Thursday, October 28, 2010


In 1776 in plain down to earth language Thomas Paine spoke to the common people of America for the first time in open print and raised the wish for independence from Great Britain. His publication was entitled “Common Sense.”
In 2009 Radio and Television Host Glenn Beck wrote his own version of Thomas Paine’s work, Glenn Beck’s Common Sense. The Case Against An Out-Of-Control Government having taken inspiration from Thomas.
The time has come for yet another missive of title and consequence firmly grounded in COMMON SENSE. These many months after the RAP declarations were served and as a result after much work and confusion the Restored Republic came forth to embrace the people. “We The People” find ourselves once more in possession of the greatest gift on earth from heaven, our freedom. If we choose to claim it, that is.
With freedom comes great responsibility and in our case there are strings attached to our very ability to reclaim our nation and go forth into the future in peace, love, and prosperity. Two issues have been at the forefront of inquiry since the beginning, military support and funding. Military support will come only when we have funding in place to pay them. Standing armies and operational navies don’t come free and are an incredible expense to the nation. In addition to the obvious, expenses, tanks, guns, planes and ammo, the hundreds of thousands of men and women serving this country must be paid. Funding is another matter.
The pre-requisite conditions under which the Republic of the United States of America will be funded were recently revealed to this writer. These conditions are really very simple. Anyone with an ounce of COMMON SENSE, can not only understand them, but should be grateful they exist. First, the Republic must have three fully functioning branches of government: Legislative, Judicial, and Executive. Second, we must have a quorum (majority number) of states (Republics) that have their interim governments in place.
Sounds pretty simple on the surface, but there is one underlying caveat - it must be done in a manner that is 100% consistent with the original Constitution, and according to the instructions laid out so eloquently by our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence. As has been stated since the beginning, the original United States was a collection of sovereign Republics in the union, and operated only until 1860. Under the original Constitution the States controlled the Federal Government; the Federal Government did not control the States and had very little authority.  That means; in order to restore our nation to its original structure under our true de jure Constitution we must go back to the state of that document as it was in 1860 before the de facto corporation quite literally kidnapped it. Until that is done and done right, THERE WILL BE NO FUNDING. That my friends, IS SIMPLE.  What isn’t so simple is how we bring this about.
The “how” is the focus of this article, but before I go any further I must remind you that I have never asked you to believe me. In fact I want you to do your own due diligence and check out what I say. Question me loudly if necessary, but first and foremost verify all that you can before you form an opinion. Having said that, I ask that you read, absorb, question and consider all I have to say from a very basic level of COMMON SENSE.
I have said that everything depends on doing this right and we must operate from a view of our true Constitution circa pre-1860. That means any amendments added to the Constitution after 1860 including the current 13th are null and void, do not exist and cannot be considered. Naturally one of the first tasks required of Congress will be to correct certain deficiencies such as the slavery issue and women’s suffrage but again it must be done properly.
Currently a quorum of states (hereafter referred to as Republics), having had their individual Grand Juries and assemblies seated have elected 10 delegates (congressmen), 2 statesmen (senators), one Governor and one Chief Justice each to seat the minimum requirement to operate and represent themselves in Congress. Given the fact that we are still without funding and in these hard times most if not all of these brave individuals cannot take it upon their own to fund travel and expenses in order to convene. The Restored Republic chose to use technology and conference call to enjoin Congress for the first time.
During that first session all present were sworn in, the people voted to accept Timothy James Turner as the interim president, five Supreme Court Justices and a number of people also serving in the Executive branch in positions unknown were announced. This vote was to seat the official Interim government of the Original Restored Republic of the united States of America. It was a momentous occasion filled with joy and elation as we brought forth our long lost and almost forgotten nation. Those of us who took part were honored and will hold the occasion in treasured memory for the rest of our lives.
Sadly, but certainly not unexpectedly some grave concerns over decisions made and procedures put into place have arisen since that night. Keep in mind that we must maintain absolute proper procedure under the correct Constitution. 
After having convened, the Republics waited for data base type information to be distributed so that they could know who their various colleagues were. When that didn’t happen some began to send in requests for such information to the Executive level. At around the same time it was brought to my attention that documents vital to the people were being completed via electronic method. Those documents would never stand in a court of law should the need ever arise. Both of these issues I felt were of serious concern.  I wrote a letter on the subject of the documents pointing out that they must be done in wet ink signature in order to be lawful. I sent that letter to all on the Presidential Advisory Board including the President who was the only one to answer. His answer was that I was right and he had requested all documents having previously been done electronically be properly resubmitted. This is why I encouraged all of you to contact your ambassadors and have your documents completed correctly.
Meanwhile I considered the issue resolved and turned my attention back to the data base requests, which were all met with opposition. The second time Congress was convened via tele-conference we were informed that we must vote for a Chair and Vice Chair of the House and a President Pro Tem for the Senate, and that the Vice President (who we did not elect and were never given the opportunity to elect) would preside over the process. The elected officials were told they could nominate themselves or somebody else then send in a short biography. Those biographies would be sent out to all to see and at the next meeting a vote would be taken.
When some objected to having a Vice President we did not elect they were told that he was “Appointed” by the President. A claim to be Vice President by appointment of the President is an INVALID claim. The only possible reference for the validity of this claim is Amendment XXV ratified in 1967 by the CORPORATE STATES. By virtue of its date of ratification, it is not applicable to the organic Constitution as of 1860 and, therefore, INVALID. No such power existed in 1860. The only responsibility given to the Vice President in the Constitution is to be the President of the Senate. Therefore, it may be strongly argued that he may lead the Senate, but not the House, but only if he is properly seated as Vice President. (See Amendment XII and the Presidential Succession Act of 1792.)
Article I, Section 5 of the Constitution describes how both Houses of Congress should operate:

