Sunday, October 31, 2010


As I knew would happen, the fallout from my last article has indeed begun to rain from the skies in nonsensical diatribe aimed at the innocent. We should all be used to that because we hear it every day pouring endlessly from the speakers of our television sets and radios from politicians whose sole talent is to twist the English language like the fibers in a good old fashioned hemp rope for personal gain of one flavor or another. It isn’t particularly comfortable to admit even to ourselves that we have been duped or even worse manipulated and used. We don’t like to think that others are more clever than we are or even that others whom we have trusted are deviously so.
Last night I sat at in my living room listening to over four hours of the fallout while people I know to be honorable, including myself were vilified, maligned and personally attacked while never given a chance to defend themselves or shed light on the truth. Not a single person waiting in the call cue who would have opposed those claims was allowed to speak. For a while I was crushed that Tim Turner would say the things he said about me and others until I realized that it wasn’t his fault. By his own words he is being given council by others to whom he is listening.  I recognized the strategy being used by those who would destroy. It was emotional manipulation of the worst kind.
Of the four men being accused of collusion with Bush 41 and on his payroll, one is a friend and a colleague. I know his living situation and his background so even if I were to entertain the idea that any of what has been said about him were true I would have to ask myself some questions first. If a humble minister and missionary were on the payroll of one of the most devious men in history why would he be flat broke just like me, lose his house, just like me, and be forced to take a part time job that normally would be held by a teenager filling in free time over a summer vacation? Where is the COMMON SENSE in that? Wouldn’t he at least avoid losing his house with some of that money?
There were many claims made on that call last night and none of them made by Tim Turner were purposeful untruths as he was simply stating information he had been fed by others. He is a man holding blind faith in those not worthy of it and I cannot fault him for that even if it is unwise.
It seems COMMON SENSE is a lost art for many. Perhaps it has been successfully drummed out of the population by the mainstream media propaganda machine or maybe people are just getting so desperate they are willing to be told anything which will give them hope without question.  Have we forgotten how to use it? If so, it might help to look at the pieces separately in order to trigger COMMON SENSE.
·         It has been said that there are a “handful” of people opposing the procedures being put forth… Do representatives from 9 states equal a handful?
·         If all Congress has to do is convene a quorum, elect a pro tem for the senate and a speaker of the house, draft a resolution so stating and pass it to the Executive branch why are they being forced to do it under the control of the Executive? Where is the COMMON SENSE in that when it isn’t necessary?
·         Is it unreasonable for Congress to follow the Constitution and demand to be allowed to convene on their own without that session being run by the media team and directed by the Executive branch? If you are unsure of that consult your constitution. Why then are they not allowed to have access to each other all this time and then be told they must sign worthless electronic Non Disclosure agreements in order to access only their own peers and not other elected officials of the nation?  Have you ever seen a digitally signed document hold up in a court of law? Ask the mortgage banks about that one as they seem to be having a real problem now when they can’t produce the wet ink signature.
·         Does anybody truly think the de facto hasn’t already identified every single one of us elected to public office? Did any of us in those public office positions think we could remain anonymous? Does our Constitution provide for elected officials to be anonymous? Does it provide for elected officials to “swear oaths of secrecy”? Where is Freedom in Secrecy?
·         If Congress is forced to convene only by teleconference run by someone who is not a part of the congressional body who also has control over who can speak and who can be kept silent how are they a governing body, doing business in a lawful way? If they are unable to know each other in advance of choosing a president pro tem for Senate and a Speaker of the House how can they be expected to have any faith in those put forth as nominees?
·         It’s one thing to tell the public and the body on a national call the people need to speak up about what they want, that they need to govern themselves etc., but is anybody out there asking what happens after the call?
·         People are being accused of wrong doing, heinous wrong, doing but where are they able to defend themselves and where is the proof?
·         It is said that there is a “small handful” of people causing in-fighting but the definition of in-fighting isn’t given, why? It is said some people are causing problems by complaining but what are those complaints why aren’t they shared? Does a simple request which is ignored and then a demand for contact information and proper procedure equal complaint or in-fighting? The plain and simple fact is that those so called complaints are simple requests for proper procedure by people who have been elected to public office who know that to do this less than proper will create the same beast we are trying to escape.
·         Now because I shared an event which happened to me in the interest of truth, I am maligned why? I didn’t even give the name of the person who did it. A little COMMON SENSE should identify who has an agenda and who hasn’t
·         Nothing has been asked for which is unreasonable or unconstitutional. We have hundreds of representatives wanting nothing more than to serve you the people in a proper, lawful way but that is being stonewalled in private and lied about in public. If you the people want your nation back don’t you want it back in it’s true form?
