Tuesday, January 25, 2011


At long last the traitorous actions of the U.S. Corporation, James Timothy Turner and all other cabalist organizations have been defeated.  Mr. Turner’s false claim of intention to file secret documents with The Hague will now be known to all for the insidious plot against the people that it is. Turner was served with legal notice this past week of the Historical event which has taken place.
The war against the indigenous peoples of this continent began many hundreds of years ago with the first invasion of Europeans. That war has now been finished once and for all. Divine justice has prevailed and the land stolen from the Native Peoples has been restored.
This has been done by lawful Stitution which has been filed at the UN, UPU, Inspector General of the United States Postal Service, United States Military and United States Supreme and World Courts. This was filed and accomplished in early November of 2010. The same Stitution and notification has been sent to all original thirteen colonies as of today.
Obama and the entire corporation have been served notice they are trespassing on Native land and are operating a false government and must desist.  All states will now revert to Indian Nation Law under the various nations within their respective territories.  Indian Nation Law is based on Nature’s Law and returns this land to the jurisdiction of our Creator. Any person wishing to remain on the land in this country will be REQUIRED to claim that right by signing the last page of the stitution document attached here and return it to:

Empirical Office
C/O: 27-7 Riverstone Road

Those who choose not to comply will be provided a means to leave this land. The monetary system will return to a metals based currency very soon. Infrastructure will not be replaced but will be re-vamped to comply in alignment with a free people. Taxes will be abolished to be replaced by a flat percentage of income (15%) which will be paid to the Indian Nation, rightful owners of the land.
As this Historical event unfolds I will endeavor to compile the answers to the questions which will undoubtedly commence from this day forward. For now I will simply try to provide a brief history and explanation of how this could take place.
Centuries ago when this great continent was invaded by Europeans who were from Patriarchal Societies, (ruled by men) those men simply assumed the Indigenous People here were ruled by men as well. In fact the Indian Nations were a Matriarchal Society, meaning the tribal chiefs who were induced to sign treaties with the Europeans were never authorized to do so. All treaties were not only signed by unauthorized men they were for the most part signed with X’s and witnessed by white men. The unlawful treaties have now been proven to be null and void as they were contracts which could not be enforced by reason of the fact that the men who signed could neither read nor write and they were not signed by the true leaders of the nations, the women.
First In Line Is First In Time: First In Time Is First In Line
This is indeed a day of celebration in freedom!



  1. Will we see any changes such as those in the White House actually vacating it and the people told officially the IRS and taxing system is gone or will U.S. government continue as it is? How will all the citizens find out about the papers they have to sign to stay in the U.S.? Can we expect any changes and if so when approximately?

  2. Very interesting, TLGA. The call the other night was fascinating. Please keep us up to date on anything further you learn about this. This may possibly indeed be THE answer. I don't know what it will take for this to move forward, but let's hope a way can be found.

  3. More information will be posted in a few days.

  4. Would like to know if the call mentioned by Gary would be available to access? Also, would like to be made aware of your other posting sites, if any. Looking for righteousness to prevail in this land; may the Lord God hear and guide us. Thank you.

  5. My articles end up posted on other sites because I don't copyright what I write and that is because this blog is about information, education and enlightenment not ownership. So I never know where they will end up.

    As for the call Gary was talking about the recording wasn't there last time I looked but it was a talk shoe call with the Empirical Office.

  6. [QUOTE]TLGA said...More information will be posted in a few days. January 28, 2011 8:34 AM[/QUOTE]

    Looking forward to more information. We are in the 11 hour of financial disaster and if the U.S. government has their way, the loss of all our freedom. I don't know if there is time to save the U.S. from all of this but I think that we all hope and pray there is. thanks for all this info, TLGA

  7. I wonder how they’re going to handle the DNA evidence that shows Europeans were the first people and not the so called Native Americans. The proof is irrefutable and this posting has got to be the joke.

