Thursday, September 16, 2010


America has lost her identity. By design and careful planning a group of bankers managed to first take over the nation’s monetary system and then by slowly promoting a political agenda which would eventually lead to a global control of wealth and power they changed the nature of the nation. Today this political group refers to themselves as “Modern Progressives” and their agenda is that of their handlers and those they truly work for, the bankers who we also refer to as “the elite”.  Through threat, blackmail or simple pay off our representatives owe their allegiance to their bosses and not to WE THE PEOPLE. We have not had in this country a lawful Constitutional body politic or indeed a president since Abraham Lincoln. Since the end of the Civil War we have been under the unlawful rule of a corporation, not a government.
This will shock most American’s and indeed they may reject the knowledge but it is fact and it must be remedied. First we must understand why we have not known this and how we were kept in dark. The only way the corporation could ensure the cooperation of the people was to deceive them and by letting the people think their traditional form of government was still intact and operational they kept the fraud going almost undetected for the last 134 years.  
During those years many aspects of American life had to be usurped and completely changed in order to convince the people to go along with Global Governance. Rights had to be obliterated, freedoms had to be denied, perceptions had to be reinvented but the most important aspect of the plan was the very understanding of the nature of the nation. The people had to be convinced that The United States of America was a Democracy instead of the Republic which was established by the Constitution for the United States of America in 1789.
Today our children are taught in school that America is a Democracy. The de facto president states that it is a Democracy. All day news commentators on radio and television refer to the nation as a Democracy. So what is the difference and does it really matter?
In a Democracy governance is by the masses. Authority is achieved through mass meetings or direct mass voting. Property is considered communist in nature thereby negating any personal rights. The law becomes the will of the majority and eventually is ruled by prejudice and impulse with no regard to consequences whatsoever to those outside the majority or indeed to the nation as a whole. Rights become privileges instead and can be taken away as easily as they can be given at the whim of the ruling power. There are no checks and balances to ensure honesty, integrity or the security of the nation. A Democracy is dependent on other people’s money, generally those too weak or fearful to resist. Eventually every aspect of the people’s lives is regulated to afford total control by government. Sooner or later even the food they eat and the water they drink is regulated or rationed. This leads to anarchy, corruption and collapse. No true Democracy has ever in history survived the lust for greed and power that results when the strong are given the ability to destroy the weak.
In a Republic governance is achieved through election by the people of delegates and statesmen they feel best suited to represent them. Law is administrated with justice in accordance of certain fixed principles and a strict regard for consequences. This leads to justice, contentment, reason, liberty, free markets and progress. In our Republic rights are bestowed by God, not man and are therefore unalienable meaning that they cannot be given nor taken away by man. Personal property is held in respect and protected by law. Our nation is founded on the belief that all men, in the eyes of God, are created equal but what becomes of that man’s life is of his own making and is dependent upon what he chooses to make of his liberty by his own actions. Our founders created a Republic which was further protected against corruption by the checks and balances provided by three separate but interdependent branches of government which are by the Constitution limited to the powers allotted therein with all other powers retained by the States and the people.
Our Republic was based on Biblical principles by men of different faiths but with a strong identity with Christian principles. In a Democracy there is no room for God and religion as the ruling power must control by intimidation and power. People without faith are easily intimidated and controlled. This is why the perception of Democracy vs Republic is so important to the elite and their agenda.
In a nutshell it works like this; a Democracy is when four wolves and one sheep vote on what’s for lunch. The sheep ends up on a spit over a slow flame but in a Republic an armed sheep gets an equal say and lunch is more likely a nice Chef’s Salad.
The perception of Democracy vs Republic thrust on the people over the last 134 years has been very successful. The nation is now experiencing the end result of Democracy; corruption and collapse as the latest regime scrambles to squeeze the last of the nation’s wealth into their own pockets and ensure the survival of the elite at the expense of the people.
Meanwhile the Republic was still there, abandoned and awaiting the return of the people. Thanks to advanced technology and the common place possession of computers and the internet the world has become a very small place. Information travels like lightning and secrets are revealed. People begin to question, to search and discover truth and then to take action. As a result enough brave souls have gathered to rescue America and restore her honor, to return her to the people.
The people must now choose as they did in 1775. Only this time it is not a choice between a King and Liberty but a corrupt corporation, liberty and the Constitution for the United States of America.
Ironically it is the Bill of Rights which ensures victory. More to the point it is the second amendment and our right to bear arms, NOT THE RIGHT TO USE THEM but the ability to bear them which serves to protect us. I wrote an article on that issue and in it I described a small town in Georgia where it is indeed the law that every head of household own and keep a fire arm. As a result the crime rate plummeted after the passage of the ordinance. Not because the criminals got shot, indeed nobody got shot. Why then did the mere presence of guns decrease the crime rate? Simple, criminals are basically cowards, looking for something for nothing or easy prey. The armed are not easy prey. The same is true for nation stealers they want the path of least resistance and are not willing to risk themselves. This is why the current regime is pushing hard to do away with our second amendment rights. Disarmed we are helpless, armed we are a threat they are not willing to test. So armed we are able to lead our nation back to her principled roots PEACEFULLY and nobody needs to get shot.
Benjamin Franklin: When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.
John Adams: Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.
Thomas Jefferson: A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49%.
Thomas Jefferson: The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.
James Madison: We may define a republic to be - a government which derives all its powers directly or indirectly from the great body of the people, and is administered by persons holding their offices during pleasure for a limited period, or during good behavior. It is essential to such a government that it be derived from the great body of the society, not from an inconsiderable proportion or a favored class of it: otherwise a handful of tyrannical nobles, exercising their oppressions by a delegation of their powers, might aspire to the rank of republicans and claim for their government the honorable title of republic.
Karl Marx: Democracy is the road to socialism.


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