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There comes a time when a certain line between decency and disgust is crossed in a way which cannot be tolerated. That line was crossed in the last three days by Turner, CW Wright and company.  On a special call held Sunday afternoon CW Wright claimed that national had severed communications with the criminal faction they had been working with because “they found out they were criminal” and that Richard Murray was involved with them. Then on Monday night on a Governors call both Turner and company really crossed that line into utter indecency.  It was claimed now that Richard Murray was leading this group of criminals.
These are not only blatant lies, they are a pathetic attempt to throw guilt onto someone else. CW Wright, Tim Turner and Carl Sedlack brought the two fugitives in from Hawaii and used them in tandem with a man named Tama Puna to attempt to STEAL MONEY, MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF IT. I no longer hold any illusion that Turner is being controlled. He is as corrupt as they come and will never MAN UP.
It is now time for me to share some documented proof and I will start with this issue. Below you will find some skype conversations and emails which will prove to all that all claims involving Richard Murray are false and further prove that Tim Turner MADE A CONSCIOUS CHOICE to work with criminals instead of honorable men.
I will insert explanation in red where it is needed in the interest of keeping clarity and to avoid confusion.
This is a conversation between Tama Puna and one of Richard Murray’s clients he had brought to the table to provide funding. The conversation was emailed to Richard by copy and paste as it was going on from another person who was in the skype window.
From: (protected person as I don’t have her permission to share her identity)
Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 2010 6:17 PM
To: Victor Murray
Subject: Fwd: Tama call
Puna is attempting to high jack the client for the purpose of gaining access to his accounts. 
[3:26:49 PM] Tamarue Puma: very good
[3:28:41 PM] Tamarue Puma: I have an update for you rearding your funds in Barclays of which I would like to bring into the conversation a colleague who is working lon your file from the republic Govt to asist you
[3:30:35 PM] Allen Little: please tell me who your colleague is thank you
[3:31:23 PM] Tamarue Puma: he is Richards superior this is a blatant lie
[3:33:35 PM] Allen Little: can you please tell me who it is that your are askin gto put on the line, I would like a name to refer to
[3:34:22 PM] Tamarue Puma: Markus Lee who  is  the Emersary to the President of the  US to this day Richard Murray does not know who Markus Lee is.
At this point Mr. Little begins a separate conversation with Richards business partner…and Tama does not know he is talking to her.
[3:47:32 PM] Allen Little: Tama wants to utilize my assets
[3:49:22 PM] Allen Little: he is talking about richard, tama is a well trusted advisor to the republic, however they have been receiving adversary information with richard and you and they want me to hear their side of the republic Again Puna lies and claims Richard and his partner are undermining the Republic in his effort to gain access to the accounts.
[3:52:30 PM] Allen Little: now tama is talking about the regulators getting nothing done and never will because they do not have the ability to do so and he said he has lost touch with richard and XXXX Richard had already begun to warn Turner of Tama Puna’s unlawful activities.
[3:53:19 PM] Allen Little: they want to utilize my funds to make them freely available to me
[3:53:46 PM] Allen Little: they want to remove the blockage from the account and the account officer who has them tied up for use only within barclays
[3:54:55 PM] Allen Little: if i do not work with them I will lose the funds at barclays
[3:55:16 PM] Allen Little: he wants to put a mr. levy on the conversation to explain how he will do this
[3:57:06 PM] Allen Little: i just told him to go away
[3:58:12 PM] Allen Little: when i told him to please leave me alone as i will turn this over to the FBI and Interpol he immediately hung up and was gone
Mr. Little is the holder of the account which Puna, under Tim Turner’s orders, attempted to steal 500 million dollars from. That is what ended with Turner sending Puna 86 thousand dollars of other people’s money to escape capture by Interpol. Turner then claimed that same money had been stolen from the Republic. You can clearly see the money did not belong to the Republic.
Richard Murray then sent an email to Jesus Berrios….
From: Victor Murray <xxxxxxxxxx>
To: Jesus Berrios <>
Sent: Wed, October 20, 2010 10:58:33 PM
Subject: Fw: Your Money in Barclays
Please see to it the a copy of this goes to Uncle Tim.
Berrios forwarded the following email to Tim Turner……
Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 2010 10:34 PM
Subject: Your Money in Barclays
Dear Mr. Little,
I am sorry that Mr. Tama Puna has tried to rush you into something that appears to be shady at best. When I was working with Maria on your Barclay's account, I brought in Mrs. Nina Rote to the table to assist Maria and you in protecting your interests and your assets in a safe and legal manner. 
I am an Ambassador to the Republic and a Special Assistant to the President. (see attached) After saying that please allow me to state that Maria and I were working on your Barclays Bank account. It was important to not touch your principle asset, but to receive funds from the proceeds of a trade we had set up and working out with Mrs. Rote. This would allow the Republic to receive more funds over a longer period of time and would have established a long term working relationship with you. We still look forward to building the relationship and working with you.  
How Tama got involved and changed things is beyond me. Sir, Please understand, The Republic will not take part in any shady dealings or anything that can be construed as unethical, immoral, or just flat out fraud.
Our foundation must be built in the strength of honesty and the principles that our forefathers set forth in our original Constitution. We were grateful that you were allowing the Republic to receive a portion of the proceeds of the trade to assist in setting up and funding the Republics Treasury. This ordeal with Mr. Puna has created a serious setback for the Republic.
In conversations with Mrs. Rote I have been brought up to speed as to your needs for the assistance in covering the legal bills in getting your accounts moved appropriately and safely. As soon as we have a closure in one of our pending transactions we will notify you and forward the funding to you to move forward.
I am sorry for any confusion that Mr. Puna has caused you. After a current review of Mr. Puna's standards and practices, I would recommend ending any and all communications with him. I have a fiduciary duty to you to warn you of any apparent danger to you and your assets.
Thank you for your time and patience in this matter..
Your friend,
Richard A. Murray   
I will send you the tape I promised about the Shriners Hospitals as soon as I have a chance. Will get it done. RAM
Apparently Turner was quite upset that Richard prevented Puna from gaining sensitive financial information from the client which would make theft simpler because he sent Richard this response….
From: Tim Turner []
Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2010 1:47 PM
To: Victor Murray
Subject: Re: Your Money in Barclays

