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LATE BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is now known why a few months ago Tim Turner said on a national call, “I have the financing in place” and then quickly corrected himself by saying “I have the gold”! At the time I asked myself why we would start the Republic out in debt? Debt to whom? The answer explains that and much more. Tim Turner has forged a close relationship with the nephew of Rothschilde  Sr. Mr. Rothschilde has agreed to “LOAN” Tim Turner the money to restore this nation with an agreement to use ALL THE LAND, NATURAL RESOURCES AND ASSETS OF THE PEOPLE as collateral. Rothschilde will then rig the Hague World Court to grant Tim’s claim. (and he can surely do it). Rothschilde will then see to it that the dimwit crew in Tim’s camp will squander and mismanage the money… Voila! The country is turned over to ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!! It could only work if there were a claim filed by “We the People” as a DECLARATION! This explains all that is written in that abominable Utah document, why the secrecy, why the cavalier attitude as to who signs it. It explains why every intelligent person must be quickly discredited and ultimately gotten rid of. Tim Turner has drunk so much of his own cool aid that apparently he thinks he can outsmart the Rothschildes. This no man or woman will ever again own property, ever again live free or ever again make personal choices. Are you willing to risk your life, your country, your future and that of your children on a man who can’t even figure out how to use his own so called process successfully?

Read the article below to see how all this was accomplished and how you have been taken for a fool.


