Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Amidst emerging information concerning lies and corruption at the core of the Republic of/for the united States of America are basic questions which should have raised the hackles of any individual with the slightest knowledge of our founding documents:
·         Was it always corrupted or did it start out with pure intent and then take a turn to the dark side?
·         How did we start out with a reasonable, lawful approach and end up with a treasonous fantasy?
·         Why would the de facto ignore this well known movement until now?
While those are valid questions they do not address the one most vital:
·         What creates a Congress?
Until the creation of our Constitution for the United States of America there was no Congress as we know it today. The Constitution created a Congress with two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Before that there was only a group of individuals from thirteen colonies who came together to form a “Continental Congress” for the purpose of creating a form of government for the new nation. The first charter they created was the Articles of Confederation.
The Articles of Confederation were adopted by the Continental Congress on November 15, 1777. It served as the first Constitution from March 1, 1781 until 1789 when the present Constitution went into effect. Under the Articles of Confederation there was ONE Congress acting as ONE body. Laid out within was:
Article II. Each State retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every power, jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this confederation, expressly delegated to the United States, in Congress assembled.
Article V, clause 2, No State shall be represented in Congress by less than two, nor by more than Seven Members; and no person shall be capable of being delegate for more than three years, in any term of Six years; nor shall any person, being a delegate, be capable of holding any office under the united States, for which he, or another for his benefit, receives any salary, fees, or emolument of any kind.
The obvious point here is that two houses of congress coming before the existence of the Constitution is the proverbial “Cart Before The Horse” and that cart won’t roll. What we have here is a failure to understand.  Where then, did the authority come from for each state to elect 10 representatives and 2 senators to two houses of congress that DID NOT AND COULD NOT YET EXIST? Even so, both fictitious houses and the rest of the elected officials attended a so called “convening conference call” on September 23, 2010 for the purpose of taking an oath of office and electing a president (never mind there was only one candidate which means it couldn’t have really been an election but simply a confirmation). 
This is ludicrous and ridiculous when you consider that still no Constitution existed for the fledgling Republic. Instead a vote was taken to “adopt” a pre-1860 Constitution, specific version to be determined later. So now there are two houses of congress and a president without a Constitution, Rule of Law, metes and bounds and lo and behold it also miraculously has a Judicial branch as well; Branch of what?  A lack of a Constitution means no government, no structure and yes boys and girls no validity whatsoever!
Still, things marched on until after much dissention and outcry over keeping the imaginary elected officials compartmentalized and separated from one another a process emerged whereby the “Congress” was able to convene under its own power and elect its own “Speaker of the House” and “Senate Pro Tem”. During the second Senate call the name of the nation and the Rule of Law was voted on and established; however neither house had as yet adopted a Constitution so both houses were by definition non-existent. What a quandary!
No problem, all of sudden it is announced by the Executive Branch (also non-existent), that there is great urgency and all must be done in person. Oh no, the Chinese are loaded on ships and bee lining to our shores. You are going to die, your children will die and your grandchildren! Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh MY!!! Suddenly it is imperative that all states send representatives to Utah to get the job done (you know, the job that was already done).  I won’t go off in another direction and discuss the real reason it had to be done. Besides for anybody with a reasonable amount of intelligence, discernment and Common Sense that should be obvious.
To make matters even more ridiculous than it already was Nathan Peachey on a national call claimed to have a “breakfast epiphany”! Eureka! According to the Constitution (the one that still didn’t exist), they only needed one representative from each state to go on out to the Beehive State.
Okay, now comes the crux of situation…. Since there was no Constitution, therefore no government, no two houses of congress and no branches to be represented, WHAT IS THE ONLY DEFINITION POSSIBLE OF THE BODY THAT MET IN UTAH?
Remember they hadn’t even voted to accept the Articles of Confederation therefore the body assembled in Utah could ONLY have been a CONTINENTAL CONGRESS, meaning a body of individuals from states represented. Indeed afterwards, even though he now denies it, Nathan Peachey said so. So what, you say. Well, since the one thing they didn’t do in Utah was hold a “national election”, Tim Turner is not and never was any kind of president. What they did do after returning from Utah and claiming the duly elected Senate Pro Tem had resigned when he hadn’t, was to hold another election in order to put in the handpicked candidate they wanted in the first place, the one who in the first election got the least amount of votes.
Right now, as we speak, the president of the Republic Fantasy is none other than the “unduly elected” Senate Pro Tem, Jim Geiger of Alabama. God help the Republic!
On the other hand if establishing a Republic wasn’t the original goal but rather the Restore America Plan Security Council so diligently put to pen and audio by Nathan Peachy some months ago and if the people are satisfied with a Communist Manifesto as their ruling document, all is just peachy (pun intended).
One has to wonder though why are they traveling around the country showing different documents or parts thereof at each location? If they really think they have formed a Republic then Common Sense has truly passed on to other realms of reality but if they have formed the dictatorship outlined in the Security Council document all is crystal clear. That surely explains how a group of people from one state could suddenly and miraculously BECOME the elected body of another doesn’t it?
The American public has had it up to the proverbial throat with secrecy, back door deals, subterfuge and lies yet hundreds of them need only be told by one man that God has sent him and they will accept all of that without question.  I feel obliged to point out at this point that GOD DOESN’T DO ANYTHING IN THE DARK!
It is now claimed that there is a Well Funded Luciferian de facto group, of which it is said I am a part, that has infiltrated the Republic to overthrow it or some such nonsense and I am smeared from one end of the country to the other.  Now while I truly couldn’t care less what these people say, I really must ask a question; if Tim Turner was really sent by God and if God really wants him to lead this nation back to freedom, how could a flat broke grandmother in Georgia or any other of the demonized patriots raising valid questions stop him?
I’m sorry; the logic of that question requires Common Sense to be discerned and those of you with your heads screwed on straight need not be asked it in the first place.
So what came first? The Republic or the Constitution? The Chicken or the Egg?

