Friday, January 14, 2011


As it turns out there was an audio seminar prepared to go along with the Restore America Security Council Order that I linked to below. That document was circulated accidentally and great effort was made to convince the people that it was just one of the ideas that had been thrown around and discarded. Hmmm, seems not only very well put together and complete for “just an idea” but why would they have taken the trouble to create an audio seminar to go along with it? Upon reading that document these many months later it is very clear that it is the exact structure that has been built and in listening to the audio, it’s clear they were looking for one type of person, GULLIBLE, CONTROLLABLE and BLINDLY TRUSTING….
Near the end of the audio Nathan makes it clear what kind of person they were looking for and as everybody knows now, any with an ounce of backbone and intelligent inquiry were quickly disposed of. Pay close attention from about the middle of the recording to the end… Qualifications for a position in this “network” leadership….. Are they willing to unlearn what they think they know but is not so? (able to be brainwashed). Are they willing to come in with a 100% commitment to the Security Council leadership mission? (able to take orders without question)

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