Hi Richard, This email is to inform you that your status as an ambassador to the republic is officially revoked. Do not present yourself as a representative for this republic again. You have crossed the line and committed treason against the republic. Your interference has plced many including myself in grave danger. You are not to contact us or have any further involvement with us. Do not press this issue just go away. Letters will be sent to all principals informing them that you are no longer affiliated with us.  James Timothy Turner, President - Republic of the united States of America
Remember at this point Tim Turner knows without a doubt which of these men is a thief and which a legitimate emissary of funding. Richard, still believing Turner doesn’t know responded with the following email….
Victor Murray []
Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2010 3:49 PM
Cc: Jesus Berrios
Subject: If doing the right thing is TREASON --- Then I'm GUILTY as charged....
Dear Tim,
Your wish is my command. If you wish for me to go away, then it shall be done. If protecting you and the Republic from serious harm is Treason, then I am as guilty as they come. My question to you is; how do you expect to gather real intel when you have cut me off from communications, won't listen to my warnings, and only get your information from people that are in my opinion steering you down a dark alley and keeping you down so we can't surface as a Nation.
I work daily in the field of commodities and financial exchange. I hear and see things you and the cabinet will never see or hear. The key to intelligence is to gather it all and from all sides and all points of view and monitor it for future use. To keep a watchful eye on all surrounding things and points of potential harm to all concerned. I have made many attempts to warn you about Tama from intel that I have gathered from several sources including Solar. It appears that you don't really want to hear it. Tama in my opinion can only bring total carnage back to you and the Republic. He has lost all credibility in the world and now you have given him the fuel to blame me.
I am guilty of protecting Mr. Little and his assets. Mrs. Nina Rote (A Real Banker) was assisting Mr. Little in Legally moving his funds from Barclays Banks and putting them into a trade program. The Republic was going to receive the Economic Package of $ 300,000,000.00 per week from the trade for three years, with no strings attached.
Tama bulled his way into this deal thru Maria and stopped it and tried to change the entire program. The client did not want to loose his principle, but wanted to put to work his principle to raise the needed capital. When Mr. Little tried to explain that he had a deal in place for the Republics benefit, Tama stopped it and wanted to take it another way ( His way). The Bankers and Lawyers got involved at that point and shut everything down for Mr. Little’s protection and safety.
If Tama would have left the deal alone the Republic would have received 8 (Eight) payments by now. That adds up to $ 2,400,000,000.00 (TWO BILLION, FOUR HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS)
Tama's misuse of his diplomatic credentials has brought unwarranted heat upon us all from the Swiss Banking Community which has reported him to Interpol, HLS, and now the US FBI. Tama has used those same credentials to acquire other monies under fraudulent means. When the FED found out about it they seized the money back out of his accounts.
Tama's actions has caused him to go onto an international watch list, NOT ME.
If trying to protect You and the Republic is Treason --- I'm Guilty
If trying to protect a Client from theft for the Republics Gain is Treason --- I'm Guilty
If constantly trying to warn you of the Danger that lies ahead from Tama is Treason --- I'm Guilty
If not being willing to steal and lie for the Gain of the Republic is Treason --- I'm Guilty
If I am not willing to break my bond with God and my word to Jesus Christ is Treason --- I'm Guilty
