’s the right thing to do?
Could it be that the message and the answer are one in the same?


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