I thought for awhile that the Common Sense articles were finished; there was no need to make the point any further. I see now I was wrong about that because not only has Common Sense left the building but its very existence seems to be in question. The more testimony, evidence and intelligent inquiry is raised the more ridiculous the responses.
Perhaps the use of Common Sense along with reason, intelligent assessment and responsible decision making is just as buried as Common Law in this country. Maybe people have lost the ability to compare and weigh the facts. If so, it might help to see them in print. I will attempt to do that now. The misconceptions, false claims or downright lies will be in black print and the truth in red. Why red? It tends to make an impression and command attention, hopefully a lasting impression and more than a fleeting moment of attention.
1.   According to Downes vs Bidwell, the Supreme Court of this land has ruled that there are two governments; the Republic which has been vacated and the Corporation which has taken over. This has been claimed by taking part of the decision out of context and not including the entire discourse and its original intent.  All governments must have a corporate entity in order to do commerce. Under our Constitution that commerce is defined as foreign commerce, commerce with Indian Nations and commerce “among” not “within” the states. The problem began in 1933 with FDR’s New Deal. At that time the corporation which has no jurisdiction outside the confines of Washington D.C. and the various territories, began to overstep its bounds. By first creating entitlement programs such as Social Security and then claiming it was not voluntary but mandatory and the people not recognizing that the federal government had no power to do such a thing, the foundation for invasion was built. Even today the corporation has no lawful jurisdiction over you except by your consent which you give every time you agree to one of their offers. Slowly the court system was overrun by commercial law until the common law courts were vacated. Thus, today we have an entirely commercial Admiralty court based on commerce instead of justice.
2.   RAP became the Republic when the Guardian Elders split apart. The claim was first that the military had insisted Sam Kennedy be removed. Later it was claimed that Tom Shaultz had taken a bribe from the defacto.  After interviewing many individuals involved in the inner workings of this movement since the beginning I have uncovered countless lies which continue to be told although they do keep changing as the liars forget the exact content of the original lie. That is the nature of liars though as lies cannot bear the light of day and must be continually reinforced, changed, twisted and adapted as they are exposed. The military was never involved at all thus made no demands. The split of the remaining so called elders came about over a dispute involving money and power. The first dispute was over one man insisting he be the sole trustee of the funding which was a possibility back then but not now, (the funders never required that). The second dispute was over the same man insisting he be president. (the funders never required that either). In fact a national provisional government was never required. This idea came from one man, the same man who insisted on holding sole power over it both monetarily and governmentally. James Timothy Turner is that man and whether or not he was manipulated into that stance or had that agenda himself may never be known but that doesn’t alter the facts.  Any individual raising questions over this is immediately attacked and never answered with anything other than several of the disinformation tactics outlined in the article below this one.  In fact the tactics never change just the accusations. If you question or disagree you may well run the gambit of disinfo agent, de facto agent, Bush41 plant or now you might even be labeled a high level Mason. What you will not get is an answer to your questions. Constant claims of proof of these accusations assault our ears but are NEVER shown. Not a single person smeared and attacked has been proven to be anything other than an intelligent individual asking relevant questions or objecting to grievous wrongs.
3.   The Republic for (or of whatever is claimed on whatever day) the united States of America is the re-habitation of vacated seats of government.  If you believe that I am sure I can rustle up a beach or two in Arizona to sell you. I have already pointed out above that other than the common law courts and grand juries there are no vacated seats. Nathan Peachy claims that is not true because the current government is a corporation. No, it isn’t but it is ruled over by a corporation which you have given your permission to and all you have to do to get it back is withdraw that permission. Furthermore that corporation has all the power at the present time. A few hundred misguided souls strutting around pretending to be the new government are going to find out just how much power that corporation wields and it will not end well for them. The corporation will wait for the perfect opportune moment to glean the most advantage and gain the most mileage out of it before they make a move. This is what makes them so successful at what they do. The de facto actually does use some Common Sense even if they do use it to your detriment their advantage.
4.   Tim Turner has claimed that the de facto is anxious to peacefully relinquish the reins of government over to him. When I finish laughing I will attempt to point out the absurdity. In case you haven’t noticed we now have the most arrogant, strutting peacock in history sitting in the White House who just happens to also be a very racist black man. You would have to undergo a lobotomy to think that narcissistic impostor would ever voluntarily step down from his fantasy throne for anyone much less a Southerner whom he would perceive as a “Massa”.  On top of that Obama is dedicated to the promotion of Islam, that’s obvious so the idea that he would relinquish power to a self appointed Evangelistic  Messiah is just not in the realm of Common Sense.
5.   Tim Turner stated over and over again in his seminars that if his process were followed to the letter and the person was harassed or arrested by the de facto that he would be there in a flash to help. Many have been arrested, convicted and incarcerated for using that process. By the way that process was never complete and it was stolen from others, not written or developed by Tim Turner and yes I have spoken to those from whom it was taken and yes they can prove they were the original developers.  Not one finger has ever been lifted to assist those who used it when they were assaulted by the de facto. In fact just yesterday an innocent man was found guilty on 7 counts of mail fraud for using the process and not one finger has been raised to help him either. Since I first made a target of myself by standing up for right I have received dozens of letters from people who have been harmed in one way or another by Mr. Turner. The only thing any of these people are guilty of is a lack of discernment, the inability to recognize a very slick snake oil salesman when they see one.  
