Thursday, September 30, 2010


Never in the history of this great nation have we had a group of more inept, corrupt and unethical individuals at the helm of national leadership than we have today. For the last 21 months we have seen nothing but lies, cover ups, back door deals, bribery and collusion coming out of both Congress and the Senate as a legislature under the Democratic Party’s control pushes one unconstitutional bill after another into law regardless of the voice of the people in opposition. When faced with truth, they attack the messenger, vilify the delivery and pull out the old standard race card wherever possible, applicable or not (in fact thus far not). They have made a complete mockery of our Constitution and Republic form of government as the radical Socialists among them race for the finish line almost visibly salivating over their NWO plan for global communism.
Suddenly it’s the U.N. making policy for a great sovereign nation as the Congress that never was attempts to pass legislation to comply with Agenda 21 behind the backs of the people. Treason is committed left and right, corruption is exposed and even our Judiciary branch reveals itself accomplice to all the criminal action being taken against the people.
The Obama administration made up of completely unqualified individuals works by their own playbook, “Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky”, to fundamentally transform the country and dissolve the Republic form of government all the while claiming we live in a Democracy and they are just making things more in line with “Social Justice”. A little research into the history of the world under that silly concept should show you where it leads and it isn’t pretty to say the least.
Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve is bankrupt. The Congressional CBO has stated the current spending levels are unsustainable and there is NO MORE MONEY! The deadline for a Congressional Budget for the next year is today, September 30, 2010. Suddenly instead of a budget which they can’t produce because you can’t budget a negative balance, simply avoids doing its most basic job by passing a temporary spending measure to keep federal agencies operating until after the November elections. They put all controversial issues on the back burner until then as well while blaming the Republicans because they won’t cooperate with the spending addiction and blatant unconstitutional measure, all to avoid paying the price for spending us into oblivion, ignoring the people, refusing to accept personal responsibility and postponing collapse in the hope that voters will not notice.
“One foot out the door, the House and Senate convened just long enough to vote on a "continuing resolution," a stopgap measure to keep the government in operating funds for the next two months and avoid a pre-election federal shutdown.”
That makes it pretty clear they care not about doing the job. They care only about keeping it at the people’s expense! They head back to their home states to engage in campaigns that will resemble a junior high cat fight as false accusations and disgusting tactics are thrown from both sides. By the way if there was any money to budget in the first place why would they need to avoid a “pre-election federal shutdown?” Why not just do the job? They’ve had a year to do it and there will be no more bi-partisan cooperation after November than there is now.
On the horizon is the re-value of the Iraqi dinar. The Federal Reserve owns tons of them and is counting on it to refund itself. Obama has absolutely no power to effect when and how this will take place but the PTB are planning to have it happen very close to the November elections so that Obama can take credit for it in hopes of keeping Democrat control over the legislature. Do not fall for it. He will accelerate the spending twice fold over the amount coming in. The destruction of this country is the plan and that is not going to change.
American’s need to scream their heads off at this de facto criminal congress and demand they go right back to work, either get the job done or admit defeat. Allowing them to get away with this only facilitates additional time for them to do much more damage to a bleeding nation.
There has never been better reason to abandon the corporation to finish eating itself and return to the Republic. This Congress is not recognizable as the lawful body it is supposed to be.


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