Wednesday, October 10, 2012


        There was a ranting post on NESARA earlier today placed there for the sole purpose of discrediting me and countering the content of the article I wrote and sent out yesterday which was also posted on the NESARA blog. By the time I was made aware of it, the post from today had been taken down.  I had intended to ignore as I usually do with ignorance and moronic claims. However it seems the piece was seen and read by many before it was taken down as I have received quite a few emails as a result. Even though I had decided some months ago to “take the high road” on some issues and give a certain woman an opportunity to save face and bow out gracefully, that generous gesture has been thrown in my face and used against me. So, now I will make a statement in regard to what was circulated earlier.
        It was claimed that I use a “Ghost Writer” as I am not smart enough to have written yesterday’s article. I couldn’t really care less about such a stupid statement except that it was followed by an observation which actually was accurate. I am a writer and a retired entertainer not a public speaker. I try as well to take care in regard to what I say in public and especially on the radio. Unlike so many irresponsible media pundits who open mouth and insert both feet on a regular basis I always write a script when I do a radio show for a few reasons. First I want to be sure the information I am sharing flows in the proper order so I don’t fly all over the map and confuse people. Second I want to be sure I don’t in my enthusiasm, leave out anything important. A radio show unless its format is a Q&A session is nothing more than a narrative, a speech if you will. Only an idiot would attempt to deliver a speech from memory and idiots who do tend to need a tele-prompter. Or like Tim Turner, spout so much BS they don’t remember later what they said and contradict themselves. I prefer to prepare what I say over the airwaves, do my research before I speak and deliver it in as organized and coherent a way possible. I won’t apologize for that nor do I regret it. Incidentally, why would a grandmother on a porch in Georgia need or want a “Ghost Writer”, what for? On the other hand I guess maybe that’s a back handed compliment on my writing so thanks dimwits!
        Another claim which was made has really made my day. I think I will probably still be laughing tomorrow. It was claimed that I and others who used to be affiliated with Freedom Reigns radio” have a “cottage industry” of soliciting and accepting donations and raising money based on the subject of Tim Turner bashing.” First of all WHO IN THEIR right mind would even THINK they needed to pay ANYBODY to bash Tim Turner? He bashes himself every time he opens his mouth. Why would anybody feel the need to launch a dis-info campaign on a snake oil salesman, common thief and narcissistic lunatic? Now come on, that’s a bona fide hoot!
There was indeed a scam going on at Freedom Reigns, however the guest hosts like myself, Drake and others were not aware of it. On the day we found out ALL OF US RESIGNED including the co-host at the time. No person on Freedom Reigns ever solicited money except the host, Deatra Loomer. No person on Freedom Reigns ever profited by those solicitations other than Deatra Loomer. The money was collected into her private paypal account and then transferred to her private banking account. I received the actual transaction records and I will not say from whom and I arranged to share those records with all of the contributors so they could decide for themselves what to do about it. I never donated so I had no right to decide what if any actions should be taken for the fraudulent behavior and actions of the guilty. No guest host EVER SOLICITED OR RECEIVED A SINGLE DIME FROM FREEDOM REIGNS CONTRIBUTORS. In fact Ms. Loomer consulted with me before she began taking donations as to whether or not I thought it was acceptable to do so. I told her NO and I told her why and I also told her that if she did it anyway she had better be prepared to provide ongoing public disclosure as to what the money was being used for. I only became aware of the rather large amount of money involved when I and others investigated why she had solicited $2,500.00 specifically with two different reasons for it. It turned out it was for bail money after she had been arrested.
        I have never taken part in any Patriots for Profit schemes, been paid for the help I give to people nor asked to be. To my knowledge neither has Drake. We left Freedom Reigns at the same time expressly because we wanted nothing to do with a Patriot for Profit scam. I have received gifts from people like a new stove last Christmas which I never expected nor sought. Sadly that beautiful stove was destroyed in the house fire last winter. I love the wonderful people who sent me that stove and will remember all the kind and wonderful things people have done for me by way of recognition for what I do but I never expect or request payment for anything I do for others.