Section. 5.
Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members, and a Majority of each shall constitute a Quorum to do Business; but a smaller Number may adjourn from day to day, and may be authorized to compel the Attendance of absent Members, in such Manner, and under such Penalties as each House may provide.
Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member.
Each House shall keep a Journal of its Proceedings, and from time to time publish the same, excepting such Parts as may in their Judgment require Secrecy; and the Yeas and Nays of the Members of either House on any question shall, at the Desire of one fifth of those Present, be entered on the Journal.
Neither House, during the Session of Congress, shall, without the Consent of the other, adjourn for more than three days, nor to any other Place than that in which the two Houses shall be sitting.

Article I, Section 5 clearly states that each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members and determine its own Rules, provided a quorum equal to the majority of all members is present. The Executive branch may NOT interfere with this process.

Since both Houses of Congress are to determine their own rules, the Executive branch cannot determine who qualifies to be nominees for the leadership in both Houses. Nominees can only be vetted by the members of each of the respective Houses. (See Article I, Section 5 above.)

Remember, I have said that the funding will not happen if we do not do not do this lawfully. Many objections have been raised and people treated like stupid children for pointing out that which could destroy the Republic before she gets off the runway.

Twice the agenda was set to hold the unlawful election process in the congress. Both times many Representatives, Senators and others objected via email vehemently. Both elections were cancelled. Today, in answer to one delegate’s objection and call to lawfulness, several emails were sent to him citing corporate government type justification such as the following:

