Thursday, September 23, 2010


There has been much discussion, debate, protest, litigation and outrage over the Socialist agenda of the corporation U.S. government over the last year and a half since Obama took office. There is outrage that any person could even hold that office without proof of citizenship which Mr. Obama refuses to provide while spending absurd amounts of money in his effort to block that information from being made available. Four presidents have told the nation what the real plan was but the nation wasn’t listening. From George Bush Senior to Barack Obama we have heard over and over again the term “New World Order” but Americans went on about their daily lives never stopping to think on what exactly they meant by that. They did not mean “Happy Meals” for everybody.
While Americans were busy trying to keep their heads above water, roofs over their heads, food on the table and the wolves from the door, our criminal leaders were equally busy dismantling the foundation of the country. Obama’s clearly Socialist policies and his Mafia tactics in achieving them with the help of both the radicals in Congress like Nancy Pelosi and the Marxist czars he appointed created a mass wakeup call across the nation. But was that really an accident? Are they really upset about the Tea Parties, or the other rallies being held around the country or are they just trying to keep our eyes off the real deal?
Obamacare, immigration, cap and trade and the ground zero Mosque are nothing more than a huge smokescreen to keep the “sheeple” occupied while the “New World Order” is put into place and America’s sovereignty is extinguished forever. While we are outraged, protesting and suing over these issues our traitorous Congress has passed the CLEAR ACT (HR 3534) on July 30,2010
HR 3534 is a thinly disguised permanent roadblock to American energy which drives American companies out of the Gulf, delays future drilling, increases dependency on foreign oil, implements climate change legislation and youth education programs; but most important, it mandates membership in the Law of the Sea Treaty without the required two-thirds vote to ratify it in the U.S. Senate.
This bill is designed to GIVE AWAY our LAND, OCEANS, adjacent LAND MASSES and GREAT LAKES to an international body, THE U.N., and REQUIRES US TO pay $900 million per year until 2040. 
This is not about redistribution of wealth; this is redistribution of THE GLOBE! This is the final step to committing America to GLOBAL COMMUNISM under the rule of the handful of self appointed elite pulling the strings.
This bill contains a Conservation Fee of $2.00 per barrel of oil and 20 cents per per million BTUs of natural gas for all leases on Federal onshore and offshore lands. This will send energy prices for oil and gas off the charts. It possesses a cap and trade aka climate change component and forces America to sign on to the UN Law of the Sea Treaty which we already rejected, without the necessary two-thirds vote in the U.S. Senate.
This was accomplished through Section 106 of the bill, which specifies that Executive Orders, rules, regulations, directives or delegations of authority that precede the effective date of this act are applicable to the CLEAR Act.
Two important documents did precede the  CLEAR Act. Documents that contain the deleterious intent and scope of the bill:  Obama’s Stewardship of the Oceans, Our Coasts and the Great Lakes Executive Order, July 19, 2010, and the Interim Report of the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force, July 10, 2009. Read carefully the time line of this….
“This Interim Report will provide a recommended framework for coastal and marine spatial planning and addresses conservation, economic activity, user conflicts and sustainable use – as well as social justice. Previously, there was no money for National Marine Fisheries Service to implement its mandates and to update its fisheries data collection system. But now with the “international flavor,” $900 million a year will be dedicated to a “global” approach to our land, oceans, coastal areas and Great Lakes”
According to the Constitution, Article II, Section 2, clause 2…”he shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur….” Since the CLEAR ACT (passed by Congress not the Senate) forces America to comply with the U.N. Law of the Sea Treaty, Congress and the President have committed Treason. However since this country is currently in a state of war with Afghanistan, this is HIGH TREASON which carries a death penalty.  
Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution states; “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”       
HR 3534 could have been stopped in the House but because 21 Republicans CHOSE TO BE ABSENT, during the vote and another Republican just voted “Present”, it wasn’t. It would have taken 193+17 absent votes to kill the bill. 39 Democrats and 154 Republicans voted NO. This means those 21 Republicans who tried to save their own backsides with the voters by ducking their responsibility and the one who did not man up and vote at all, are every bit as guilty of treason as the 207 Democrats who voted yes!
If it hasn’t been before, it certainly should be now, absolutely clear that our de facto government has been bought lock stock and barrel by whatever means necessary and has dedicated itself to the destruction of this nation. This includes the Supreme Court. Therefore, in order to prosecute the treasonous it would have to be done on a State level under State Constitutions, because this time it isn’t an individual like it was with Benedict Arnold in 1779. Since the majority of our Congress and indeed our President are the perpetrators and the remedy under the U.S. Constitution is the Senate along with the Supreme Court, which are also at present controlled by outside forces, we certainly can expect no Constitutional action will be taken.
Some have said this bill would be a long shot to be approved in the Senate or it will take a while to surface. Similar assessments were made about the health-care bill. Past precedent reflects how a 2,200+-page bill can be created, printed, members held hostage, and that same bill voted on within hours to facilitate holiday recess.
The President and the Congress have already dedicated themselves to the dissolution of the United States of America and if they are not stopped the Senate will complete it.
Before Barack Obama entered the office of president he was required by Article II, Section 1, clause 8 of the Constitution to take this oath… “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
So far, in every way possible, this man has violated his oath and dedicated himself to his masters who are not WE THE PEOPLE!
You can find the list of the guilty Congressmen by state here:
Many of those names are highly recognizable by now and the same criminals who have sold out this nation time and again without being held accountable. Many of them are supposedly under investigation by the “house ethics committee”, but do we see any real remedy coming from that quarter? No, and we won’t.
By the way, any Congressman who voted no, knew the bill passed and did not inform the people of what had been done, in my book is guilty by omission and derelict in their duty to the people.


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