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What are guilty people to do when they are caught RED HANDED? LIE, LIE, LIE that’s what.  I have already shared evidence with all of you as to WHO ALIGNED HIMSELF NOT ONLY WILLINGLY BUT ENTHUSIASTICALLY with the CRIMINAL ELEMENT in an attempt to STEAL FUNDING!
Busted is busted guys there is no way to refute hard evidence but that hasn’t stopped them from trying to twist, accuse and frame THE INNOCENT yet again this morning. So I will share MORE!
The rather creepy individual appointed by Turner as his Chief of Security, Timothy Pledger who thus far has specialized in sending threatening letters to people who speak truth, (myself included) has sent this out to the Kool Aid Brigade………… Scroll down past the obvious controlling mechanism by religious rhetoric and pay close attention to number 1……..
Just to remind I will now paste an email I recently received on the issue of the FBI fugitives.  There are a number of eye witnesses to all that I have shared, some of them people who have been attacked, vilified, falsely accused and demonized by Tim Turner for speaking out early on.  Most of them are ready, willing and downright salivating over the anticipation of being given the opportunity to testify in a court of law to the truth………….
Hi Teri,

I wish that you had told me about this earlier...

On Friday 2 July 2010, I was invited by the Hawai`i De Jure Grand Jury Foreman and the Hawai`i State Coordinator for the Republic to meet them and the current Republic of Hawai`i Governor at a Waikiki bar for the purposes of meeting a member of Tim Turner’s cabinet, who I was told had just arrived from the mainland on a special mission. Although his name escapes me at this time, I’m sure I would recognize it if I heard it again. He claimed to be the Secretary of State designate for the Republic. I want to say his name was “Walt,” but I could be mistaken.

This individual shared at this meeting what we all believed to me inside information about the Republic, which he asked us to keep confidential. One item I remember was his claim that the de facto government had barely made its July 1st payroll and was highly likely to collapse due to lack of funds to meet its 15 July payroll. He explained how the Republic was preparing to offer an alternative government when the de facto collapsed later that month.

Most importantly, this individual claimed to have come to Hawai`i on a special mission to “extract” an unnamed individual from Hawai`i, who was to serve as the Secretary of the Treasury for the Republic. He was described as an important connection to the trillions of dollars in gold that was to be used to fund the Republic. The meeting lasted about an hour and a half, at which time, this individual returned with the State Coordinator to a private home in Kailua on the other side of the island from Honolulu.

The next morning, July 3rd, I attended a previously-scheduled grand jury training meeting at 10:00 a.m., of which I had been leading for several weeks at that time, at the home of the current Hawai`i Republic Governor. The State Coordinator arrived with his wife and daughter and the Grand Jury Foreman at about 11:00 a.m. They proceeded to tell us about what an exciting morning they had experienced, helping their visitor accomplish his mission of picking up the future Secretary of the Treasury and delivering him to a waiting private jet at Honolulu airport. They described the experience as being “James Bond-like.” They also described it as successful.

I believe that those involved with the Hawai`i Republic had no knowledge regarding who they were helping escape Hawai`i undetected by the authorities. Although, I think that it was unlikely that they knew much about this individual’s background, other than he was the Secretary of the Treasury designate and the Republic had to “extract” him from Hawai`i in a clandestine fashion "for the good of the Republic,” I did learn earlier in the week that the Grand Jury Foreman had previously worked for an individual in the mortgage brokerage business who knew the individual being “extracted.” Regardless, they were extremely excited about being a part of it.

That’s all that I can recall about it, with the exception of an individual that showed up at the training meeting whom we had never met before. He said that his name was “Mony." He seemed to be of Korean descent. He also seemed to indicate that he knew the individual who had been “extracted” earlier that morning very well.

That’s the extent of my knowledge that seems to be related to the stories and links included in your message.

Mahalo and Aloha,

Never mind the absolutely STUPID questions contained in Pledger’s letter as to why any funder would come forward with massive funds “no strings attached” after Turner has been claiming EXACTLY THAT for months. They dupe Jesus Berrios into acting as a chauffeur for the criminals and then THROW HIM UNDER THE BUS hoping to elude their own guilt.
Tim Turner has used others ever since July 3rd, 2010 to HIDE the fugitives between Dothan and Ozark, Alabama. NOT CALIFORNIA, NOT NEW YORK OR ANY OTHER STATE! He kept them at Warren Palmer’s house for awhile and then got Jimmy Graham to loan them a motor home to hide out and move around in. This is common knowledge among many. The FBI and Homeland Security have enough evidence to bury this den of thieves UNDER THE GRAY BAR HOTEL EVEN IF THEY NEVER APPREHEND THE DIMITRIONS! THEY ARE JUST WAITING FOR THE RIGHT OPPORTUNITY TO POUNCE AS THEY WANT ALL THE ELECTED OFFICIALS AND RANGER MEMBERS TO ROUND OUT THE ROUND UP!

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