6.   Many of these sadly misled people have claimed that the Utah Document is the most beautiful document ever written. Let me share with you what some who read it recently had to say about its merit. What was NOT in the document was the claiming of everything for  "We The People" in and of the true Republic of the united states... ie: for all 300 million plus citizens…. If you are NOT a member of Tim Turner's National Government (Republic of/for the United States) you have NO CLAIM to this 10 page document laid claim to EVERYTHING from resources to military bases to national parks to HARRP and more, from boarder to boarder with metes and bounds for THE REPUBLIC OF/FOR The United States and its 'National" members…. It is subtle, it is written much like the 4 documents we all signed from the Oath to the Indigenous power....not "laid out" on one page, but in a number of pages with various statements made that TIE it all together when read in context. “At the end of 10 pages, what came to mind was the 'communist manifesto' and a socialistic written piece of trash. Who in their right mind could have signed that, or would they have if they had the opportunity to have read it all at one time in context (which they never did in Utah)” ….No person can hold public office without “national” approval…. When a representative who had been in Utah was questioned about the TT bills, the only comment was “the 12 bills are all in the document somewhere, they are a part of this document",   no way to know what each one was originally and  no way to say WHAT they actually were or POINT OUT which was which . In other words, this UTAH DOCUMENT had been "pre-written" for all of them and they were given a page or two of this document to "work on" to correct spelling and grammar and maybe "add" or "remove" a word or line or two, that was HOW this document was "written" in UTAH….. We were allowed to read 10 pages and were told that UNKNOWN AMENDMENTS would be added at a later date but we would not know what those were or their actual contents.The other GLARING thing noted was all the CAPITALIZATION used throughout the document to describe what they were 'claiming'. They condemned many organizations including the AMA in the document and left some glaring ones (like Pharmacy Companies) out of the document.The people are defined as only those having OATHED THEMSELVES to the NATIONAL and therefore are the only ones who can VOTE OR HOLD OFFICE. Here is another individual’s statement after one of the recent regional meetings: 1)The name of the national entity has been changed which may or may not be significant. Is there an apparent reason to change the name other than to create a new entity? 2)Claims were made against the American Medical Association which may or may not be true. Since Doctors are rated as the most respected profession by the american public in at least some polls some evidence of these claims would be nice. 3)The document takes on the Fed and the banks. 4) The "accurate" Bible is included as a foundation reference document. What is accurate? Are those with other beliefs excluded? 5) Rangers become a national police force with little elaboration on how and why they operate. 6) At least one governor apparently believes the document gives him king like authority in his state with silence and apparent acquiescence from other governors. 7) Those who do not join the new republic have no say in the republic and apparently their property has been claimed along with everything else. In other words we the people are apparently defined as those who have joined the republic. 8) The equipment in the care and possession of the military is claimed. 9) The military itself is largely left alone and may be somewhat exempt. Is this because of confidence in the institution?  Is it a request for support? Is this document a front for martial law that would make it appear to be by the people? 10) No mention was seen on how property is being claimed other than by the national entity. 11) The IRS was also challenged. 12) Tim stated that the prior document filed in March was a negative averment and this is a claim . He appeared to dismiss the flaws in the document as being irrelevant because of this. 13) Tim stated that he is an expert in admiralty law. This claim would provide more comfort if one of us knew someone personally that has successfully used his process, even on something small before we are placed against the de facto elephant. I do know two people that have worked for over a year trying to keep real estate using Tim's method without a positive resolution. 14) We heard again the words "you're the boss" from Tim, while the document was not only kept secret, there was an attempt to prevent disclosure of any information to other assembly members not at the meeting by one of the governors running the meeting. This governor indicated that anyone not liking his rules could get their butt out. 15) We also heard the phrase again, "we've already won" from Tim. 16) Tim has stated in his seminars that not everyone has a right to a claim (if your basis is false for instance), but everyone has a right to a counterclaim. In other words when a claim is made that hasn't been proven or cannot be proven then the party making the claim is liable to a counterclaim.  17) Nowhere in the Document could I find a statement of indication this document included "We The People" as relating to the ALL of the people of the united States for OR of the Republic.  It read consistently about ALL being more about the INTENT of Assets Claimed and/or "republic National signed up" members.
18) If the above INTENTION was for only the People who have 'signed up" for the Republic Nation "for" the united states , and IF our already signed documents of both Jural Covenant and the National Reps and Governors documents  has included language that can be construed as having “signed over"  our POWER to this National Entity, then even the Republic People who "signed up" have no ownership or is the SAME THING WE HAVE NOW....a de facto Nation government, laying claim to everything YOU own, including your personal Fortunes derived  today or tomorrow.
I cannot help but feel this Structure as I see it laid out and as it has developed by a "broken" pattern, TOP DOWN, it appears to be ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, THE ASSETS, and laying their hands on your future funds, lands and sovereignty that will be returned to all we the people when we are announced  "Constitutional", which comes along with the Announcing of the US CORPORATION bankruptcy and New Banking System. In other words, this smells of
"Jim Jones" cult...which was also a CIA 'operation". The people interviewed expressed utter shock and revulsion at the thought of anyone signing such an insane piece of trash. Nowhere in the document were the words “we the people” or “whole country” used and nowhere was the whole population included. Even after reading the document through twice nothing even remotely resembling the Republic of our founders could be found. The entire document was written to claim the entire country for "NATIONAL" and it’s MEMBERS, claiming rights to ALL PROPERTY of every kind from LAND to WATER and Natural Resources to HARRP, and more. I don’t know about any of you out there but this is explanation enough for me as to why they have gone to such great lengths to keep this abomination secret and why they would not want the whole assemblies to read it. It more than explains why they are now desperate to get a signature from every state. It no longer matters to them whether or not the signers are authorized by their respective state assemblies to sign or not, indeed whether or not they even have a state assembly. I now see why the fake urgency to run out to Utah to get this done knowing full well that all elected officials would never fall for it. Forget Common Sense its existence isn’t even possible in this insanity. I can tell you for sure the current de facto would love that document or is that the real purpose of it? I have said it didn’t matter what was in the document because the whole thing is a scam, I stand corrected. Not only is it a scam, but that document does indeed matter, its proof positive that something very dark is at hand. I disagree with only one line above, it’s much worse than a “Jim Jones” cult, it’s much closer to Adolph Hiter, Mao or Stalin!