The following was pulled from the overview of “The Presidency and the Executive Branch.”
IX.    The Vice Presidency
A.      Traditionally the presidential candidate selects a vice presidential candidate who will appeal to voters. This usually means the presidential candidate will select someone who is from a different geographical area and who has different constituency strengths. Sometimes candidates also will select a running mate with a different philosophical perspective.  Examples include: Richard Nixon, a moderate from California, selecting Spiro Agnew, a conservative from Maryland; Jimmy Carter, a moderate from Georgia selecting Walter Mondale, a liberal from Minnesota; Ronald Reagan, a conservative from California selecting George H.W. Bush, a moderate from Texas; and George H.W. Bush, selecting Dan Quayle, a conservative from Indiana.
B.       Selecting the running mate on the basis of how well he or she would serve in a particular capacity would be a major break with tradition.  It would probably mean that the presidential candidate was not primarily concerned with the impact the vice presidential candidate would have on the election.  Since the major objective of the presidential candidate is to be elected it would seem unlikely that the decision of whom to select as a running mate would not be a political decision.  President Clinton did break with tradition in selecting Al Gore as his running mate.  Both men were from the South and both were considered to be moderates within the Democratic Party.  In his selection of Dick Cheney as his vice presidential running mate, President George W. Bush sought to include someone on the ticket who could compete with Al Gore’s national political experience, who voters recognized, as who was recognized in having strengths on issues like foreign policy, that some perceived as policy area weaknesses for Mr. Bush.
C.      Usually the presidential candidate selects someone who will help to balance the ticket.  While this may help to win the election, it presents some problems once the president has been elected.   The president is now faced with a vice president who has taken significantly different positions on major policy issues.  Ronald Reagan selected a running mate who was his chief rival for the Republican nomination.  When campaigning against Reagan, George H.W. Bush referred to Reagan’s economic views as “voodoo economics.” Within nine months of making this statement Bush was sworn into office as the vice president to President Reagan.  Al Gore chose Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman as his running mate, despite the fact that Gore and Lieberman had opposing views on school vouchers (Lieberman favored them, Gore did not). Once elected the vice president is relegated to perform the tasks assigned by the president, which in most cases are insignificant.
D.      While the vice president has few formal obligations, there is one major obligation that can occur:  replacing the president if the president resigns, dies, or is incapable of performing the duties of president.  On eight occasions the vice president has replaced the president.  Other than Nixon’s resignation, all have been due to the death of the president.  When the vice president replaces the president, he becomes the new president with all of the powers and duties as if he had been elected.  One major flaw with this system was that once the vice president became president there was no vice president.  On the first seven occasions when a vice president became president there was no way for the president to select a vice president.  After President Kennedy was assassinated and Vice President Johnson became the new president, Congress began to work on an amendment that would eliminate this problem.
E.       The Twenty-fifth Amendment was ratified in 1967 and was used twice in the next seven years.  This amendment states that a vice president replacing a president is the new president and can nominate a new vice president.  If a majority of both houses of Congress approve of the nominee the individual will be sworn into office as the new vice president.  One of the members of the House who supported this amendment was Carl Albert, who would become the next Speaker of the House.  In 1973 the vice president, Spiro Agnew, resigned.  President Nixon nominated the Minority Leader of the House, Gerald Ford. Ford was confirmed by both houses of Congress.  In August of 1974 President Nixon resigned and was replaced by Ford.  Had the Twenty-fifth Amendment not been ratified, Ford could not have become vice president.  This would have meant that Carl Albert, the Speaker of the House, would have had to replace Nixon as president.  Although it is possible Nixon would not have resigned if Ford was not the vice president, it is interesting to speculate as to what would have occurred without the new amendment. 
F.       One of the more controversial provisions in the Twenty-fifth Amendment concerns the ability of the president to perform his normal duties.  If the vice president and a majority of the principal officers of the executive departments (Cabinet) indicate to the leaders of Congress that the president is not capable of performing the duties of the office, the vice president shall assume power as the acting president.  Under what circumstances would the Cabinet and vice president submit such a letter to Congress?  Had this amendment been a part of the Constitution when President Woodrow Wilson had a stroke it would have placed the vice president and the cabinet in a difficult position.  If they had voted to replace the president, they would have been criticized for seeking the executive power.  If they had not voted to replace the president, they would have been criticized for failing to take action.  To date this provision of the Twenty-fifth Amendment has not been used.  If it is, it could prove a controversial time in the life of the nation.
