Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Today is the Birthday of the signing of the Constitution for the United States of America. Millions of Americans are celebrating with reverence this great historical document and the founders who fought to make it possible, then labored to make it happen. Of course you may not see this celebration taking place unless you are a FOX NEWS watcher as I doubt the progressive puppet; mainstream media will dedicate much if any coverage.
While Patriotic Americans celebrate the founding documents, those in federal government, created by the same, are gleefully holding a good old fashioned Irish wake while they systematically dismantle every check and balance the founders so carefully embedded in it. While the people gather to assert their unalienable rights the federal government attempts, without Constitutional power or lawful standing, to strip them of the rights only God can bestow which is the very foundation of the nation.
Every member of the House, the Senate, Executive and Judicial branches of government must take an oath to uphold and defend the very document they are trying to destroy. Not only is the destruction of the foundation of America unconstitutional and unlawful, it is treasonous but today those oaths mean nothing as our representatives put their political careers and agenda first and far ahead of the interests of the people and this country. Politicians scramble on both sides of the isle to remain in power after the November mid-term elections regardless of the consequences. Nothing, including the prosperity and security of the nation outweighs their personal agenda.
Republicans desperately try to convince the people that they are the answer, that those who have sold them out time after time have suddenly changed their ways and are listening as they realize the Tea Parties are truly a grass roots and very powerful body. Shock hits the foundation of the Republican Party as long standing incumbents are thrown aside by the votes of the people. Democrats, in a frantic race to sustain power in the legislative branch fruitlessly distance themselves from the toxic influence of a failed presidency realizing too late the power of the very people they so blatantly chose to betray over the last 19 months.
As November looms, politicians are reaping what they’ve sewn for their betrayal when refusing to listen to the people who put them in office. While they were busy passing or continuing to attempt to pass massive bills containing hidden Trojan Horses in direct violation of the Constitution to appease special interests from whom they took money and the Socialist Progressive agenda of the radical leftist administration, the people peacefully take charge.
Still they can’t seem to wean themselves from the corruption as they continue a last ditch effort to seal the fate of America and sell her out to the Global Socialist Agenda. First it was the completely unconstitutional Health Care Bill which violates the Constitution under Article 6 and the 3rd, 4th, 5th,9th,and 10th amendments under the Bill of Rights and which, if upheld, allows Congress to transfer to the Obama Administration major authority over the everyday lives of the American people and the businesses they thought they owned.
When the State of Arizona after repeatedly begging the federal government to enforce the immigration laws and protect her people, passes her own law in order to get the job done, the administration sues them, not once but twice! Again in direct violation of the Constitution, Article I, section 8, clause 4, Article I, Section 9, clause 1, and Article III, Section 2, clause 2. To make matters worse, for the first time in history an American President goes whining to the U.N. like a spoiled two year old when he can’t make the State of Arizona get in line with his personal agenda or that of his handlers, probably both.
When it becomes clear to the Obama administration that if he does not find a way to pass amnesty for the 12 to 20 million illegals on American soil he can kiss his voter base in 2012 goodbye, but the nation rises up in opposition, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid decides to sneak it in via the Defense Authorization Bill in the form of the Dream Act. This too is in direct violation of the Constitution. Mr. Reid apparently is under the mistaken perception that this will endear him to his constituency come November and help to ensure his seat in the Senate.
Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer join Bill Clinton and Obama in the push to pass the United Nation's Convention on the Rights of the Child treaty which will strip every ounce of parental rights from the people and bestow them upon a foreign entity. Not to mention the immense damage it will do to America’s children. This is in violation of the WHOLE Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and DOES constitute high treason!
What’s a little more treason though when the HIGHEST of high treason was already committed by the last president when George W. Bush signed into being the North American Union dissolving the sovereignty of the United States of America and without the permission, indeed without consultation of and with the American people, agreed to become one entity with Canada and Mexico! Taking that into consideration how can the borders be defended when according to that particular act of treason, THEY DON’T EVEN EXIST?
Meanwhile, why stop there? Even though the writing is so clearly on the wall for the Progressives come November, they are not about to give up so easily. While we are spinning our heads like Linda Blair in the “Exorcist”, trying to keep up with the lies, the likes of which we haven’t heard since Bill Clinton outlined his platonic relationship with Monica Lewinski, and sneaky tactics being thrown our way, they are still determined to pass in any way possible, The Disclose Act, “yet another attack on the right to vote coming from Congress and the White House. First, Congress will do everything it can to limit the free speech efforts by people who disagree with this administration from influencing the election. Secondly, the DOJ has virtually declared an open season during the 2010 election for groups supporting the left to do what is necessary to intimidate voters who might oppose the progressive agenda.”
And if that doesn’t quite do the trick, enter the Move Act which requires the various Secretaries of State to mail out absentee ballots to our military personnel 45 days prior to an election. It has now been learned that in a recent meeting with DOJ officials, the various Secretaries of State have been told not to worry about that pesky law because the DOJ has no intention of enforcing it.
Then there is the ever popular voter intimidation; apparently it is the purpose of the New Black Panthers to serve their twisted socialist masters by appearing at the doors of polling places in a threatening manner in the hopes of turning away any votes not in line with the current administration.
It would take until the Constitution’s next birthday to include all the assaults it has taken in just the last 10 years as the nation is shoved toward a Socio Communist One World Order but those I have included are enough to finally get the job done if the people do not wake up, stand up and keep standing.
So here’s the deal. Will you celebrate the birthday of the Greatest Document Ever Written to govern a nation or will you put on that hat you got last summer, you know the one that holds six cans of beer and has a straw running to your mouth, and join the festivities at the Congressional Irish Wake?
If your answer is to skip the wake and join the Birthday Party, the Restored Republic of the United States is where you will find that precious document being honored…… 



  1. Good job T!

    You would have to go to the Canadian Press to get this article about the fact that the lawsuit agains Arizona was illegal because it was tried in the wrong jurisdcition! You won't find stuff like this in our media. It is a shame.

    ONLY the US Supreme Court has Constitutional Authority to Conduct the Trial

  2. Thank you for the link wm..... it seems the Canadians and I agree.