7.   Tim Turner has claimed to be transparent and honest, a man of God. In fact he claims God told him to do all of this. The man travels the country on other people’s money, borrows and does not pay back and has even bad mouthed and vilified those he owes when they attempt to be repaid. He has not respected his friends or his spouse who he divorced this past year all the while claiming to be a man of God. Somebody please show me where in the Holy Bible God says he will speak to you through Tim Turner. Where is it written that God needs a switchboard and Tim Turner will be the operator? God speaks to every one of us. We don’t always listen and we certainly do not always heed his words but that doesn’t mean he isn’t speaking.
8.   Tim Turner claims that there is an organized de facto group placed to destroy from within but in the same speech, claims the de facto are ready to turn the country over to him. Am I the only one with enough Common Sense left to notice how absurd that is? Was it only my Mother who taught that you can’t have it both ways, have your cake and eat it too? The claims get wilder by the day and the desperation is palpable.
9.   On last night’s national call I am told the claim was made that the Carl Sedlack/Unbroker call was a fake call set up by the de facto. Now that, was not only a blatant lie but a highly stupid one. Why? Because there were two other individuals on that call that Carl did not know were there. Yep, two witnesses one of which, you guessed it, was me. Can I prove that? Of course, I wouldn’t say it otherwise. I have the screenshot of the conference call board. You see the unbroker is not stupid either and he knew there were only two possible reasons for Mr. Sedlack to seek a conversation with him. Either he was once again pursuing funding by claiming Tim Turner was no longer involved with the Republic as he had done with an actual money source some weeks ago or he was on a fishing expedition or both. In either case it would be wise to have witnesses wouldn’t it? Especially since, like me, the unbroker had already been slandered and lied about in public on more than one occasion.  It’s also very interesting that Mr. Sedlack called another well known person who has been maliciously and unjustly maligned afterwards to say that Tim had fired him because of the call. Now would Tim do that if poor Mr. Sedlack had been set up and the call was fake? On the other hand I do recall how Kelby Smith was “fired” and “hired” right back, it seems even Tim is aware of the fact that appearances may be important to your agenda. Now don’t be too hard on Mr. Sedlack, he is a business man whose agenda is spelled m-o-n-e-y and I am a firm believer in capitalism. I don’t blame him one iota for seeking a solution to his problems. After all Tim has been stringing him along promising to pay the lease on that building in Michigan for a very long time and not a dime has come forth nor will it. Ouch, 30k a month just to maintain an empty building of that size is nothing to sneeze at. I imagine it’s even higher now, its winter in Michigan and we all know what that means in terms of energy bills. Of course Mr. Sedlack told some lies on that call too but those were to be expected as well. Why would he not at least try to cover his own backside? Remember he was the one who sought to contact the unbroker in the first place and that too can be proven.
10.                 An email from the Illinois governor went out announcing that the Republic needed help in “re-seating” nine states that had been lost because of de facto disinfo and it needed to be done in the next two weeks. Perhaps she should have been told that those nine states had never been part of the Republic in the first place. Disinfo? But hey what’s another lie or two? There are people all over the country signing a document which would hand over the entire nation to a self proclaimed holy man and his minions who are not even authorized to speak for their assemblies let alone their whole states.
11.                 Tim Turner and the people he called to be there with him, some 25 or more (many wearing side arms), claim that a recent visit from the FBI and DOJ was just to cheer them on, say what a good job he is doing and offer their help. Hmmm I will just ask a question here. Have you ever heard of the FBI or DOJ taking along obviously armed agents wearing camouflage and stationing them outside a building in which they were going to conduct a friendly howdy doody meeting? Or do you think perhaps their original intent may have changed when they entered the building to find themselves confronted with armed individuals. Me, I think he won’t get a warning next time. So far three FBI offices in three separate states have advised separation from these people. One of them did say that even that will not help you if there is any violence even indirectly if it can be proven that you are continuing to attend their calls or engage in email communication.  Once again I am reminded of my Mother and her words involving that cake… Common Sense would clearly indicate fence sitting in this case is apt to prove unwise. Side note: if you want to appear peaceful do you present your strength in arms or do you maybe present prayers or bibles instead?
12.                 Also on last night’s call it was claimed that Georgia has been seated. NOW THAT IS A BIT HARD since Georgia hasn’t yet taken its final vote and won’t until this coming Sunday. Not to mention that many have already voted to shred the documents they signed. Now a few individuals can decide to sign that disastrous de facto document if they choose but in so doing they do not represent the Georgia Republic, they represent themselves only. Georgia is an independent Republic as are all the other states and she will not be taken over by a few people who act without the permission of the rest of the body. Only a majority vote will determine Georgia’s direction.  
13.                 Tim Turner was supposed to go to Florida this week. Unfortunately for the Florida folks some of them were less than discreet and published on various forums that they intended to put Mr. Turner’s feet to the fire and demand proof of all his claims when he got there. That would certainly explain why an invitation for Tim to go to Atlanta to meet with the few who were interested in hearing him turned into a regional meeting so that the Florida folks and others would have to travel there instead wouldn’t it? Not one single claim Tim Turner has made has ever come to pass and not one shred of proof has ever been given. You wouldn’t even buy a used car just on the word of the owner sight unseen. Or would you?
14.                 I was told that Tim Turner was willing to forgive me and welcome me and my colleagues back with open arms and we should go to the Atlanta meeting however one of our Senators could never come back into the Republic. That proves it; this man has entered the Twilight Zone. First off not me or any other elected Georgian has anything to apologize for, quite the contrary. We might even have been willing to meet the man had he manned up, admitted his lies and the personally sanctioned attacks on us but that didn’t happen.  All of that however is nothing compared to the statement that one of us could never be welcome in the Republic. Somebody please tell me how that even resembles the Republic our founders gave us. That overblown clown even stated in his Christmas message that some should be prohibited from serving in their states. DOES THIS EVEN LOOK LIKE FREEDOM TO YOU? Has everyone lost their ever loving minds?