Would COMMON SENSE tell you that we can restore the Constitution circa pre-1860 with unlawful Corporation excuses for clearly unconstitutional actions? In the long string of ridiculous answers even the 17th amendment was used to excuse this. You know, the one that abolished the last of the checks and balances our founders put there to keep our structure under the control of the people by taking away any voice of the states in congress. Ultimately when the states lost their representation under this little gem, so did you. So did all of “We The People”. According to the Vice President:
Regardless how you feel about the 17th Amendment, it brought about the populous vote for a critical element that gave voice and guidance to an unable system.  It also promoted continuity and balance in government.
What it really brought about was total control over the people and states under the bloated federal government with no recourse available to them to this day. This statement alone should scare the pants off all of us. Which Constitution are we using again?
It has been stated, even this very night on a national call that we are running out of time. We are told that we must get this done, it’s urgent. Sort of reminds me of the Health Care debate and really it’s just as false. What is that urgency? We are told it’s the collapse of the de facto. Really? Folks let me point out here something which if you use some COMMON SENSE will be very clear. The de facto is collapsing by design, it will happen regardless of anything we do and it will happen when it is planned to period. We cannot affect the event nor can we have ANY EFFECT on its outcome any time soon. We have no funding, no infrastructure, no military, and no court system. Our Republics are nowhere near complete with these things, nor will they be for quite awhile. The only thing we can hope to accomplish is to help to keep things peaceful while the elite run over us with their planned destruction and to believe otherwise will cause you great harm in the end. If you are sitting on your posterior counting on the Republic to ride in on a white horse and save you from the big bad, nasty elite machine you are in for a very rude awakening. We are a long way from ready and if we do not turn this around and start doing things right we will not get there. The moment we bend the rules, change or redefine even a single word in our Constitution in the interest of expediency we are doomed.
Another disturbing element of the way in which things are being run is the fact that the Media Team is involved in every call for every branch of government. They control absolutely all communication in and out of the Executive branch by the use of a single server email system. I don’t know about you but I do have some experience with this and I know that whoever has the root access to the server also has absolute access to every single email address within it no matter how many times you change your password. Does COMMON SENSE cause you to pause at this point and reflect upon realities such as, Big Brother, Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, etc.?  How about mainstream media propaganda?
If that is not alarming enough for you, how about the fact that one person within that media team has sole control of all the data base information on government officials and you the people? The excuse we are given for this is Security, of course. We can’t all know who each other is in order to act as a governing body in the interest of security. Again does COMMON SENSE tell you there is such a thing as Internet Security? If there were my 18 year old nephew would not have been able to hack into the FBI, PENTAGON, CIA and SSI systems. He was caught of course but that is hardly the point.
Most of us have been instructed not to communicate via email through any email account but the one they control and have access to. Is anyone out there thinking, “hmmm, what happened to the 1st Amendment”?
Was the paranoia at the top not so damaging to our progress it would be funny. But there is nothing amusing about frightening people for no reason whatever. Any person serving in the interim government who does not already know that the de facto knows exactly who they are, everything they say over the phone, write in emails or even speak within distance of a cell phone containing an active battery needs to step down and go home. I have written in prior articles on this subject and it is reality. Therefore this claim serves no purpose other than to maintain control.
In one email sent from the media team the men in the interim government were referred to as the PTB! This de facto term truly makes the hairs on the back of my neck dance.
In the same email mentioned above the following was stated after the Senator voiced his concerns over the unlawful way things were being shoved on the states by total control of the Executive branch:
Furthermore, you and whoever might be coaching you, show a lack of completion that demonstrates the possible inability to be trusted to see a job through.  In accordance with your response it is evident you did not completely read or understand what you were reading in my response you speak of.  We are working from the pre 1870 document.  There are issues, with the pre 1870 document, that need immediate attention and corrected.  For the sake of your local Republic and the national Republic I pray you can deliver as needed for the Republic.  You say you do not want to argue yet your continued assaults demonstrate otherwise.  I do not mind argument or debate as long as they are with substance.  Your complaints are void of complete substance and come without solutions.  We need solutions and I encourage every member to bring them forward.  Please be encouraged to unite.  I am ready to work with you.