·         It has been stated that congress has voted to accept the de jure constitution of 1789.  Sounds good you say? Maybe not.. The Bill of Rights is the name by which the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution are known.[1] They were introduced by James Madison to the First United States Congress in 1789 as a series of legislative articles, and came into effect as Constitutional Amendments on December 15, 1791, through the process of ratification by three-fourths of the States.  In 1789 we had no formally adopted Bill of Rights.  Is not the Bill of Rights what we are fighting to defend today?  It was said by one of our leaders in the Republic that if you are a sovereign you don’t need a Bill of Rights, what say you? Do you trust the federal government, even the new one so far as to leave out the Bill of Rights? This ladies and gentlemen is one of the so called “complaints” causing us problems. So would you rather your representatives stand for your rights or do as they are told. You make the call.
·         On last night’s call we are told that the funding is comprised of “financing”. Months ago we were told over and over that it was gold. I don’t think I even need to point out what is wrong with starting this nation on a basis of debt. If any of you didn’t catch that and it didn’t raise red flags, what can I say? But then at the end of the call we are told there 3 point something mega tons of gold. So COMMON SENSE requires me to ask, if we have so much gold, why do we need credit? Why must we start out in debt? Just asking. Or is that question unfounded trouble mongering? You make the call.
·         We are told that the nation is collapsing and it is urgent that we do as we are told and do it however they say or else. Really? The de facto is most definitely collapsing, by design and by it’s own intent. We can’t change that sadly but we also cannot do one single thing about the chaos to ensue in the aftermath even if the gold were dropped into our hands this afternoon. Contrary to what you think out there, we do not even have our state legislatures completed, state constitutions adopted, infrastructure, military support, enforcement or protection in place for a single one of you and that will take far more time than you might imagine. It certainly can’t happen in time to make one iota of difference in the outcome of what the elite have planned.
·         As to the United States being under foreign military control. Hello, wake up those troops have been here for years! More have been brought in over this past year. Our own military has been used to train them. Why? Because the elite are not stupid. They know our military is made up of our own sons and daughters and aren’t likely to follow orders to hand cuff granny and cart her off to one of those FEMA CAMP facilities built for the purpose of incarcerating the American people. Is that COMMON SENSE? Yes, the elite have it and apparently we don’t.
·         I guess the bottom line is our President is being fed poppycock and buying it. He isn’t lying on purpose, he is trying to be an honorable man. So too are your representatives. They were elected to do a job, a job they are kept from doing. Even if we had 50 states, which we don’t there would be a total of 600 of them right? Why would it take three months to compile a list of contact info in a spread sheet for 600 individuals to be shared only with each other?
·         You have been asked to accept everything presented to you in the Republic on blind faith and you have. Fair enough but now you are being asked to condemn people on blind faith, with no proof. Does your COMMON SENSE tell you this is the American way? Are we so desperate for somebody to fix what we have allowed to happen that we are willing to resort to that?
I was told by a federal emissary the other night on a long telephone conversation that I should have stepped up and offered to help. I did, I was turned down. I was told that I could build that data base myself. Of course in order to do that you need the info to build it with. I was asked to get with the unhappy states and get them in line to do as they are being told to do and I refused but I did give my word to get them together and come up with a reasonable proposal to get all that needs to be done completed in a lawful way which can make things faster and more efficient as well. I did that yesterday not even 24 hours after I made that promise. Did they wait for that to be given to them before they attacked me? No. Did they wait for the reasonable solutions before they made wild claims on a national call? No. It’s up to you out there to use your own COMMON SENSE. Put yourself in the position of those who have been elected to represent you and decide. Do you want them to represent you, or do you want them to represent a central federal government all over again where you have no voice from the start?
I was also told by that individual that I am an excellent writer. I don’t happen to agree but that’s neither here nor there. What is important is that he said my articles are 8 to 11 or 12 pages and most of you just aren’t going to read and absorb that much information. Is that true? Well if it is you can’t answer that question because you haven’t read this far. COMMON SENSE.
The point is made over and over again that we can always fix it later. The obvious question is when was the last time you forked over a right to the federal government that they willingly gave back? It is said that nothing is perfect, of course not we will make mistakes and hopefully those mistakes will not be too dire and we can fix them but here’s a really good question; if you know what you are about to do is wrong, unlawful, unconstitutional and there is a way to get the same thing done just as quickly the right way does that constitute an honest mistake or something that has to be done in the interest of expediency? My COMMON SENSE and every fiber of my being cries out NO, COMMON SENSE HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!



