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On May 21, 2011 an article entitled “Sovereigns gain attention of law enforcement” appeared in the Dothan Eagle newspaper, in Tim Turner’s home town.  Like the CBS, 60 Minutes program which aired last week, the article was skewed with half truths, incorrect descriptions and the deliberate disinformation which defines the SPLC. In fact the Southern Poverty Law Center called me a couple of months ago asking for information regarding Tim Turner and his Fantasy Republic.  The gentleman stated he had been reading my blog so he certainly knew at that point everything I had shared with all of you. They are well aware that the Republic is a sting operation and they are predictably and gleefully playing their part in its completion.
·         According to SPLC the following are SOVEREIGN CITIZEN COMMON TRAITS:
·         Self-made license plates with strange names or phrases
·         Use of outdated language in response to law enforcement questions
·         Odd punctuation, styling of names such as “John-Robert of the family of Doe”
·         The absence of a ZIP code in adherent’s addresses.
First of all there is no such thing as outdated language in regard to our founding documents or the law. If the language of the law and of our founding documents is to be properly interpreted it must be taken in context and by the definitions which it represented at the time it was written. The fact that we have allowed government to re-define language to fit its own agenda is what has gotten this country in the mess it is in.
As for odd punctuation, since when is a hyphenated name odd and who defines odd? The absence of a ZIP code is not unusual either. Many people don’t know their own ZIP code and I know I get mail from individuals who don’t include one in their return address and not one of them are part of any sovereign or freedom movement. In fact most are completely clueless on anything they don’t see in the mainstream media, which of course means they are completely clueless altogether.
That brings me to the first claim of common trait by the SPLC. “Self-made license plates with strange names or phrases”. Again, who defines strange? I’ve seen plates issued by the Secretary of State with phrases like, “IAMNUM1” or “SXYLDY1” and many other personalized messages. For a fee you can put your own personalized message on an official state plate in most if not all states. The plate pictured in the article is however disturbing for many reasons.
Whose plate is this? The owner of this plate is either absolutely ignorant of the difference between de facto and de jure, the meaning of the words sovereign and jurisdiction or has been set up for entrapment by the person or persons who designed it.
This plate is supposed to represent the state of Alabama yet in the upper right hand corner we see Turner’s official “National Republic” seal. In the lower corners we see the month sticker, “AUG” and the day sticker “14”. This would indicate the plate has an expiration date which does not comply with the belief that licenses and plates are a violation of “the right to travel freely”. The name of the state is in all CAPITAL LETTERS, the very essence of de facto corporate fiction. To place the icing on the top of this de facto cake is the web address of the “National Republic”. Never mind the use of the adopted flag of Turner’s Fantasy Republic in the upper left hand corner.
It’s downright tragic the author of the newspaper article, one Lance Griffin has failed so miserably to live up to the ideals put forth by our founders to ensure the protection of his own profession. Journalists above all others in this great nation have a responsibility and a duty to the truth. They are the last bastion between the people and despotism. The founders so fully understood this they put it in the very first article of the Bill of Rights;
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
Where is Mr. Griffin getting his information when he makes broad statements about what “sovereigns” believe? Did he interview any person who claims to be sovereign? Did he do any investigation into his claims of what others believe? Did he attempt to find out what basis some of those beliefs are founded on? Or did he simply allow his article to be skewed by the extremely twisted, far left entitlement mentality of the SPLC and its Globalist Agenda? Does this author really buy the oxymoronic concept of “Social Justice”?
Where are any journalists who understand the foundations of responsible journalism today? I wonder if any who write this kind of slanted drivel without investigation might remember the date and time they sold their souls for the thirty pieces of silver the corporations pay them to tow the company line.
Like CBS, Mr. Griffin includes the tragedy of Jerry and Joe Kane last spring without investigation into the truth of that event. To my knowledge nobody other than Jerry’s wife and this grandmother in Georgia bothered to analyze the video so blatantly falsified to support a completely false report of the event. Has Mr. Griffin even seen the whole video? Is he aware of Donna Kane’s web site where there is a multitude of evidence that the whole event was faked to cover the shooting of the two officers in a traffic stop that NEVER TOOK PLACE? Can Mr. Griffin explain how a man could gain over 60 lbs in a few days from the time he left his home to the time he ended up dead? Or how sound suddenly is heard on a video that until the CBS program, contained no sound? Those are only a couple of obvious questions from among many that a truly responsible journalist would investigate.
This article is rife with irresponsible yellow journalism at best and at worst it’s a simple case of clueless “parrotism”, something we are all so familiar with these days.
Perhaps Mr. Griffin would write in a wholly different way if he were to spend even a little time researching the following:
·         Where is the congressional record of the rescinding of martial law declared by FDR in 1933? My Congressman can’t find it.
·         When did the American people agree to hand over the reins of government to the U.N.?

·         Why is the United States complying with U.N. Agenda 21, code named Sustainable Development in this country. Has he checked to see to what extent Alabama is co-operating with a measure the U.N. has itself admitted is a plan for massive global de-population?

·         What is the International Property Maintenance Code and again to what extent is Alabama participating?
·         How about something easy? What does BAR stand for and why are all lawyers required to join? What does it mean to our justice system and the increasing number of innocent victims of foreign powers right here in America?
Hundreds of thousands of Americans are now doing their homework but our fourth estate, the press is not. As for me, I am proud to be American, proud of my country with all her warts. I don’t consider myself a sovereign nor do I align myself with de facto entrapment plans like Turner’s Republic of Sheep. I don’t endorse violence of any kind as a means to restore liberty and freedom to this land but neither do I support the deliberate twisting of facts, truth and news to satisfy the ignorant agenda of the radical progressives pushing this nation to a state of civil war and utter chaos.
Has any of the following people stepped up publicly and pledged to contribute their own assets, income or future earning to redistribute to the masses they have taught to expect something for nothing?
·         The 535 men and women in Congress
·         Barack Obama
·         Van Jones
·         Valerie Jarrett
·         Rham Emanuel
·         Cass Sunstien
·         Cloward and Piven
·         Hillary or Bill Clinton
No? Of course not. They believe in taking from you to give to those who do not work so long as it does not diminish their own wealth. It’s your wealth that needs to be re-distributed. You are selfish, they are humanitarian. You must learn to lower your standard of living no matter how hard you have worked for it while they grow fat on your labor. Gee, who wouldn’t want that?
That is, if this continent as we know it even exists after the war they are so feverishly pushing us toward is over.


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