Friday, January 7, 2011


This week a long awaited report from a government source revealed that Tim Turner is a valued de facto “asset”. His file is highly classified and his status is “on a field mission”. His position is with FEMA in the Crisis Management Division. That is the division responsible for the civilian incarceration camps. It would appear the purpose of the mission is to deliver unto FEMA the Patriots and unto the Bankers, the Country.
On RBN radio Tim was asked about his association with Rothschild’s nephew and he blatantly lied. He stated he had never met any of them.  Indeed he did meet the man in California many months ago. He has also on more than one occasion let that information slip. He also shared on a Washington State call that the man offered him One Trillion Dollars. He has shared that story a number of times with others as well. So which time were you lying Mr. Turner? Once again, you can’t have it both ways.  Please do not insult the people now by claiming the offer came by carrier pigeon, shoe phone, smoke signal or an independently wealthy extra terrestrial. In fact we won’t even buy land line, cell phone, email or fax.
During the broadcast the content was mostly the same old tired empty rhetoric and outlandish claims but there were a few twists this time. Turner claimed that the UN has appointed a person to identify, and all nations have, “Treaties” with extra terrestrials. In addition his Republic is a choice between life and death for the people, there are enough foreign troops here to “overpower” our own military and everyone who is standing up and demanding answers to reasonable questions or exposing the truth are not only a well organized group sent by the de facto but are in his words, “simple minded”.  
During my search for truth I have interviewed many people either smeared or personally hurt by Tim Turner, some incarcerated and left to rot, many having been fleeced for money they couldn’t afford to lose and dozens discredited publicly when they raised questions or objections. I have found not one person who could be tied to the de facto machine he keeps linking them with.  The solution is simple PROOVE IT MR. TURNER!
If you have CIA evidence, SHOW IT! If you have funding SHOW IT! You can feel free to use copies and black out sensitive information so SHOW IT! Where is the proof of other nations supporting anything you are doing? Private Citizens joining your fan club does not count.  IT’S TIME TO PUT YOUR PROOF WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS MR. TURNER. In fact it’s long past time.
This problem is simple and exactly the same as the issue of Obama’s birth certificate. Prove your claims and solve the problem, Common Sense.
How many times have we heard Tim Turner and CW Wright claim that national can and will do nothing against the will of the people or that your State Republic is sovereign and the people are boss? Why then have three states that I know of positively been told if they do not sign the document and do as national says their assemblies will be replaced? Is that the Republic our founders created?  Many of you have heard them say it so Common Sense dictates denial is pointless.
While positive results are nonexistent, wild claims are abundant from the Turner camp as we hear from him that the Republic is a “MANDATE OF THE ALMIGHTY” and we have to “TAKE POSSESION” of this country because God has already sanctioned it…ACCORDING TO WHO? He carefully skirts the details but claims to be creating a GLOBAL entity.  How on earth would Common Sense lead anyone to accept this man’s outrageous claims because he says God told him so? Do you know the definition of Cult Worship? He says he is preparing a Kingdom for the return of the Messiah and a government that will receive him. I truly must have missed the chapter in the bible that describes the second coming to include the necessity for a government waiting and ready to receive the Messiah let alone a TOP ONLY dictatorship poised to steal every single asset public and private in this nation.  Of course Nathan Peachy has claimed to some of the Nevada folks that Tim Turner, IS a Messiah. All I can say to that is once again, PROOVE IT! It’s been my belief for some time that the Messiah will not come to us in the form of a proven liar.
I can understand how so many people reading the same documents can come away with very different interpretations of what they have read but cannot discount those among their number having extensive experience in historical research and the structure of language when they proclaim those documents to be an abomination against our freedom. Add to that the fact that different pages from different documents are being shared around the country with the same claim, “It’s the Utah Doc”. Then of course there is the insistence that the Governors send documents signed by their assembly members to national. Where in a free Republic does a national government have the right to access anybody’s personal information? In a free Republic NOTHING COMES FROM NATIONAL AND NOTHING IS CONTROLLED BY NATIONAL! My gratitude and congratulations go out to those Governors with enough Common Sense to refuse, great job guys!
Another exceedingly alarming statement made by Turner on the RBN radio show was that we need to keep the 20 million illegal aliens in this country because when he restores jobs to the people who will pick the crops? Illegal’s are paid less than us so we have to have them to do the job no American will want to do. Are he and Obama brothers, first cousins or secret twins? Has he just put his sanction on SLAVE LABOR and the so-called patriot followers don’t get it? Next we’ll be hearing that we don’t really need borders because we don’t have enough slave nannies, gardeners, housekeepers and drug lords. Tim Turner continually claims to be restoring FREEDOM GLOBALLY, (uh I thought we all agreed ONE WORLD ORDER is not what we are after) yet he is down with Mexican Slavery. Ok this insane position defies Common Sense altogether so I’ll just leave it at that.
By the way, Carl Sedlak was “fired” by Tim for telling the unbroker the truth about his many lies to the people. Mr. Sedlak had no stake in this whole scam other than the promise of lease payments for his building in Michigan. That makes him an opportunistic Capitalist, so what? That is the basis of the free market system. The point is Mr. Sedlak after realizing that Turner was lying all these months about the money was never going to come forth with the lease payments and in the meantime he is stuck with the maintenance bill topping 30k a month on a building he has no use for. Common Sense tells me that he had nothing to gain by not answering the unbroker’s questions truthfully. So now Mr. Sedlak gets to join the exponentially growing ranks of the “well organized de facto machine” hell bent on bringing down the Republic. Welcome to the club Mr. Sedlak perhaps somebody should have warned you against being truthful.
There is no attack against the patriots of America there is only truth being exposed about Tim Turner and his inner circle. The only danger to the people of the Republic is Tim Turner himself and his employer, the Corporation Government known as the United States. Why do you think the de facto has left him alone thus far?  Make no mistake, if they wanted him gone, he would be. You don’t really think his pathetic body guards could stop the de facto from taking him out when they managed to take out more than 3000 people in the World Trade Towers just to cover a massive theft and disguise the purpose of starting a war do you? Or do you really think the “Great Impostor” in the White House is actually planning to hand over his throne?
I have already shared the contents of both Utah Docs given to me by those having read them with the expertise to understand true meaning, language used and the Common Sense to get out of the prisoner pen while the getting is good but it amazes me that every state is not completely up in arms over THEIR state’s natural resources being high jacked and monetized by any national entity. Turner claims his is the only game in town, the only solution, the only hope……. And the sheep follow. I submit that if our only hope in America is this sleazy snake oil salesman we are in far more trouble that we thought because Common Sense is indeed DEAD! LET’S HOPE IT JUST HAS A KILLER HEADACHE!



  1. OK, where's the evidence?

    You talk about "a long awaited report from a government source revealed that Tim Turner is a valued de facto “asset”.

    How about sharing the report as evidence to support your position?

  2. No problem, just as soon as Tim Turner puts his proof where his mouth is so will I. By the way his word is worth less than nothing so it will have to be more substantial than that.

  3. It would be helpful and honorable for either party to verify the claims being advanced.

  4. As to this party, absolute proof will be provided very soon.