If you need any more reasons to throw me under the bus for the sake of the Republic by all means do so, but remember one thing; for whatever reason you choose not to talk to me was your choice. As my records will indicate that I have attempted to communicate many times to bring International Intelligence back to you for your assimilation and understanding. I, at no time set out to do You or the Republic any harm. But on the other hand I have been dragged over the internet and put in harm’s way without even hearing " hay I'm sorry that it happened"  That is OK, I have done what I could for the recovery of our Country. Thanks for giving me the chance to make a difference.
I have continued to move forward as if nothing was wrong to raise funds for the Republics Treasury and am about to close on several transactions that would fund the Republic from my own pocket. I am perplexed as to what to do now, this is your choice and I will honor it.
I will by all means STAND DOWN from anything I was doing on the Republics behalf. But I will not stand down from doing my business. I will not cause you any grief like others have done in the past. You have made your decision for whatever reason and I will honor it in the same manner as if I were looking you in the eyes. I have not used or shown my diplomatic papers to anyone that did not need to see them. 
Look at the bright side; Now maybe all of the Intelligence Agencies will now leave me alone so I can move on with my life without being watched or monitored.  But as your friend I must add, be very careful who is whispering in your ear and giving you directions as to what moves to make for the Republic. The results are far from what I know that is in your heart. Who's voice is driving the words ???
Please express my feelings to little brother and if you can share this email with him please do.
I remain your friend, because I know your heart,
Richard Murray
Below is a communication between Tama and Mr. Little that I'm sure Tama will not show you.
This was where he pasted the skype conversation I put in the beginning of this communication. Richard had no idea at the time that “little brother” aka John Michael Dimitrion was a convicted felon wanted by the FBI. As you can see very clearly he asks Turner to give him a message. Why? Because Turner was hiding him. Turner had told all who came into contact with Dimitrion that he was hiding from Bush 41 because he had the location of the Ark of the Covenent. Yes, I know how absurd that is and don’t shoot the messenger. It’s even funnier that he promised Dimitrion if he was made president he would give him a pardon!! Ok, there truly isn’t much in the way of “on the ball thinking involved here”.
After this fiasco Richard Murray who had brought every single source of funding to the table for the Republic, contacted all his clients and informed them of what had happened. The clients then severed all ties and possibilities of funding with Turner. One of the large clients actually went so far as to reformat all hard drives in the computers involved in original negotiations of any trace of contact with Turner’s corrupt Republic. The people in the meantime were none the wiser.
Yesterday, after the call with the ladies in Florida, Richard contacted each of those funders (except the criminal faction) and checked to see if by any chance they had changed their minds and contacted the ladies in Florida. The answer was an emphatic NO WAY! ABSOLUTELY NOT!
This is only the smallest part of the corrupt actions Turner and company have been engaged in while pulling the wool over the eyes of the faithful. It is but part one with more to come.
Homeland Security and other authorities are focusing on ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS in Turner’s Fantasy Republic and any members of his ridiculous Ranger Program. They will not care if those involved knew and understood what Turner was doing.
This country WILL BE RESTORED but it will be done without putting any innocent person in the cross hairs of the de facto. Common Sense really needs to be visited!
This was sent to me after I sent out this article as an advance copy, from another Ex, Turner elected official.