So, has Common Sense disappeared? Are we all in the Twilight Zone? If I hear one more person say to me, “well I know this isn’t perfect but it’s the only game in town”, I am going to scream until I pass out. Is it better to do something you know is wrong than to do nothing? Is it better to follow a man you know is lying to you than to stand on your own? Remember truth can stand the test of time and light, lies cannot. There is no truth which cannot stand open debate and discussion. There is no pure agenda which cannot stand being carefully scrutinized by all it stands to effect. There is no magic pill, no easy fix. It’s not possible for this country to be saved this way in fact it can lead only to failure and disaster. There is but one way to save this nation and that starts with you and me and every other adult in the land. Until we each start standing and taking our share of the responsibility for this mess we brought on ourselves nothing will change. Why should your neighbor stand if you won’t? How will your neighbor even know he should stand if you don’t share with him what you know? How can our children have pride in their country, learn personal responsibility or how to be free if their parents don’t? The answer is not a new government it’s a new paradigm, new thinking, mass education and common law. This means truth, absolute truth, not national leaders. We are the leaders, each of us leading the other back to our hallowed halls of justice and the real America.

The only thing we need funding for is mass education, not a fake national government and ego driven men who seek glory in public office. Our founders got it done with nothing but HONOR. Where is that HONOR now? Wake up America, your time is now. Start caring again about your country, about your neighbors and about your future. Read your Constitution over and over again. Learn it, live it and share it.

