Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Great windows of opportunity don’t generally remain open for long and I am taking the time to bring your attention to just such a window.  Recently James Timothy Turner issued a challenge to the Judicial Committee of his Fantasy Republic to conduct an in depth investigation into him personally and those in his “inner circle” of what he perceives to be his national level of government.
The gentleman collecting and analyzing evidence and fact in this investigation is someone I know to be of good character, fair, impartial and trust worthy.  He is already taking some heat from those who fear the truth or think to question the integrity of what they choose to believe is a threat so I won’t publish his name and contact information here. Instead, I urge EVERYONE who wishes to take this opportunity to contribute some truth to step up.
Those wishing to share their individual experiences of having suffered wrong doing at the hands of Tim Turner or any of those in his inner circle at any time in the past or are being targeted now can email me at and I will put you in touch with the gentleman in charge of the investigation.
The findings of this investigation will be presented to ALL in elected position and all questions of guilt or innocence will be put to the parties involved for answers.  For those of you with testimony to offer please do so in the form of an affidavit or letter of fact. Include the names and contact information of any witnesses you have to support your claim. If you have documented evidence, please make copies so that you can submit them.
I am not asking that evidence be sent to me, only an email informing me you wish to be put in touch with the gentleman in charge of the investigation. Many of you who are no longer involved in RuSA certainly have a story to tell. If there are several who wish to speak to this man together I will arrange for a conference call if asked. Now is the time and this is your chance to be heard.


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