Interesting footnote: This writer finds it more than a little deplorable that Mr. Turner after TERMINATING all his liens pending in court (didn’t want to put his own backside in the grey bar palace I guess), didn’t let out a peep to give a heads up to all those innocent folk to whom he charged exorbitant fees to teach them his process that he had done so. No wonder there is no response from Turner when they find themselves in very hot water with the de facto. Did God instruct him to do that too?

This came to me via email today…..
I used to consider Tim Turner a good friend. We were confederates with a dozen other Christian men committed to restoring the republic. All of us had standing invitations to attend any of his seminars as his guest. We had numerous private meetings with him.

All that to say this: NONE of those dozen men, including me, will now have anything to do with Tim unless he repents of his current insanity. I attended a meeting a few months ago with Tim and a few of those men in a last ditch effort to get to the bottom of what Tim was up to. Of primary concern to me was to find out exactly how he intends to "restore" the constitutional republic, which was created by 13 independent and autonomous republics, without the advice and consent of those republics. Since none of those original republics have been restored, except for North-Carolina where i live, how is it possible to restore the gov't at the national level? Even if the "law of necessity" be the rationale, as he says, where is the escape plan from this "provisional" gov't. What is the exit strategy? How do you convince a handful of men to relinquish so much power once it is obtained? How do you force the submission of a "top down" gov't to a "bottom up" republic? The obvious answer is: the military. Would that be the same military that was just allegedly used to put the new "provisional" gov't in power?

C'mon, we're all smarter than that. At least i hope we are, though frankly I wonder. It is my sad opinion that Tim is being influenced, possibly controlled by sinister forces. I know he is not the same man that I used to know. He's become irrational, intractable and unresponsive to probative questions. Besides, formation of a provisional gov't has NEVER in history resulted in the restoration of anything. It has always been the precursor to a completely new gov't structure, the destruction of the previous gov't. Indeed it probably cannot be otherwise.

I was a last minute participant in an attempt to restore a constitutional republic in Montana state back in '96. We all went to prison---well, most of us did. Only those who cooperated with the feds escaped. However, i now know what the fatal flaw was in all that LeRoy and the men of Justus township did. They formed a new gov't on the soil of an existing government's jurisdiction. Justus township was created under the auspices of the constitutional republic of Montana state, Garfield county!! In case you missed the significance of that, they claimed to be restoring a legitimate government, pursuant to the constitution of Montana. Had they gone to the other inhabitants of the pre-existing township where they lived, and got a referendum to alter the township's status, its name, etc., there would have been no flaw. What they did made them insurrectionists because what they did was unlawful.

What Tim Turner is doing is even more unlawful than that. He is abrogating every law possible. There is no foundation anywhere for what he is doing. His claim is that the Declaration of Independence represents his authority; but what he fails to understand is that what followed the signing of the Declaration was a long, expensive and bloody war! In the end, the Tories won anyway.

My main concern is that Tim is being used to set up the next major assault on the patriot community. I'm afraid it will end with bloodshed and lots of people going to prison for a very long time.

 That's the way I see it.

Steven Charles Hance



  1. For the second time I have disallowed a comment. The ranting letter was in response to a letter that is NOT published and will NOT be published on this blog. So to the person who wrote it, I suggest you actually contact the authorities and get your facts straight. Then if you feel you need to write a letter, send it to the person you address it to, not this blog.

  2. The Turner debacle has all the characteristics of a 'psyop' and a cult. A psyop is best exemplified by what the FBI did to the SDS.... they created the Weathermen and they did the bombings a la patsies. To destroy the movement. Sounds a lot like TT's crew. It is also a cult... the procedures utilized at the Utah 'convention' .. also typified classic mind control strategies. I don't think I have much pity for those still ensorcelled ... perhaps I should have... but they have had every opportunity to wake up. An unusual willingness to be deceived, to accept unthinkingly anyone who claims to be of God and general naivete reflect their collective mind sets. I suppose it is a pity though in that, understandably, they wish a change from the corruption and machinations of the elites. We ALL do. Unfortunately, they have chosen the wrong horse to ride .... a horse most providentially provided by the minions of those self-same elites.