I really have to point out here that the Senator had stated clearly that the solution is to share the contact information among the representatives so that they can get to work. Apparently there is a faulty COMMON SENSE meter at work here. Instead, the Media Team in their infinite wisdom has decided to place the lists of contact information for each group of government on the official web site, and to provide a password for each person to access it. Sound good? Sound secure? Even if it does, the catch is that only Congressmen can see Congressmen, Senators can see Senators; Governors will see Governors and so on. Does our Constitution allow for such secrecy within government that even our elected officials much less we the people cannot be aware of each other and communicate with each other? Is this COMMON SENSE? And I thought Obama’s Fairness Doctrine was bad.
Another very curious development took place when I personally requested the list of my own colleagues in my own area of government. I was told that I would be given the list only after I downloaded, filled out and signed an official Non Disclosure Agreement and return it by fax. First I have to ask myself where in our Constitution is the provision to require secrecy for this simple request? Well, nowhere of course but I let that slide. Instead I answered that since I currently have no income, no money and no printer ink there would therefore be no print, no sign and no fax. As a result the document was sent to me via snail mail. Upon first glance at the document my “ratdar antennae” shot up. Throughout the document every time the word Republic was used it was typed in as REPUBLIC, yep all capitol letter, corporate fiction. As you can imagine having read my works here, there was no way I was going to sign such a thing. It was then that I remembered the last official call my group had. One individual had brought up this issue but I hadn’t seen the document she was talking about. The author of the document stated on the call that he had NOT typed it that way. What does this tell me? Documents are being edited after they leave the desk of the expert writing them.
Are we in our desperation to save this country ready to instill an iron dictatorship run by an Executive branch and a Media Team? Many members within the interim government have been treated shamefully and insultingly via inappropriate email responses, including myself.
So far what I have shared with you are issues that can certainly be corrected. Many states have committed to seeing that done.  Other states and representatives are unhappy but afraid to “Rock the Boat”, saying things like, “Let’s just get it done and we can always fix it later”, or “They say we have to hurry, we need that money.” I really must ask at this point if anyone remembers what was said when the income tax was first installed unlawfully? I seem to recall the promise that it would never rise above 1% and that it was voluntary! When are we going to wake up and understand that once government takes something from you, it will NEVER GIVE IT BACK? COMMON SENSE.
If the unlawful appointment of a Vice President and the elections in both Houses go forth as planned, we are nothing more than a pathetic de facto clone of the de facto. Both governments are broke and penniless because the funding will not happen. No wonder the corporate fiction seems unconcerned with us.COMMON SENSE.
I’m sure by now you are asking yourself how this is being allowed. Why isn’t the interim President stepping up to the plate to stop these actions? Good question. President Turner is an honorable man - so honorable in fact that he is unable to see dishonor in others. It is sad but true. People with an ulterior motive, a private agenda, and far less than honorable intentions have surrounded him. He does not recognize this. His closest associates are separated from him and he is constantly fed misinformation such as imaginary assassination plots and claims that other honorable men are de facto plants intent on destroying the Republic.
I was drawn into this issue through manipulation. Summoned to a phone conference I was sworn to secrecy without being informed about the subject of the call. A fantastic and outrageous story ensued, but was riddled with inconsistencies. Over and over I was instructed to verify the story with the Vice President or the President. The person telling the story (we will call him Mr. X) was not aware that it had already been told to me. However, Mr. X’s version was completely different than the first one I heard. Here’s the gist: One of our elected officials was in collusion with other high level federal men to plot the over throw of the Republic and steal the funding. One or more of these despicable traitors was in league with the CIA and Bush41, and were on the de facto payroll. The official in question had “high jacked” a presidential conference call in order to eliminate all those close to the president.
When I asked pertinent questions I was told repeatedly that he couldn’t answer them and that I would have to ask the President. I finally gave up and agreed to a conference call with the President even though I doubted it would happen. The next day I received an email saying the President was unavailable so I should call the Vice President. I did that only to reach a full mailbox. I sent an email to that effect, but was never answered.
So there I was with two stories about the same event, but at polar opposites from each other. The first story was reasonable and without any outlandish accusations, just a straightforward account of some very immature behavior on the part of some high-level leaders. My main thought was that if I had been there some naughty boys would have been sent to the corner with dunce caps and duct tape over their mouths while the men with some COMMON SENSE got some work done.