Let this be remembered as the “Decade of We”. No more ME, ME, ME it must be WE, WE,WE as in “WE THE PEOPLE”! Let this be the decade we restore Common Sense, in our government, in our lives and in our children.



  1. Quote from above "WAKE UP! BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!
    Read the article below to see how all this was accomplished and how you have been taken for a fool."

    This implies that this "article" was sourced from somewhere and not authored by whom ever is posting on this blog. So I again ask, who owns this blog?

    What is the relationship to the RuSA of this blog?

    What is the source of this "article?"

  2. The blog owner is in the right hand side above. There is no association with RuSA anymore. There is no association with any group at this time and it's purpose is to provide truth and education for those interested in saving this country the right way. Unfortunately in order to that much wrong has to be exposed so the innocent don't get led down the garden path to a nasty destination not to mention the potential damage to the rest of the population who haven't been consulted.

    The article does source individuals who were able to read the entire Utah document in context. They immediately resigned thereafter but their names are not given without permission. Should they decide to give that permission they will be published. The personal experiences are those of the author and therefore the leading expert on the facts of them.

  3. Ok, so the blog owner is "John" and the author of the article is "anonymous?"

    I can understand that someone who attended the Utah event does not want their names published but someone had to write this article as it your title implies it was not you. So anything that is written above is not verifiable?

    I am only pressing because I have been a part of this for a very long time. I have friends who have gone to jail based on information given by people in trust. i would also be glad to spread any useful information if I can source it.

  4. Edmunde de Rothchild planned a World Conservation Bank under cover of saving the rare, endangered species by collateralizing the land and issuing special drawing rights to countries for their currency. The real reason for such animal specie altruism is to corner the resources of the world by a land grab. Problem is, currency is soft but the debt is firm. Interest on the debt that can't get paid will instantly forfeit land collateral along with valuable resources. Sovereign country loses land and resources, bankers gain control....New World Order.

  5. Just another snake oil vilifying the compettition

    1-Save the country the right way? WHAT MAKES YOUR RIGHT WAY better than anyone else's RIGTH WAY?
    2- unbroker and Sedlack - you mention Carl's lies WHEN WILL YOU MENTION Richard's MANY, MANY lies and no proof whatsoever of anything he said?

    3- Please show us your proof of a Divorce?

  6. Greg,

    Please email me at the blog address

  7. Exactly right DC and all other sources of funding have long been blocked from Mr.Turner. He did refuse the first time he was approached but things changed. Thus a complete TOP ONLY Republic and claim to all resources, lands, water ways and assets.

  8. don't know where TLGA got their info.. I was at the meeting with the FBI and DOJ. No one was there in camo with sidearms standing around. there were ladies and gentleman. makes me wonder how much of the other he wrote is "Embellished."

  9. 1-Save the country the right way? WHAT MAKES YOUR RIGHT WAY better than anyone else's RIGTH WAY?
    2- unbroker and Sedlack - you mention Carl's lies WHEN WILL YOU MENTION Richard's MANY, MANY lies and no proof whatsoever of anything he said?

    3- Please show us your proof of a Divorce?

    First the RIGHT WAY is commonly known there is only one thing missing the common law courts and juries that's it. It's not my way it's just the truth.

    Second.. I only know what Sedlak wasn't truthful about because I was involved in the event asked about so had first hand knowledge. I have no knowledge of anything Richard said that wasn't true. If you do, then you provide the proof.

    Third.. Look it up, Houston County, Alabama

    What I find alarming as that of all I have shared above you singled those three issues out to be concerned about?

  10. don't know where TLGA got their info.. I was at the meeting with the FBI and DOJ. No one was there in camo with sidearms standing around. there were ladies and gentleman. makes me wonder how much of the other he wrote is "Embellished."

    The information came from someone else who WAS THERE and from another state's governor who was there unbeknown to those inside and was on the phone with me at the time.

  11. Keep putting the TRUTH out there! Sooner or later, the TT sheeple will get the message, but it may be too late for them. As I've said many times, you just can't fix stupid. Greg is asking for "sourceful" information, yet he believes Tim Turner's claims??? What's wrong with this picture???

  12. I'll grant you one thing that you were right about Tim's private life had it calrified today from an involved party. No big deal people get divorced all the time and especially when you are away from your wife this long it can starin any relationship.
    God Bless them both and their families.

  13. To the person whose post will be removed shortly... It was removed for inappropriate language. Not here, not on this blog

    As for the divorce, yes you are right many of us have been there done that. That wasn't the point of the statement. Please take it in context.