  8. About time someone called this for what it is!

  9. I think some may miss the point. Whether or not the Empirical office is successful is irrelevant. The point is that a claim has already been made and it was done ahead of anyone else. Tim Turner cannot claim even if he could which he can't. He has been gearing up to disappear. For how long who knows but he certainly isn't going to Europe because he is on the no fly list as he found out when he attempted to fly to California. He never left Alabama. He was not at the Newport Dunes event because he was still in Alabama. He did not fly out of LAX and use his ID with the TSA because he was and still is in Alabama. So why is he saying he is going to Europe? You figure it out. Rowboat from a long pier under the radar?

  10. Teri have you seen these comments about you???

    BS-Pilot | February 5, 2011 at 9:59 pm | Reply

    I confess, I told TGLA teri Pain in the that Tim did not fly. Thought she would be confused and show some ignorance in a future post. I see she has done just that with the really inside information. :)

    Mississippigal | February 5, 2011 at 10:18 pm | Reply

    BS Pilot You are bad, you should not mess with Teri Tinkle. She is Confused enough already. :)
    Rocknee, yes I can refute Teri Tinkle’s comments and yes she is a liar. I would hope everyone has figured out who she is and what she is trying to do by now(but failing miserably). That chain smokin woman is about to be in some hot water.

    We had a great assembly today in Hattiesburg! I enjoyed it very much!

  11. First off I have never spoken to BS, I did however see his comment that Tim doesn't fly. I responded that if Tim said that and I heard him claim to have flown from LAX LAST WEEK which he could not have done, one of those statements was a lie, DUH! So if BS was lying and Tim was lying they are both proven liars. Ipso facto, end of story.

  12. Teri, maybe his name is BS for a good reason :)

  13. This email is from Nathan Peachy in answer to Terry Tinkle stuff, that I deleted.

    Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2011 13:37:27 -0500
    From: “Nathan Peachey”
    LAX is in California. Tim Flew out of Alabama to LAX and back again using the Travel Warrant so did I and a number of others.

  14. Ah well if Peachey says so it must be true. How then do you explain eye witnesses who can corroborate that TT never left Alabama that week. And how do you explain after TT claimed that the Security Council doc was just an "idea" that was on the table but was rejected did Peachey claim this in an email; "Please pass this information to all your Grand Juries and all the members by email.
    WORD TO THE WISE.......TO THOSE WITH EYES TO SEE AND EARS TO HEAR Please read the docs carefully and listen to this 20 minute audio training tape.......Very shortly we will be opening the doors to accepting people that would desire to be trained in leadership networking and would like to sit around private leadership decision making tables of the Restore America Security Council which is a private networking of people and is the private WE THE PEOPLE voice of the private American people that will oversee the Public side of government in assistance with the Grand Juries doing what they are to do.


    Watch your emails for tomorrows paperwork and the phone call tomorrow night.
    tell all your members and juries to expect to be required to convene with a deadline of Monday night.....
    Blessings to all of you.....
    Nathan Peachey"

    Or how about the fact that he blatantly lied numerous times about me on national calls after having spoken to me on the phone and knowing that what he said was a complete fabrication and departure from the truth?

    How do you explain FBI agents in 9 states now specifically saying they are investigating the fraudulent sales of those ID's, two of them were sitting on my couch!

    How about several Federal Officers in Washington state saying several times during a 6 hour interrogation of one Republic member that Turner, and all those involved in both RAP and the Republic are indeed now considered domestic terrorists and are on an active Homeland Security watch list. That did not come from some letter that is circulating but from their own mouths....

    Do you honestly think people who are lying to you are suddenly going to fess up and say, oh well I guess we're busted? Not likely and especially not likely now since they are gearing up to disappear under the excuse of going to Europe. How much money will they fleece out of the people over the weeks it will take before the public knows they have been had?

    At least for now you are free in this country to choose your flavor of Kool Aid, or to choose not to drink it at all. To each his own.