The other account was full of intrigue, conspiracy and serious character assassination equal to a low quality spy flick. But one thing was glaringly obvious - someone was lying.
There were two questions that had to be answered: Which story is true, and what was the motive for the lie? The first was easy enough. I contacted each individual named and accused, told them I needed them to tell me a story but couldn’t tell them why. Naturally they were reluctant at first but after a short conversation and a promise not to harm them, along with a commitment to share with them the reason for my asking at some point, they agreed. In the end I was given four stories, three of which were the same except for a few minor perception differences, and one which in no way resembled the others. At that point I knew who was lying – Mr. X.
I want to point out that Mr. X did not participate in the “high-jacked” call, making it doubtful that he created the lie. More than likely he simply repeated what had been concocted by his coach(es). The first question was answered, but what about the motive behind the lie?
There were two of us from my Republic on that call with Mr. X, both needed to remove the accused official from office, which I believe was the real motive. And why would the manipulators want that person removed? Perhaps because he had openly confronted certain leaders over de facto procedures, improper protocol, abuse of authority, and an utter lack of intelligent action. Those with bloated egos and hidden agendas do not usually tolerate that type of boldness and honesty.
This article does not name the guilty parties because they have done an ample job of exposing themselves. But I possess all supporting documentation, recordings and evidence for my claims. I will not present it unless I have to, or unless these issues are not corrected. I will not watch the Republic go down the drain because a group of power-hungry bullies from one state seek to be in control.
This is not an isolated incident but one more in a long line of thoughtful, credible people who have been vilified and thrown under the bus by those who seek to control our government These people have been maligned for no other reason than their intelligent, objective questioning of curious actions and attitudes exhibited by some people in positions of leadership.
I have been informed that a number of elected governors around the country have been removed, how can that be if the Executive branch is not far over stepping its authority?
Does anybody know why Sam Kennedy was removed or why Dave Ritz, was vilified, both honorable men? No they simply disappeared from the Republic’s landscape with vague justification given and left with a pall of doubt and suspicion hanging over their heads put there by those who wished to sweep them aside.
Is this what true freedom looks like? Is this how we honor freedom of speech? Is this fairness and COMMON SENSE?  Emphatically No, it is simply more of the same type of dishonest action we see every day in the de facto.  I don’t know about you but this is not what I signed on for.
I know all that I have said will shock some, disillusion others and even cause a few upset stomachs but I ask you all to consider this: We have been sitting on our collective back sides for 134 years while our nation was stolen, our liberties stripped and our futures destroyed. We turned the other way while a Christian based nation was debased until a sitting president albeit an impostor claims we are in fact not a Christian based nation and our churches are corrupted by abominations such as the 501c3. We have abandoned God, principles, truth and morality. Now we are praying to that God to save us. He is listening as he always does but if he were to give us what we ask without risk, hard work, strife and some suffering to get it, how much do you think we would value it? How long do you think we would value it before apathetic inattention thrusts open the doors to corruption again and we repeat the whole fiasco?
There will most likely be great fallout when this article is published. Watch, listen and use your COMMON SENSE. Me, I’m just a female writer with a wish to save my country, protect my President and a curious penchant for the truth.
For those of you out there already serving this great Republic, when your peers open conversation about all this, listen, some of them know what I know and some of them are every bit as determined to bring this nation out of darkness along with thousands of  incredible men and women working voluntarily to make it happen.
On a side note, the President was to be at a seminar this weekend in our state. While I was on the phone with a close friend of his another call came to that person and I heard him say, “That is not true. That is hogwash there is no threat against Tim, none”. He then came back on the phone and said the seminar had been cancelled. It seems the control freaks surrounding the president with their own agenda had gotten wind of a meeting scheduled with a couple of our people on Sunday. They had convinced the President that an assassination plot was waiting for him. You see the last thing they can afford is for the President to sit down alone with people of integrity, honor, respect and COMMON SENSE.
So, “how” do we restore our nation and get it done correctly? The answer is held by each one of you. Hold your representatives or colleague’s feet to the fire. Insist on adherence to proper procedure, Constitutional content, service to the people and above all, QUESTION WITH COMMON SENSE!
Footnote: A special thanks goes out to the patriotic individual who helped with Constitutional research for this article and the many others who agreed to interview and testimony.


