Friday, October 15, 2010


“When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”
Those are the opening words of the Unanimous Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776. Where in those words do we find the instruction to sit, watch and wait for others to do the work, take the risks and then hand to us our stolen liberties all neatly tied up with a big “Red Bow”?
It has taken more than 134 years for a relatively small group of evil, greedy, morally bankrupt individuals to destroy this great nation and all that our founders fought to establish for us. As the years rolled by and our freedoms were slowly stripped away we watched silly sitcoms on television, soaked up propaganda in the form of nightly news, read twisted progressive ideology in the newspapers and magazines, allowed our children to be indoctrinated, poisoned by genetically altered foods and vaccinations, repeated the same mistakes over and over again at the ballot box, and a million other crimes against ourselves , our God and our nation by extension. We allowed our Churches to become mouthpieces of the IRS through the 501c tax exemption and its connected regulations. Those Churches complied and never a word from ministers on the truth of what is happening and as a result, the slow and steady death of a God Fearing nation and its foundational faith is taking place.
In short this nation became a vast area containing complacent, apathetic sheep. Oh sure the sheep bleat a little now and then, complaining with statements like “they should do something” with never a thought to who “they” are, but it isn’t until the feed troughs start looking empty that they really start making some noise. Those old enough to remember what the founders gave us in the first place join Tea Parties and start carrying signs and actively recruiting “Constitutional Candidates” to back in the November elections, still oblivious to the fact that elections are rigged to start with and parties don’t matter. Their short memories don’t allow them to dwell on the past twenty years or so just the current administration as if the removal of the “sitting” thieves will change the theft or somehow reverse it. Left wing pundits spout ridiculous hogwash while right wing pundits promise to undo the left’s extravagance and the people fall for it again, lock stock and barrel.
The corporation wages a war under the excuse of “terrorism and weapons of mass destruction” while the truth is it’s over control of the Heroin trade from the massive poppy fields of Iraq. Of course Iraq’s oil doesn’t hurt either as far as the corporation is concerned. At the same time Eric Holder announces to the states that they need not pay attention to the Move Act law because it won’t be enforced thus those men and women fighting a war over the control of the drugs used to destroy our youth are not sent absentee ballots in time to make their voices heard in November.
Never in the history of our nation have corruption, theft, true agenda and blatant unconstitutional behavior in American government been more glaring and “in your face”! And yet, the majority of sheep still stares at the boob tube and shake their little heads up and down when told the latest lie or fed the latest propaganda.  If they are aware at all of what is happening or that there is remedy they are more apt to whine that they will believe it when they see it on TV than to take any action. They will use oxymoronic terms like “Conspiracy Theory” without a clue what they are talking about and without spending a single moment looking up the facts. They may or may not get up on two feet long enough to carry a sign of protest to the nearest Tea Party rally but the bottom line is they still expect somebody else to fix it.
Fix what, a bankrupt corporation? The only way to fix a flat broke corporation is to bail them out financially… uh where is that money going to come from? That bankrupt corporation has already spent all of yours and mine and a good deal belonging to other nations. Why should they be bailed out at all? Hasn’t the Obama administration proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can’t spend your way out of debt? Do people think the Republican’s have some secret gold mine they have hidden away and will magically put the economy back together if they gain control of the house? The ignorance and idiocy of the American people is staggering. Other nations are screaming at us to wake up and stand up but Americans are still wearing blind folds while foreign troops occupy our country, illegal immigrant gangs and terrorists swarm across the borders from Mexico, nine foreign countries attack the Arizona immigration law, the fed puts decent freedom loving people on terrorist watch lists, plans are made for martial law and the closing of our borders not to keep others out but to keep US IN and as if to lay insult to injury they now want to seize 401k’s and other retirement plans to distribute among the more “deserving”. That’s right, you may have worked your fanny off your entire life but somebody else who has never lifted a finger except maybe to cash a welfare check deserves your hard earned money more than you do!
Two days ago I spent a full hour trying to talk some sense into a friend who thinks that nothing can be true if you don’t see it in the news… mainstream news. I have shown him congressional records and mountains of proof as to the truth of the de fact but still he says, “well I don’t come away from that with what you come away from it with, I don’t think it means that”.  Now I can accept that he is brain washed beyond redemption but when he says, “you can’t prove anything you say because I am still losing my house”, I nearly explode. He tells me he will believe the nation is restored when he sees proof in the news. Brain dead.
Here’s the deal America. Each and every one of you out there has a choice. There is no middle ground, no third choice. You either choose to stand with your lawful Republic or you get down on your knees and wait for “massa” to tell you what to do for the rest of your lazy life.
The Restored Republic will stand for you and all that she is able to accomplish will benefit you, only if you make that choice. If you think you can sit on the fence and see which way the wind blows you will soon find yourself blown off on the side of the sinking de facto because you will have no protection under the Republic.
Nobody is going to hand you a job, save your mortgage, re-coup your losses, hand you a welfare check when the de facto is unable to pay, extend your unemployment benefits because you get more than the job at Wendy’s that you could have had. There will be no hand outs only hands up if you choose to stand first. No food stamps to put dinner on the table or milk in the baby’s mouth. In short, no more free rides. Nobody is going arrest the guy next door because he called you a less than nice name describing your race or religion, PC is dead and done. Get over it. The Republic will help you find the tools you need but you will have to do your part.
Americans will have to work, perhaps harder than they ever have before to put this nation right. A literal handful of people have sacrificed and risked great danger to resurrect that which a nation has allowed to lie dormant for 134 years. We will have to re-educate millions of people before they will understand a fraction of what I have said here.
Nothing will happen overnight and nothing comes free. It will take years to undo everything that has been done to us and we will never be the same apathetic complacent people again because we will have learned what it is to work for and build over again that which we squandered.
If you are waiting for proof you will be left behind. The Restoration of this country began with one person and then another and it will go forth the same way. Is it enough just to sign up to support? No it isn’t. If you cannot for some reason volunteer to serve on a Grand Jury, or serve in your individual Republic’s government or offer to help with graphic or web design or declare some other talent you have that can be utilized, the very least you are expected to do is to enlighten your neighbor. If you’re no good at explaining things just send them here to this blog or to the official Republic web site linked on the right side of this page. Print out business cards with the urls on them and pass them out at your next Tea Party rally or the local grocery store. Stop waiting for someone else to solve your problems and take a stand. Excuses are like you know what’s and we all have one and don’t need another. Print this article out and pass it around. We are Americans the most innovative and creative people on earth and we can certainly find a way to get the message out without the help of the mainstream media puppet machine.
If you wish to re-inhabit your country email us here and we will make sure you are put in touch with the proper person to help you get your documents completed. We will answer any questions we can or send you to the right place to get the answers if we can’t. If you have read all the articles on this blog and followed the links therein you should already know that time is extremely short. If you have read the books recommended you will know the how and the why of it. All that is left is for you to make that life changing choice. Come back to the fold America, we are waiting for you and we are on God’s side are you?



  1. It took you long enough America to wake up.

    Welcome to the fold.

  2. I've been studying and tracing this stuff for 20+ years. Finally, there are people who are awake and can see the fraud and deceit that has taken place. Godspeed to you all!