Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today, most of us are painfully aware of that which we refer to as the de facto, that unlawful corporate entity posing as our de jure Republic government. What most of us don’t realize is that the term is too broad. In fact there are many facets of the de facto, some connected and some not.  There is the fictitious government which claims jurisdiction over us by means of adhesion contracts in D.C. There is a rogue Military Industrial Complex and others in high level Pentagon Positions, CIA etc. There is the Illuminati, the Bilderbergs, the Vatican, the U.N., Radical Islamists who think they can claim the entire globe, the Bush Cabal, the Rothchildes and so on. They are all working toward the same goal but they do not necessarily agree with who gets ultimate control of the pie in the end. They are simply using each other to claim the pie and worry about that little detail later. Fortunately for the world that isn’t working out so well and they are beginning to eat each other instead but that’s a subject for a different article.

The purpose of this one is to lay out in easy to recognize steps, how all de facto regimes build and gain control. From the Banksters running D.C. to the TT Republic, the blueprint never changes. The only variant in accomplishing a de facto plan is the aspect of it seized by its leaders which they are most adept at in controlling the people. In my last article, IT CAN HAPPEN HERE, part 1, I listed the ten steps ALL fascist regimes use to shut down an open society but what are the steps they must first take to prepare the populace for the end game?
IDENTIFY WITH THE PEOPLE; Convince the people that you are just like them, one of them. You have the same issues, concerns and spiritual beliefs. (Obama HOPE and CHANGE, Yes We Can!... Turner, God has told me! God is in this and this is our last chance!)
PROMISE THE WORLD; Deliver nothing but continually provide the illusion that you are working hard to accomplish that which you have promised. (Obama, Bush has messed everything up and the Republicans are trying to stop me from giving you what I promised…. Turner, more than 80 countries are on board but some nasty person has stopped me from getting a passport so I can’t go sign papers in Europe.)
PLAY TO THEIR PRIDE; Tell them they are the “chosen ones”. Obama, hires Van Jones and a host of czars and union leaders to whip the ignorant into a progressive frenzy with promises of redistributive wealth….. Turner uses the people’s faith to manipulate them into following him, constantly emphasizing every lie and misdirection with prayer and mini sermons, using guilt, fear and desperation to control. Both create the illusion, “I’m here to help you – give you security”.
CLAIM THE ONLY ANSWER; Both Obama and Turner go to great lengths to convince the people that only they have the answer for ALL OF THE PEOPLE’S WOES. That of course is impossible and totally beyond all common sense.
LABEL EVERYTHING THE EXACT OPPOSITE TO REALITY; In the de facto world… Patriot, Sovereign, Freedom and Liberty = Terrorists, Christian = Neo Con, Manipulated Foreign Wars we have no business in = War on Terror, the total annihilation of our Constitutional Republic = Hope and Change. In Turners world…. Intelligent Questions = Opposition and non-Christian spirit, Intelligent questioners = Crazy demon spirited people, Truth tellers = Luciferian Bush 41 Plants intent on over throwing the Republic, Evidence = Lies about me, Exposed felonies = a Rogue original funder cabal run by somebody else (while the fugitives travel with him to California), Awakening Governors = Removed at any cost even if the whole state assembly must go with them. You see the patterns.
CREATE PLANS OUT OF THIN AIR; Always with clear and plausible deniability when they do not come to pass. Obama, Obamacare but it’s not working because the Tea Party Terrorists and the Republicans are blocking the funding.  The nation has no budget because the Tea Party Terrorists in Congress won’t co-operate with the only plan that will work, mine! Turner, we have to sign papers overseas which will give us international standing and recognition but I can’t get a passport to enable me to get there. There are evil de facto plants stopping me. (Never mind that NO NATION can be accepted by the World Court and U.N. that does not agree to sign on to the IMF. How does that equal de jure Republic again and why would we sign up for the de facto again?)
WAVE A WAD OF CASH; point out the hoops the people will have to jump through to get it. Once they do, show them another hoop and another and put the blame on them when the money not only never materializes but their situations degrade drastically with every hoop they successfully jump through. Obama, re-distribution of wealth, tax the rich (never mind the rich will just leave the country as they HAVE been doing for years and never mind it’s the rich who provide the jobs, minor detail there). Turner, Tons of gold, Chinese Elders, Prosperity Packages, Iraqi Dinar…. The de facto won’t let us move it. Everyone must go to Utah, it’s urgent we have to do this to get the funding. I can’t get a passport.  I can’t go to Europe until every state has their paperwork in. Does that even make ANY KIND OF SENSE? SEE ABOVE. This is all part of the basic principle of “bait and trap your puppets”. Traps always look good on the outside – QUITE different from the inside and much easier to get into than out of.
COMPARTMENTALIZE YOUR OPERATIVES; Obama, isolates Congressmen and Senators behind closed doors in order to bribe, blackmail and or coerce to gain affirmative votes on his agenda ie; The Louisiana Purchase etc. He instructs his Attorney General to refuse to enforce laws and to sue states that don’t go along with the open border policy and the deliberate access being given to our nation by Islamic Terrorists, Mexican Drug Lords and illegals to collapse our economy by over burdening the entitlement programs and provide an illegal voter base. Turner, each group has separate weekly calls in which they are given different information ie; governors, ambassadors (never mind that whole position is de facto), grand jurors, justices, the house and the senate, congress as a whole. Has anybody ever called for an open national call not run by the national media team including all separate components to compare notes? Has anybody ever dialed into the other groups call recordings to find out why the whole republic is so fractured and national is even able to high jack entire assemblies when their governor does not toe the national line? Understand the meaning of compartmentalize people!
ATTACK THE MESSENGER; Obama, attacks any opposing view with one powerful weapon, RACISM. No matter what the issue or question and he never does it himself, just lets his party and his cohorts do it for him. Very effective. Turner, if ANYBODY raises a voice of common sense they are immediately vilified, publicly smeared with lies and and false accusations, insulted and attacked by email, threatened by his silly Chief of Security, DEMONIZED quite literally as he claims any opposing move to his dictatorship is in opposition to God! Continually tells the people they are in charge on call after call and immediately does everything he can directly opposite to his claims as soon as the call is over but it’s never him that did it, it’s somebody else. He says he has no knowledge of how this is happening. Don’t kid yourself folks if nothing else FDR nailed it when he said, “in politics there is no such thing as an accident EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON”.
RULES FOLLOWED BY BOTH DE FACTO’S; Don’t answer questions. Question the questioner’s motives, loyalty and or integrity, ability, intelligence, credentials etc. If you can’t distract, divert or obstruct – LIE! If you are caught, DENY! Tell everyone they are under attack by anyone, everyone, any plausible entity but yourself. Make everyone as dependent on you as possible. If and when things start to fall apart create another illusion. If the people demand an investigation, give it them but orchestrate its findings yourself. And always, ALWAYS blame the victim for the crime you have committed against them. If all else fails sacrifice some of your most expendable operatives to save your own butt and credibility.
The similarities are not just glaring, they are irrefutable. So where does that leave all those enmeshed in either or both traps besides walking in the footprints of the de facto? Many now recognize RuSA for what it is. There have been lessons learned, much needed associations have been made and we now know what must be done even if we will need help from others to complete it. Nothing has been or is wasted. Everything happens for a reason and now we will always recognize the Footprints of the De Facto when we see them and we will not endeavor to place our feet within them.


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