  1. Great article T! I could not agree more. Most of us are here because we are trying to escape the tyranny of the de fact corporate government. The things you outline above are exactly the kinds of crimes our current tyrannical government is perpetrating upon us. I have no desire to replace one tyrannical, constitution-ignoring government with another.

    In my opinion, CW is unlawfully acting as VP. He must be elected by the people to be legitimate, according to the constitution. It is clear to me what his intentions are from his comments on the most recent two phone calls and the emails he either sent, or were sent on his behalf. He is President Turner’s “running mate,” he wants two leaders in each of the houses of congress (Speaker and minority leader? President of the senate and minority leader?), and he wants the senators to be elected by popular vote. Sound familiar? He wants the same structure for republican legislative and executive branches the de facto uses now. It is all unconstitutional, and any talk of amending the constitution is inappropriate and irrelevant at this time.

    We have been encouraged to govern ourselves, and to work quickly to accomplish several important tasks such as establishing operating procedures and setup committees. As far as I can see, there are at least three things that must happen before we can begin that process. 1) a lawful VP must be ELECTED to preside over the senate; 2) the complete database of all members of the legislature must be made available to ALL members of the legislature so that a meeting can be called BY THE RESPECTIVE HOUSES OF CONGRESS to convene meetings and to conduct official business (we need the databases to confirm the existence of the members, to notify them of meetings, and to confirm the presence of a quorum to conduct official business at any meetings); and 3) the REPRESENTATIVES must call a meeting to nominate and elect and Speaker of the house.