        Now for the last part of the stupidity posted earlier. In yesterday’s article I shared the fact of the NOTICE OF DECLARATION sent to the Netherlands in February. A certain Mr. Jim Wright has been claiming the notice was never sent or was intercepted by some shadow unknown cabal agents or any number of other totally insane stories depending on which day you listen to him. Why? Well because Mr. Wright is certifiably nuts and I am truly sorry for him but it just is what it is. Mr. Wright believes this country can only be saved by restoring the original 13 colonies and making the rest of the states “apply” for admission to the elite original 13. Yeah I know, nuts, but he does believe it and when he demanded we turn over all the various states’ documents from the project to him so he could continue his plan he was flatly refused. He then began his attack to discredit what had been done. The only way he can now go on with his plan is to convince enough people in enough states to do it all over again his way by claiming it was not done the first time. None of that matters because what was done was done. It’s over and it cannot be changed or affected by anything else that might be done. I truly don’t care what Mr. Wright does. All these misguided nutty Patriot Guru processes will still be flying around years from now. What I do care about are the lies being told in regard to what actually took place.
·         As far as I know there is NO SUCH THING as the “PILGRIM TRUST” If anybody has ever heard of such a thing I would like to hear about it.
·         There was never any claim that ANY “TRUST” had funded or would fund or was in charge of the project.
·         The project was paid for by the individuals who participated, ordinary people who paid for their own postage, gas, ink and paper.
·         There was no such thing as the UNION STATES ASSEMBLY or a UNION STATES ASSEMBLY MEETING, I have no idea where that came from.
·         Wounded deflated egos should seek help instead of making themselves look like idiots at the expense of others.
·         There were no shadow cabal agents
·         The documents were delivered and the receipts are in our possession but WE WILL NOT TURN THEM OVER TO ANYBODY PERIOD. NO MATTER HOW MUCH WHINING TAKES PLACE OR HOW MANY LIES ARE TOLD TO THE CONTRARY.
·         To spread lies for your own agenda is despicable and is no better than the same actions done to us every day by our government. We certainly do not need new leaders with no more honor than those we already have.
·         HINT… if you wish to be taken seriously and you actually believe you are being truthful… SIGN WHAT YOU POST!
Now all that having been said I will continue doing what I do. I will share information when I have it. I will continue to fight the debt fraud and help all who ask for it to learn to fight for themselves. I will sue a lot more debt collectors and make them pay me. I will expose lies for what they are and liars for who they are. I am proud of all I do and will continue to do it free of charge even if that in fact makes ME nuts! So be it because in my book a true Patriot does not expect reward, recognition or credit for any action taken to stand for this country or her people.
At the end of the day I sleep well and can ask nothing more than that.

Teri Hinkle



  1. Teri,

    You should take pride in that the cabal has singled you out for attack. This means you are inflicting damage. Well done!

    Do not ever let these worthless excuses of life get you down - ever.

    Thank you
    Best wishes

    Mike DaBose

  2. Teri, its interesting to note this blog belongs to someone named John even though all the posts seem to be yours. It can certainly be said you are very talented as a writer.

    I discovered this blog while researching the movement, or hoax if you will, started by Tim Turner. His endeavor seemed very promising at first, yet I discerned from your writings that all was not well so read all the posts from beginning to end.

    Thank you for the enlightenment you have provided without which I might have fallen for the same scam as so many others were unfortunate to have fallen for.

    It's sad to see what this country has become. Even with an army of correct thinking people, it appears to be out of our reach to be able to make any headway in correcting all the wrong being done. The best path short of revolution is the election process, but even that now shows to be corrupt.

    It appears that we have come to a point where all one can do is to do what's best for oneself and theirs. That's a selfish perspective but seems to be what's correct in these troubling times.

    I admire you stand, respect your intelligence, and look forward to further posts.