  1. Stop tearing our Republic down! If you don't agree with what we are doing just GO AWAY! You are divisive and petty!

  2. The one thing that will not go away is the truth. When my pen is used to support the Republic, it is equally used to support the facts. Our true Republic was designed to allow the continuance of the freedom we are born with. In order for that to happen transparency must exist. Nowhere on this Internet have I seen the written word more fully in support of the Republic and truth than right here on this blog. If you cannot see that, I would check my doors and windows because indeed COMMON SENSE HAS LEFT THE BUILDING.

  3. Thank you for speaking the truth. I see your heart in your articles and it is abundantly clear that you support this Republic and Pres. Tim Turner.

    Do you think it would help if you named the names of the people who are misleading TT?

    If the executive branch is not listening now, what hope do we have that things will be done the right way? Could someone speak to TT alone without the wrong input?

    If I were to add anything to your articles, it would be the conviction that these problems will be resolved (if indeed, you feel they will). Most of us are left guessing the outcome since we hold no office or official position in the Republic except member.

  4. Is not the 'provisional' government 'created' from the authority granted us by our Creator through the statements made, primarily in the 1st two paragraphs, of the Declaration of Independence, and not from the Constitution, cir. 17##?

    I am of the opinion that the process was to be to create a government, however we see fit (paraphrased from the Declaration), this being done at the present state we find ourselves in, with the provisional government. This government will then convene and 'work out' the flaws in the Constitution Cir. 17##, for ratification, which that Constitution will then define how the 'final' government will work.

    Are we currently being too concerned about 'constitutional details' that are not really in effect right now?

    Are we getting the cart before the horse here?

    Or, am I missing something?

  5. HI. could you read the article on Rumormill today (mon.)where VK Durham makes some comments About TT.. where she says she won't have anything to do with him because -and give us your take on that

  6. Thank you for not remaining silent, and for raising the red flags that many are already aware with "The Republic". Many people in our state did NOT go forward with Tim Turner and the Provisional Government "God gave him a vision for". I was done with him when I heard him say "God isn't in any other plan but this one". My immediate reaction was that statement was no different than a cult leader would tell his followers.
    I honestly feel sorry for people like the one in the first comment. What you said is so important, and something I wrote down from a video of Sam Davis's (who is another one that Tim Turner up and canned for no good reason)

    "All of the things that the quote, Patriot, or Freedom Community talk about of different things, and people then say "Oh, you're one of those conspiracy guys". Well, I'm not necessarily a conspiracy guy, I'm a Truth-Finder. I'm a Truth-Seeker. Whatever Truth is, I want to be able to be in a position where I can handle it. I DON'T want to be lied to!

    I'm not going to ask you to believe everything I say. quite the opposite. I'm going to say to you, call me a liar! GO OUT and FIND OUT for yourself".

    You give Tim Turner much more credit for being an honest person in all of this than I do though. You can hear Dave Mack, Sam Davis, and other's that have made the same discovery you have. One of the most interesting calls I've heard for truth of what people have dealt with.
    08/19/2010 10:00 PM EDT 3:03:14 RAP Grand Jurors Tell What Is Really Going on!

    The document the lady is talking about in the middle of the call, is this one, which got sent out accidently, and was quickly dismissed. It does make a person wonder if this is still "the plan". Tim Turner denies knowing anything about this paper.

    Thank you for speaking out, even when you know there will be backlash.

  7. Your comments are all relevant and I will address each of them. However I am buried with work and unable to take the time at this moment. Please be patient as I will return to answer.

  8. Who is TLGA? It really does sound like from your comments that you are against the Republic of the united States of America and do not want to see it go forward.

  9. First,I sign the articles TLGA only because the purpose of this blog is the message and not to accrue accolades for the author. It will remain that way. I am in no way opposed to the Republic and if it is perceived that I am it is the responsibility of the reader to read again what I have written with common sense and not pre-formed predjudice.

    As to Rumormill News, the titel of the site says it all. I have no facts concerning that article there and so will not address it.

    Solutions are being found for the problems and all will go forward. The important thing is truth and transparency as both those issues are at the root of the corruption we see in the de facto corporate government we have been under for the last 134 years.