  2. Lest I be labeled a complainer, I shall offer a solution. I propose that leadership PROMPTLY provide the requested database of the members of congress to each and every member of said congress. With $400 in funding (which I am working on, need help), we can call an online meeting to order with enough capacity to accommodate 500 participants ($500 will get us 1000 capacity) and conduct an election for Speaker of the House. Participants can meet both online and via telephone. Those who are on their computers will be able to see the meeting being administered (numbers of participants, who is speaking, etc), ballots can be created and reports printed, and the whole thing is recorded and posted online within minutes for all to view. Within a week of the receipt of the database, we can convene meetings to discuss the procedures, nominate candidates, campaign a little, and hold a lawful election. The meetings must be called by a member of the House of Representatives, for representatives only. So, it seems to me the hold up is NOT the congress’ unwillingness to roll over and do as instructed, but rather the leadership’s desire to enforce their will, and their refusal to deliver the database to the members as requested. How can we have a functioning congress when we don’t know who we are or how to contact one other? The executive branch is attempting to lead us around by the nose and force their will upon us. We must govern ourselves. The legislative branch is to serve as a check on the executive, not be governed by them.

    No perceived urgency, whether real or imagined, no matter how dire the circumstances, can justify unlawful, unconstitutional procedures. The longevity and success of the Republic depends entirely on STRICT ADHERENCE to the constitution. All official proceedings are to be recorded and will be scrutinized in the future. If we bend the rules, for any reason, we will not only be illegitimate, but we will be doomed to fail in the long run, just as has the de facto corporate government that believes in a living, imperfect founding document. The time is now to put our collective foot down, and demand STRICT ADHERENCE to the constitution. Not doing so sets a very dangerous precedent that jeopardizes the success of the Republic. Every member of congress and the executive SWORE AND OATH to “support, preserve, protect and defend” the constitution. Go back and read your Jural Covenant of Office. Anybody who promotes or participates in the current procedures proposed to elect the leaders of congress, or stand for a VP “appointed” by the president violates that oath, which is grounds for removal from office! I for one intend to follow the letter of the law laid out in the constitution, and will not sit idly by and allow these discrepancies to occur without speaking out.

    Those of us insisting on STRICT ADHERENCE to the constitution are being demonized by the executive branch. Does this sound familiar? We are all considered right-wing extremists (terrorists?) by the de facto corporate government because we believe in the constitution and now our own executive branch tells us that the constitution is “imperfect” and that we should just bend the rules now and “fix it” later. I will not stand for that, and neither should any other freedom loving sovereign individual. No claim of an “imperfect” constitution can justify what is going on right now. I urge all members of congress to insist on STRICT ADHERENCE to the constitution, and to stand against any unlawful procedure, or against any officer not lawfully elected until such time as said officer can be properly elected, and stand for the constitution of the Republic of the united States of America. Long live the Republic!

  3. Thank you for a very thoughtful and well written assessment. There are those of us who have now withdrawn our desire to be part of this movement, who were once very much on board with the original written intentions of RAP. After the division of the two groups, many things changed. If this group had stayed the course of being based on the original Constitution, spiritual PRINCIPLES (not religious leanings) and transparency, many more would come running to sign on. The way things have happened, it has become frighteningly close to resembling the current de facto government, and noone will trade one for another. At least in the de facto, we do have the freedom to express our devotion to God in our own way. Again, thank you for telling the truth.

  4. I'm a little disheartened hearing all of this. Do you think this will be resolved soon?

  5. Yes I believe we will get all of this straightened out as we must and we have plenty of honorable men and women who will get it done.

  6. TLGA, I am grateful for your MINDfulness, diligence, willingness and optimism. In Constant Prayer, stephanie

  7. I don't really see this as disheartening. There is great potential here. Successfully garnering the necessary support to convene Congress lawfully and dispensing with unlawful procedures will invigorate the Republic! It would mean lawful republican government is alive a well in this country! We should be convening every day. You only need a quorum to conduct official business. We could be discussing pressing matters in a conference room live, right now, rather than monitoring a blog, cell phone or email account.

    We need two things to conduct official business online. One is the email addresses and contact information for the members of congress, and the other is four or five hundred dollars to get an online meeting room reserved for one month. This is a solution for an urgent problem, which has been requested by leadership.

    Starting with tomorrow, each day represents one day we cannot convene official meetings to elect a Speaker or establish procedures because we do not know who our membership is and cannot notify them of meetings. The executive branch is denying us this ability. Congress is separate from the executive, and we shall convene at will. Security is not a valid excuse because we cannot pretend to be anonymous if we are truly going to assemble.

    We could have a Speaker elected in no more than nine days from tomorrow if leadership would release the information requested, and if we were able to raise the necessary funds. The thought of lawful, active, ongoing meetings of the house, senate and committees, online, in a matter of days, is exciting to me. We should rejoice in this opportunity to resurrect the Republic, and insist on lawful procedures in the process. May God bless the Republic.

  8. teri,

    I noticed you have omitted my previous post. How bias. I also noticed the response from Restored America has been removed.

    The Continental Congress was a convention of delegates from 36 republics that became the governing body of the Republic for the united States of America. The Congress met November 13th and 14th, 2010.

  9. We have never omitted posts. If you made one and don't see it then you did it wrong. No posts have ever been removed either and posts by Restored USA are done by us.

    Strike two, the Utah fiasco was unlawful, sneaky and dishonest and that document you signed will likely find you all in a nice government installation. Pack your toothbrush.