Thursday, December 9, 2010

The united States of America Republic (uSAR)

In 1776, the united States of America was established by the Declaration of Independence of the united States of America in Congress Assembled. The Constitution for the United States of America was ratified by the people of each of the thirteen States in convention in 1788, then activated in March 1789. The Bill of Rights, representing the first ten Amendments to the Constitution, was ratified by the people of each of the thirteen States in convention in 1791.
In 1861, of the United States of America consisted of thirty-three (33) States. President Abraham Lincoln, faced with a Congress that was unable to assemble a quorum to meet, due to the secession of several southern States, declared a national emergency and declared war on the seceding States. The Civil War, otherwise known as the War of Northern Aggression, killed more Americans than any other war previous to it or after it in American history.
Under the pretense of a declared national emergency, President Lincoln claimed powers NOT delegated to him by the Constitution, thereby abandoning the existing de jure government. After the war, without signing a treaty, the North instituted a military occupation of the South. They installed puppet Governors, Senators and Congressmen, and directed the legislatures of the Confederate States to ratify the 14th Amendment as a condition for re-joining the Union.
Instead of freeing the slaves, the 14th Amendment enslaved a nation. It defined a previously undefined class of people called citizens as “all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” 
After the Declaration of Independence, but before the ordainment and establishment of the Constitution, the people of the United States pretty much handled their own affairs using the common law. They were not subject to any higher authority other than the authority of the common law as administered by the people themselves (self governance).
Although the states did exist, they only existed by the authority of the people. Every man was a king, and every woman a queen--and none had any subjects. Upon declaring our independence, we all became sovereigns and members of the peerage (nobility). 
As a citizen, you are only entitled to whatever your sovereign grants to you. You have no rights. If you wish to do something that would be otherwise illegal, you must apply for a license giving you special permission. ... Your only allegiance is to your sovereign (the government), and that allegiance is mandated by your sovereign's law (the government, though not absolutely sovereign, is sovereign relative to you if you claim to be a citizen of the sovereign). 
Since the declaration of national emergency was never rescinded, the de jure United States of America was effectively abandoned for a military form of government in 1861, never to be restored. Most importantly, however, it wasn’t terminated or replaced, it was simply abandoned.
In 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt declared another national emergency in order to claim special powers to institute the New Deal. He effectively transformed the United States into a socialist Administrative State. Like Lincoln, he claimed powers NOT delegated to him by the Constitution. Also, like Lincoln, his declared national emergency has never been rescinded.
According to the 1973 Report of the Senate Special Committee On The Termination of the National Emergency: ”A majority of the people of the United States have lived all of their lives under emergency rule. For 40 years, freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the Constitution have, in varying degrees, been abridged by laws brought into force by states of national emergency."
In 1933, the United States declared bankruptcy and, unbeknownst to the people, pledged the private property and future labor of its citizens as collateral for the reorganization (national debt). People were separated from their money (gold) and their property (land and homes) by color of law. All crimes became commercial crimes. Common Law was merged with Equity Law and Commercial Law. There was no need for the Common Law anymore since all people were considered commercial entities known as debtors. As debtors/citizens, people have no rights, they only have privileges and immunities granted by their government.
In 2010, enlightened leadership emerged around the country to form an assembly known as uSAR, the united States of America Republic, with the stated purpose of assisting the people of the united States of America restore and re-inhabit the abandoned de jure United States of America.
Working at all levels – local, State and national, effectively using the enhanced communication capabilities of the Internet and other telecommunication technologies, people throughout America began to form assemblies in their Counties and States. They met weekly and monthly, and learned things about the law and their nation’s history that they were never taught in school and were never exposed to through the mainstream media. 
As the number of assemblies grew and reached sufficient levels of membership, they revived the common law in their counties; they formed local grand juries and common law courts; they educated their neighbors, friends and co-workers. They elected leaders to represent them in their State assembly legislature. Later, they elected leaders State-wide to represent them in the re-inhabitation of the de jure government of the United States of America.
Since 1861, the abuses of the de facto emergency government of the United States of America on the international community, as well as the American people, have been inestimable and unconscionable. Members of the de facto Congress repeatedly violated their oaths of office; they enriched themselves at the expense of the American people; and, in many cases, committed treasonous acts against the American people.
It is our mission to re-inhabit the abandoned de jure government of the United States of America. Our goal is to re-establish an American image of truth, honesty, integrity and honor around the world. Our military will be brought home to defend our shores only, not to risk their lives to disrupt harmony throughout the world, as directed by the corporate cronies and international bankers who have controlled emergency government for the past 150 years.
We will raise tariffs and duties to protect our jobs and, once again, become self-sufficient as a nation in order to protect our sovereignty. We will bring manufacturing jobs home from overseas by advocating for balanced trade, instead of free trade. Finally, we will achieve our objective peacefully and lawfully, without violence and without confrontation.

Mike Higgins
Hawaiian Republic


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