What so many involved with Tim Turner do not seem to realize is:

1. A plan by the 'good guys' to 'restore America" has been in the works for over 30 years, quietly behind the scenes. Tim has NOTHING to do with any of the plans going on behind the scenes for over 30 years....but being a FEMA person, he WOULD have access to some of that peripheral knowledge, and IF he is working for someone such as Bush or Rocky factions/families...they darn well have the knowledge and have been busy trying to sabotage the plans for years with duplicity efforts for confusion to bring about THEIR NWO rather than 'Heaven's" plans for mankind's welfare and global fellowship and cooperation.

2. It is what the Global Settlements, Prosperity Programs, and "new banking" system global to replace the Federal Reserve "global" banking system 's fiat 'dollar' pegged to oil (in the usa a return to us treasury banking with a us treasury metal backed currency and the old Republic Treasury 'resurrected' as the 'centeral bank' for the usa) is all about. Along with that comes "new elections'
across the board in government (National and States) to replace any and all "guilty parties' who do not cooperate with common law governing of the republic
and/or are guilty of 'treason' and other acts that disqualify them to hold office under the organic constitution and the original 13th amendment.

3. It is my understanding (as in awareness=having been told) Current Governors will be given opportunity, as will judges and attorneys, to change their direction, drop the BAR affiliations, take new oaths, re-educate in common law, or leave. Much of this will also follow the states own protocol of succession for filling offices where needed, ie: Lt Governor and on down the line will 'step-up' should the seat ahead of them be 'vacated' by the currently serving person....until a new election.

4. This is a 3-5 year CLEAN UP.....nothing will happen overnight.
 Preparations are already underway behind the scenes.

5. There will be announcements to the American People and the world at some point. There NEVER was a need for Tim Turner's 'national' government with 'elections' for the true REPUBLIC government to be re-inhabited. This is a 'ruse'
and the only "government' that is falling is the 'defacto' US CORPORATION, hence the ONLY thing Tim's 'national' government can replace is a 'defacto' entity. The LIE is:  that the 'Tim Turner National Government told  its 'elected officials" they have  "re-inhabited' the 'vacated' seats' of the 'republic' government. 

6. The TRUTH is:  the only seats these Tim Turner 'elected officials' would be 're-inhabiting' are the 'defacto seats' of the US CORPORATION government being 'vacated' when it is removed from power during the transition period.
WHY ? Because the TRUE REPUBLIC government has ALREADY been 'provided for' in the transition plans (already over 30 years in the making quietly behind the scene) until ALL the usa people have honest elections again.
WHOEVER is behind this "national government' scheme of Tim and company DO NOT have our nation's best interests in mind.

7. Case in point:
The Republic of these united States TRUE/ORIGINAL us Treasury seat has NEVER been 'abandon" or "vacated". It has been kept alive and well quietly in the background all these years, and that truth will be told when the time is right by those in the know and responsible.

8. We have all  been LIED TO by the cabal's US CORPORATION government,
     for over 100 years just in America, let alone thousands of years global.
     They have infiltrated every aspect of America....including the movement to
     re-establish the dejure grand juries in each state....via the Tim Turner and
     company movement of a fictitious 'national' government who's purpose is  to   replace another 'fiction' national government....the US CORPORATION, INC. DC.

9.   What started out to be a correct process (peaceful assembly in each state to form individual state dejure grand jury bodies in training and preparation for a return to common law and the organic Republic ) was corrupted fully in under a year, now becoming an FBI concern because of  "national elections' and 'rangers'....under a unification process crossing state lines and posing as a government of sorts.  Sam Kennedy "jumped the gun" in serving the governors, and Tim Turner has since grabbed the gun and  'pulled the trigger' .

10.  Wisdom says:
and become only an 'assembly of peaceful state people' who are unconnected to the TT elections, office holders, rangers or the 'national'  Tim and company government organization before it is too late. For those wanting to know what to do: RESCIND all affiliations and mail yourself a dated copy, keeping it unopened and ready for any legal proof needed in the future.
Then focus on your own states humanity needs and be ready to serve when called upon, because that time is coming.

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